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Personality Psych, friday, 1-29-16

by: Jordan Miller

Personality Psych, friday, 1-29-16 Psych 319

Marketplace > Indiana University > Psychlogy > Psych 319 > Personality Psych friday 1 29 16
Jordan Miller
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Notes from friday, 1-29-16 of third week of classes
Personality Psychology
Dr. Alan Roberts
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordan Miller on Wednesday March 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 319 at Indiana University taught by Dr. Alan Roberts in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Personality Psychology in Psychlogy at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 03/09/16
psych 319 1-29 01/29/2016 ▯ Psychosexual stage continued:  Latency stage: 6 to puberty “cooties stage” o Little psychological development occurs o Focus of child is on learning skills and abilities necessary to succeed as adult o Sexuality goes dormant, not preoccupied with sexual drives  Genital stage: puberty through adult life o Libido is focused on genitals, not in manner of self- manipulation associated with phallic stage  Focus on sexual prosperity (mutual experience with partner), not masturbation like phallic stage o Marriage and having kids o Female: clitoris in phallic stage, vagina in genital stage o Males: always penis o If you resolve your conflicts then you are satisfied with vaginal sex o Not accompanied by a specific conflict o Not passed through but attained o People only reach this stage if conflicts are resolved at previous stages ▯ Personality and psychoanalysis  Psychoanalysis is a method of psychotherapy, a method of deliberately restructuring personality  If problems in personality arise like fixation, psychotherapy is used to treat those, restructures personality to be “fixed”  Difficult because personality is biologically based ▯ Making the unconscious conscious  Goal of psychoanalysis is to make unconscious conscious  First aim is to identify unconscious thoughts and feelings  Once a patient is aware of this material (conscious), the second aim is to enable the person to deal with it realistically and maturely o You cant solve a problem until you identify it and recognize it as a problem ▯ Techniques for revealing unconscious  Free association-uncensored stream of consciousness o Sit down and talk about whatever came to their mind, no matter how embarrassing, offensive, vulgar, etc they would say it without censorship o Will eventually reveal unconscious material, sharing things you didn’t initially want to share  Dream analysis- dreams represent unconscious wishes, wish fulfillment correlated with dreams o Royal road to unconscious, dreams are pure material o Symbolic, meaning they represent unconscious material, but needs to be deciphered: book written in foreign language that you don’t understand and need to decode o Disguised; even during sleep, material is threatening and you cant openly acknowledge it o What dream was is not exactly what its about, its symbolic of something else you need to figure out o Art not science, only psychological policy that is art not science  Projective techniques  Used to be hypnosis (abandoned) o People rejected what they were told after hypnosis because they didn’t consciously become aware of it ▯ Dreams:  Manifest content- what the person reports dreaming about: falling, being chased, etc  Latent content- underlying meaning, real meaning of the dream, inspires the dream  The manifest content symbolizes the latent content in a safe way with images less distressing than the latent content  Freud had concluded that all dreams represent the fulfillment of wishes  Sex and aggression is what most dreams are about since those are our hidden and repressed thoughts (Freud) ▯ Process of psychoanalysis  Offers interpretations of psychodynamic causes of problems  Through many interpretations, patient gains “insight” as understanding of the unconscious source of the problem  Analyst offers interpretations of the dreams and what they think it really means underlying beneath the surface, over time helps them understand their mind and how they form their dreams  Interpretations  insight  BUT, process is difficult and wrought with roadblocks and challenges o Its uncomfortable material so they try to resist, don’t want to talk about it, in unconscious for a reason  Patient resistance- patient unconsciously sets up obstacles to progress, doesn’t want to talk about things uncomfortable to them  Patient transference- transfer onto the therapist, motives and attributes of the important people from their past lives who were implicated in their neuronic symptoms ▯ ▯


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