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by: Kade Labadie


Kade Labadie
GPA 3.85

David Sikora

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About this Document

David Sikora
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kade Labadie on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAN 4301 at Florida State University taught by David Sikora in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/205680/man-4301-florida-state-university in Business, management at Florida State University.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
MAN 4301 Human Resource Management Exam 3 Review Sheet Stephanie Buse Chapter 8 Managing Employee Performance Key Terms 0 Comparative performance appraisals comparing employees against each other 0 Forced distribution method of performance measurement that assigns a certain percentage of employees to each category in a set of categories 0 Graphic rating scales method of performance measurement that lists traits and provides a rating scale for each trait the employer uses the scale to indicate the extent to which an employee displays each trait 0 Mixed standards scale method of performance measurement that uses several statements describing each trait to produce a final score for that trait 0 Critical incidents technique method of performance measurement based on mangers records of specific examples of the employee acting in ways that are either effective or ineffective o Behavioral observation scale BOS a variation of behaviorally anchored rating scales bars which uses all behaviors necessary for effective performance to rate performance at a task 0 Management By Objectives MBO a system in which people at each level of the organization set goals in a process that flows from top to bottom so employees at all levels are contributing to the organization s overall goals these goals become the standards for evaluating each employee s performance 0 Resultsbased measures do you bring good results 0 360degree performance appraisals performance measurement that combines information from the employee s managers peers subordinates self and customers 0 Unjust dismissal person was dismissed for reasons besides the ones the employer stated ex firing an employee for whistle blowing Concepts 0 Describe the purpose of performance management systems 3 purposes of performance management Strategic purpose effective performance management helps the organization achieve its business objectives by helping link employees behavior with organization s goals Administrative purpose ways in which organizations use the system to provide information for daytoday decisions about salary benefits and recognition programs also support decision making related to employee retention termination for poor behavior and hiring or layoffs Developmental purpose serves as basis for developing employees knowledge and skills effective feedback makes employees aware of strengths and weaknesses 0 Describe the sources that are typically used to gather information for 360 degree performance appraisals Managers most used usually have extensive knowledge ofjob requirements and opportunity to observe employees employees perceive appraisal as accurate Peers opportunity to observe daytoday activities and have expert knowledge ofjob requirements bring different perspective and can provide extremely valid assessments of performance Subordinates have best chance to see how well a manager treats employees some potential problems due to power relationships involved Self rarely used alone have employees evaluate own performance before feedback sessions Customers person who directly observes service performance and best source of performance information appropriate when employee s job requires direct service or customer or when organization is interested in gathering information to determine what products and services customer wants 0 Explain how organizations can promote employee satisfaction and fairness in the appraisal process Promote satisfaction by letting employees voice their opinions and discuss performance goals Promote fairness by establishing fair appraisal system and discussing any problems during appraisal before writing conclusion on appraisal form Chapter 10 Employee Relations Key Terms 0 Justice perceptions 0 Procedural justice a judgment that fair methods were used to determine the consequences an employee receives 0 lnteractional justice a judgment that the organization carried out its actions in a way that took the employee s feelings into account 0 Outcome justice a judgment that the consequences given to employees are just 0 Hotstove rule principle of discipline that says discipline should be like a hot stove giving clear warning and following up with consistent objective immediate consequences 0 Progressive discipline a formal discipline process in which the consequences become more serious if the employee repeats the offense 0 Alternative dispute resolution methods of solving a problem by bringing in an impartial outsider but not using the court system 0 Open door policy an organization s policy of making managers available to hear complaints 0 Mediation conflict resolution procedure in which a mediator hears the views of both sides and facilitates the negotiation process but has no formal authority to dictate a resolution 0 Arbitration conflict resolution procedure in which an arbitrator or arbitration board determines a binding settlement 0 Voluntary turnover turnover initiated by employees often when the organization would prefer to keep them 0 Involuntary turnover turnover initiated by an employer often with employees who would prefer to stay 0 Job Descriptive Index measure of job satisfaction that emphasizes specific aspects of satisfaction such as pay the working itself coworkers and promotions Concepts 0 Explain the public policy concept vioations include firing an employee for refusing to do something illegal unethical or unsafe also for doing what the law requires like cooperating in a government investigation or reporting for jury duty 0 Understand the steps in the progressive discipline process identifies and communicates unacceptable behaviors and responds to a series of offenses with below actions seeks to prevent and correct misbehavior rather than merely punish misbehavior Unof cial spoken warning Of cial written warning 2quotd written warning threat of temporary suspension Temporary suspension written notice that this is a last chance to improve Termination 0 Explain job withdrawal including psychological and physical withdrawal Job withdrawal a set of behaviors with which employees try to avoid the work situation physically mentally or emotionally Psychological withdrawal employee is physically at work but their minds are elsewhere may display low job involvement degree to which people identify themselves with their job person s organizational commitment may be low degree to which an employee identifies with the organization and is willing to put forth effort on its behalf Physical withdrawal physically leaving job range include arriving late calling in sick requesting a transfer or leaving organization all together 0 Describe the components ofjob satisfaction Values what a person consciously or unconsciously desires to obtain Perceptions different employees have different views on what values are important same circumstances produce different levels of job satisfaction among employees Ideas important for managers to listen to employees ideas and ask for them Chapter 16 High Performance f Key Terms High performance work system the right combination of people technology and organizational structure that makes full use of the organization s resources and opportunities in achieving its goals HRM audit a formal review of the outcomes of HRM functions based on identifying key HRM functions and measures of business performance Concepts Explain the components of a high performance work system Organizational structure way organization groups its people into useful deivisions departments and reporting relationships Task design determines how details or organization s necessary activities will be grouped into jobs or team responsibilities makes jobs efficient and encourages high quality People includes selection training and development or employees Reward systems encourage people to strive for objectives that support organization s overall goals Information systems types of information to gather and sources of information who has access to information and how to make information available Explain the outcomesbene ts of a high performance work system Higher productivity and efficiency gt lead to higher profits High product quality Great customer satisfaction Low employee turnover Interesting jobs gt satisfied workers gt low absenteeism gt lower costs gt higher profits Satisfied workers gt low turnover gt lower costs gt higher profits Satisfied workers gt satisfied customers gt higher sales gt higher profits Knowledge sharing gt greater productivity gt higher profits Knowledge sharing gt innovation gt high quality gt satisfied customers gt higher sales gt higher profits Describe the steps of an HRM audit Identify key functions and key measures of business performance and customer satisfaction that would indicate each function succeeding AKA identify performance measures Staff gathers information usually in organization s documents includes customer satisfaction employee attitude surveys Includes staffing compensation benefits training employee appraisal and development and overall effectiveness


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