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by: Kade Labadie


Kade Labadie
GPA 3.85

Fred Blass

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About this Document

Fred Blass
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kade Labadie on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAN 4301 at Florida State University taught by Fred Blass in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/205677/man-4301-florida-state-university in Business, management at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
CHAPTER 1 Managing HR HRM policies practices and systems that influence employees Behavior could be a strategy that differentiate an organization from one to another HR have the job to make it happen Attitudes Performance Personal bad wrap tends to give termination to employees Restaurant industry turn over ratio could be 120 TOR ie Outback has 20 less low TOR is good for business Employees and customers tend to be more satisfied Human Capital the sum of training experience judgment intelligence relationship insight of employees Getting trained is important but not as much as the other elements having a GPA32 is the same as everyone and you are not rare Sustainable competitive advantage Organization can succeed if it has sustainable competitive advantage HR have the necessary qualities to help give organizations this advantage HR are valuables HW with needed skills and knowledge are sometimes rare HR cannot be imitated HR have no good substitutes High performance of work Organization which technology organizational structure people and processes all work together to give an 39 39 an J in the 39 39 u u I Changing the structure of the organization could totally change the performance and efficiency of the organization Job Analysis the process of getting detailed information about jobs How you want to do with your business amount of people information Job Design the process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that a given job requires what kind of personal do you want to hire for your business Recruitment process through which the organization seeks applicants for potential employmentdepend on the importance of the job the difference between a pizza maker and dishwasher Selection process by which the organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge skills abilities and other characteristics that will help the organization achieve its goals Top qualities employers seek in employee Communication skills writtenverbal Honestyintegrity Interpersonal skills Motivationinitiatives Strong work ethics Training A planned effort to enable employees to learn jobrelated knowledge skills and behavior T r the 39 39 39 of39 39 390 skills and behaviors that improve an employee s ability to meet changes in job requirements and in customer demands teach how to be manager pizza maker to manager Performance management process of ensuring that employee s activities and outputs match the organization s goals HR department may be responsible for developing or obtaining questionnaires and other devices for measuring performance Planning pay amp benefits How much to offer in salary and wages How much to offer in bonuses commissions and other performance related pay Which benefits to offer and how much of the cost will be shared by employees Administering Pay amp Benefits Systems for keeping track of employees earnings ie Starbucks give special experience Establishing and administering personnel policies Hiring Discipline Promotions Benefits ie Leach ontime system getting for 2 mins is the same as 20mins Organization s strategy Human recourse planning identigying the numbers and types of employees the organization will require to meet its objectives Organization may turn to its HR department for help in managing the change processs ie Publix vs Winndexie Ethics the fundamental principles of right and wrong Ehebaior is behavior that is consistent with those principles Many ethical issues in the workplace involve HRM Employee rights Right of free consent Right of privacy Right of freedom of conscience Right of freedom of speech Right to due process Chapter 3 Providing equal employment opportunity and a safe workplace e Marine corrected born Marine always marine although not active 0 Volunteer student position for Blas What did I do in first of September LLC Three branches of US plav a role in legal 39 nf HRM The executive branch The legislative branch And the judicial branch EE opportuniy Condition in which all individual have an equal chance for employment regardless of race color religion sex disability or origin This quotconditionquot is created through Constitutional amendments Legislation Executive orders 13 amendment slavery Abolished slavery in US Has been applied in cases where discrimination involved the symbols and quotincidentsquot of slavery e Black American opens locker with news hanging in it 14 amendment allow to have legal contract access etc Forbids the states from taking life liberty or property without due process of law Prevents the state from taking legal rights to the ex Slaves Tablr 31 Pregnancy can lead to gender and disability discrimination Sexual orientation is not protected under Civil Right Act Figure 32 Disabilities associated within complaints filed under ADA Spar it treatment not being treat like other because of such category Despair it impact is when a group of same catego Figure 33 types of charges filed with the EEOC OFCCP have to follow the government rule contracts ie biding to get the contract and must follow rules Disparact impact Fourthfifths rule is use to demonstrate DISPARATE MPACTtestimony evidence One of tools used in court ie l9people 20 Females 80 males and we end up hiring 3 females and 16 males 320 and 1680 320 420 1520 75 and since 75 is lt than 80 there is a Disparact impact Figure 34 Applying the 45 rule You need to know the formula anything bellowing 80 is not ok anything above OK Disabiliy physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities record of having such an impairment or ie drinking problem and for such reason not hire ADA violation being regarded as having such an impairment Reasonable Accommodation ie not rebuilding the whole store for a specific disable person but pulling down the merchandise the day before from upfloor would be reasonable Figure 35 ie who is covered A farsighted male who wears corrective lenses the guy already has corrective lenses B Addicted drug userif it is quotrecoveringquot then the case would be different C lefthanded woman not a major life limiting condition accommodation possible D person with cancer in remission yes ie employee got laid off because his wife has cancer and is costing the company higher premium OCD ie 5 item rules had 10 items and the guy swiped all items to the chair Sexual Harassment title seven 1 Explicitly if you want the promo then you have to sleep with me 2 mplicitly you should know that if you want promo you need to sleep with the boss 3 ie park city of Tallahassee lady was hired in the inoovagiton park to be the book keeper she is still servingjail sexual harassme When coporate has training program and policy they can be protected at least somehow showing that it is the employee problem not htem Test your knowledge A male manager frequently enegages nsexual activity with selected female subordinates Other women in this work environment who are not involved with the mangaer complain of sexual harassment due to favoritism Do they have a case A No because they were not directly discriminated against B No because the contact was consensual C Yes because manager is making others feel uncomfortable D Yes because any consensual relationship in the workplace among employee is prohibited ie july 182005 Miller signaling to get ahead is to sleep with the boss if they were getting special treatments being sleeping with the boss then they can imply the accusation Sexual harassment occurred even if the harassment is not direct to the person but also affected What might be some indication numbers figure 36 CHAPTER 4 ANALYZING WORK AND DESIGNING JOBS Role set What others expect you from the job What kind of things should you do or not do to be a good citizen of the organization e momo s pizza founder sell after the business went good Good college emotion for college students Opportunity for franchising in other college places Figure 41 developing a work flow analysis 0 Know the output first and then find out what need for the output for the goal it is important to know the model in reverse direction in order to applicate Work flow design and organization s structure Centralized triangle like organization police force follow procedure military like org Decentralized flat organization Functional categorized geographics e firefighter output putting out fire input equipment amount of firemen Job description TDRs task d responsibility Job spec What KSAO I need for the position that is good at knowledge skills abilities other characteristics Knowledge find something that already has knowledge on specific job Skill what the person has special Ability how long can the person perform in the task Other characteristics ie momo s pizza you look for college student not 40 years old man the atmosphere Source of job information Incumbents sekk information from people who currently hold position Dictionary of occupational titles job description of anything e test your knowledge Which of the best job describe its position Bakery Chef Trends in job analysis Dejobbing ie southwest airlines organize work focus on employees they take whole corp where all employees can have their primary job and work on other things as well Primary job is piloting but the broad mission is to serve customers Dejob means where someone else can do your work too Dejobbing would make us more flexible Designing efficient jobs Industrial engineering reduces the complexity of work ie WalMart e McDonald French fries man job redesign 3 hours compensating for nothing etc Weakness high turn over ratio Jobs that motivate Skill variety job don t like but you like coworkers don t like coworkers but like job Task identity job that belong to that specific person Task significance ownerships ie server serve good customers want to sit on my section Autonomy how much decision making you have on the job Feedback Hey you are doing a good job Occational comments Job enlargement extend the job make it more broad a bit dejob ie maybe bored ofjob add more spice TEST YOUR KNOWLEDG E Adding more tasks to an existing job is called 39ob enlargement while adding more decisionmaking authority to jobs is called 39ob enrichment Telework working from home other locations than at the office and much more productive Ergonomics study of how to design things well to work well with the body ie Type writer make the keyboard for people who spend a lot of time typing the keyboard is designed with a V like design for people who types a lot


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