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by: Kade Labadie


Kade Labadie
GPA 3.85

Wayne Hochwarter

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About this Document

Wayne Hochwarter
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kade Labadie on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAN 3240 at Florida State University taught by Wayne Hochwarter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/205682/man-3240-florida-state-university in Business, management at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
1 Be able to identify the misconceptions in terms of finding and maintaining jobs Jobs ain39t gonna find you Gonna make one hundred grand in one year The resume you make the night before will kick butt Companies look solely at GPA when choosing applicants High grades plus nothing else will get you a good job A rst impression isn39t important The first job isn39t important lt 2 Have an understanding of the views that employers have that relate to their perceptions of younger employees quotJust some quotes from the researchquot What are the major points Quotes from research 0 quotPoor communication and nonclassroom skills continue to hurt college graduates in the workplacequot 0 quotBecause of instant messaging and technologies the college generation isn39t used to facetoface interactionsquot 0 quotAnother potential obstacle for new business graduates is that many in this generation of workers have a sense of entitlement too many times they come out and have unrealistic expectations that they should be at the top pretty quicklyquot 0 quotNot willing to start at the bottom and work your way upquot a quotWhen forced to really work hard on something or stretch themselves they hide run for help call home or simply quitquot lt 3 How does the quotlost generationquot reality adversely impact young workers How does the quotlost generation influence the functioning of employers The US unemployment rate for 1624 year olds has climbed to more than 18 from 13 a year ago 0 For people starting their careers this damage may be deep and potentially create a 39lost generation39 An extended period of youthful joblessness can significantly depress lifetime income as people get stuck in jobs beneath their capabilities Employers are likely to suffer from the scarring of a generation 0 Freshness of young people in workplace is missing o Tomorrow39s future star employees are on the sidelines deprived of experience and losing motivation Only 46 of 1624 year olds had jobs in September the lowest since the gov began counting in 1948 2227 year old college graduates have fared worse than their older educated peers during the downturn 0 two years 844 of young grads had jobs only a bit lower than the 866 of 2850 year old graduates o since then gap between two groups has doubled Why aren39t they hiring young cheap graduates7Employers and older workers are sitting tight taking as few risks as possible in an uncertain environment 4 Know what occupations are doing well with respect to hiring and why are they in this favorable position Majors 0 Accounting majors led the way in job prospects with nearly 46 of them receiving job offers o Business majors 44 of them getting an offer 0 Computer science Engineering amp Mathematics majors 3943 offer rates 0 Why o In fields like accounting manufacturing and professional services like consulting recruiters say they are gearing up to hire more college seniors next year as the economy improves o Deloitte hired 4800 graduates during current fiscal year planning to hire 5300 next year quotour hiring has always been aligned with our business growth and there39s anticipated growth in several sectors including federal gov and health carequot lt 5 The Pew research article noted the unemployment and underemployment rates for your workers What were the factors described as causing younger employee hiring to suffer Please know the specifics According to the Pew Research Center 27 of 1829 year olds aka quotMillennialsquot have been unemployed or underemployed since recession began in December 2007 0 They are a hard sell to employers who see them as needy entitled and not loyal 0 Although they are cheaper they are competing with far more experienced candidates for entry level jobs 0 Six things to help present themselves to prospective employers in the best way 0 1 remember its not all about you show not only what you want to get out but what you can offer to the company 0 2 learn how to interpret job postings sometimes a company39s slate of requirements for a position is more of a wish list don39t dismiss a job posting if you don39t have exactly what it says 0 3 stress your ability to multitask and communicate efficiently describe yourself as being quotincredibly responsivequot o 4 make social media a selling point many companies still don t know how to take advantage of the 500 million people on Facebook take advantage of your knowledge of media 0 5 Be creative in articulating your skills employers aren t necessarily looking for someone who39s managed a department theyjust want potential 0 6 Don39t forget etiquette don t leave your cell phone on the table during an interview be prompt but don39t go overboard thankyou notes are still very important email is acceptable n quotif your interview was at 10AM I would love to see a note before 5PM lt 6 What are the three most common and least common sources ofhires as noted in the chart What about the data with respect to the quotHidden Job Marketquot Breakdown of External Sources of Hire 0 Most common 1 Referrals 2815 2ob Boards 2568 I 3 Other 1246 4 Direct Sourcing 937 0 Least common 1 Open Houses 66 2 Walkins 81 3 Search Engine 117 The Hldden Job Market where should we focus our energy 0 6068 Networking 0 1020 Agencies 0 515 Approaching Employers 0 515 Advertised Jobs 7 What five job tips were discussed in the video 1 Attend Networking Events especially events in your industry of interest 2 Apply in person this is helpful in some industries with HR departments and enable you to put a face to your resume 3 Take a temp job it could be a gateway position 4 Unpaid Internship industry experience looks great and you can always work on the side 5 Use your college services wisely call college alumni 8 Understand the definitions of networking What is it What isn39t it Definitions of Networking 0 This is where people develop networks of friends and associates It forges and creates links between different people 0 Networking is the art of building alliances It39s not contacting everyone you know when you are looking for a new job and asking if they know of any job openings 0 Networking is building relationships many of which will last beyond your immediate job search 0 Networking is not a quotquick fixquot nothing is if you haven39t already noticed but establishing a good network will make your nextjob search easier 0 Networking means to develop contacts and exchange information with other people for purposes of developing business or expanding one39s career opportunities or information Networking is tapping into your connections for helpful information or advice 9 What do you need to keep in mind if your objective is to secure unlisted jobs More than 80 of job openings are actually unlisted 0 Look for signs Keep up with what s going on in your industry 0 Read trade journals monitor stock market for indicators showing which companies are growing restructuring or contracting out services 0 Check company websites and facebook pages for jobs since they may not be advertised elsewhere 0 Compile a list of companies that you39d like to work for and research relevant positions within them 0 Only apply to jobs that closely fit your skills and experience 0 It39s people not paper Tap your personal network of colleagues 0 Friends and family to nd connections 0 Try reaching outside of immediate network to friends of friends old classmates or even cold call 0 Don t overlook contacts working for company vendors o The more senior you are the smaller the network tends to be so join professional trade organizations and attend trade shows conferences and seminars 0 Make it easy to find you post your r sum on networking sites such as Linkedlncom and Clearancejobscom or edjoinorg o Emphasize unique skills on your resume 0 Follow up with employers the same job may get reposted 6 months later you want to be available to employer before they even post the new job lt 10 Anita Bruzzese notes that seeking social interactions can help employee remain positive when for example they have a lousy manager What exactly did she mean when she suggested increasing social interactions Find ways to invest more in your relationship with colleagues 0 quotsocial support is the single greatest predictor of our happiness and success during a time of challengequot spend more time with family and friends and keep a photograph of loved ones nearby to remind you of those positive feelings Our brains can be rewired by spending 21 straight days focusing on positive aspects in our lives at the end of that time you will find that positive thoughts come more easily and quickly instead of negative ones 0 quotThe key is that we39re not saying that bad things such as not having a job or a bad boss are good things but given that you39re facing a challenge you can use a positive brain to get you throughquot lt 11 What conclusions can you draw from the quotUnemployment by Durationquot chart as it relates to the most current data Unemployed by Duration as percentof civilian labor force April 2010 lt5Weeks 5tu14Weeks 15tul Weeks 27 Weeks 50 45 40 35 313 7 7 A 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Percent of Civilian Labor Force 1np equotwww E5 c ulatedr i 5k blogmom The percent of civilian labor force that has been unemployed for more than 27 weeks is higher than it has ever been lt 12 According the chart what are the three highest and three lowest states with respect to unemployment in the US as of December 2010 see interactive chart to determine the answer 0 Highest 0 1 Nevada 145 o 2 California 125 3 Florida 120 0 Lowest o 1 North Dakota 38 o 2 Nebraska 44 o 3 South Dakota 46 lt 13 What conclusions can be drawn from the chart discussing age and employment patterns quotGetting a jobquot i l 7 7 I 7 Getting a lab Since the recession neariy 13 miiiion teens and young adults have left the labor force whiie 25 miiiion cider workers 399 55 and over have entered Percent shange in the labor force 90 Dec 2007 Feb 2010 57 1 3 1624 2554 55 and years years cider Unemployment rate Feb 2010 1 85 71 16247 2554 7 55 and years years o der Source US Departmenl of Labor Graphic Malina Ylngling 201D MCT 0 The unemployment rate is lower as the age gets higher For the age of 55 and older their unemployment rate has actually decreased throughout the recession 9 of those 55 and older have entered the work force since the recession lt 14 Related to hiring in the future what conclusions were drawn ABC News Article quotFrom Yesterday39s Newspaperquot I Advantage for employers 0 Companies ramping up hiring this year will have the luxury of choosing from a flood of applicants There are nearly 5 jobseekers on average for each job opening according to a recent Labor Department Report 0 More hiring more choices Economists forecast that hiring this year is likely to be at double last year s pace Employers who are adding workers say they are finding more than enough qualified applicants 0 Weigh on pay Due to the above mentioned circumstances companies face little pressure to offer better pay or benefits Average compensation has barely kept ahead of inflation in the past year 15 The authors contend that America is the land of plenty and then go on to list those things that we have plenty of these days What was specifically discussed Also understand the myth of growth described in the article America has plenty of 0 Foreclosures 0 Bankruptcies Childhood obesity obesity rate of 34 a one third of America39s adult population is also obese a yet maintains unhealthy eating and no exercise only about 4 have much chance of losing enough weight to achieve mere quotoverweightquot status 0 Greenhouse gases 0 Stress Debt 0 I On January 6 quot Treasury Secretary said that Congress needs to raise the federal debt level beyond the existing 1429 trillion ceiling during the rst quarter of 2011 or risk defaulting on US debt and losing access to global credit markets 0 We also have too much food education and technology too much anything is bad for us 0 Our lack of restraint as individuals has contributed to some serious economic ecological and social challenges Compulsive shoppers the US has an estimated 1928 million of them agonize over credit card debt quotIt39s not that we have less willpower but rather modern life immerses us daily in a set of temptations far more evolved than we arequot The Myth of Growth 0 I Assumptions about the bene ts of increased economic activity must be questioned says Tim Jackson in Prosperity Without Growth Economics for a Finite Planet n The modern economy is structurally reliant on economic growth for its stability n When growth falters politicians panic businesses struggle to survive people lose jobs and homes and a spiral of recession looms n quotthe myth of growth has failed usquot Jackson If abundance doesn39t guarantee wellbeing why do we crave more7 Economics tells us that human wants are infinite even though resources are limited Our fascination with excess results from fear that whatever we desire could go away run out or be taken a We develop an excess of appetite to protect ourselves from fear of frustration and helplessness 16 Be able to discuss the effects of unemployment risk and consumption of fruitsvegetables and salads Also how are recessions good for health according to the article 0 Unemployment riskconsumption of fruitsveggiessalad 0 Among those who are at the highest risk of unemployment a one percentage point increase in the resident39s state unemployment rate is associated with a 24 reduction in the frequency of fruits and vegetable consumption and an 8 reduction in the consumption of salad o Since December of 2007 the national unemployment rate doubled from 5 10 over the following two years Economists say this implies that the frequency of fruit and vegetable consumption would decline by between 10962056 all else equal among quotthe most vulnerable populations such as loweducated individualsquot How are recessions good for health o Studies by Xin XU and Robert Kaestner show The more hours people work and higher the wages the more cigarettes they smoke 0 Studies by Christopher Ruhm show During good times there are more fatal auto accidents and more deaths from disease but fewer suicides recessions are good for one s health 0 Studies by Daniel Sullivan and Till von Wachter show mortality rates in the year following a layoff among highseniority male workers increases sharply 17 How has the recession affected thoughts of work and family life according to this research Be speci c What were the positive aspects of this change in thinking as noted in the study I FSU surveyed more than 1100 fulltime workers 0 Nearly half 48 said the recession had increased their appreciation of family 0 37 said the recession triggered thoughts that work isn39t as important as it once was in the overall scheme of things Other ndings o 49 percent of respondents said the recession helped them recognize the value of people over things 0 23 percent said the recession raised their awareness of being overcommitted to work at the expense of family and recreation o 43 percent said the recession increased their drive to be a better person rather than just a better worker o more than 70 said most days on the job quotseem like they will never endquot 0 It was also found that men39s remorseful thoughts were driven by recessionrelated job insecurity o Conflicts between work and family obligations were more likely to trigger women39s reevaluation of jobrelated sacrifices 0 How findings were positive 0 The fact that many employees spent time evaluating the importance of nonwork factors may be the first step in reducing the stress associated with imbalanced lives 0 Many of the people felt that having less faith in work afforded them opportunities to direct more faith towards neglected areas of life such as family and friends lt 18 Describe the unemployment rates experience by male and female employees quotMale and Female Employmentquot from 2005 through 2010 Be able to discuss trends that you observed Clusterstutk Wr Chart ufthe may Thousands Thousands 01mm Male And Female Employment ofm bs Jan 12 May 10 79000 quoti Ll WM Dec gnu7 33 000 Dav gnu l1uwnu 1 7 7 77 mg MUSJun gt 5 0 76000 W 1 JUnuv 75000 e 45ij MN 000 l 74 2774 nn39l h39ou juni 39 1 v I t I M in 85 quotJquot mmi 73 mtj 7 7 r 777 j 1f l39H39l 7 FEMALE righl scale MALE tie scale 72900 I 71 1mm Iiii TiiTllllllllllfillrrllllllllllllll 2002 2003 2004 2005 2005 2087 2003 2009 21310 Source BLS hl39t1r39jlmajperryhLugsacmrzljmI 0 Starting December 2007 Men39s jobs declined rapidly as women39s jobs declined slightly placing women39s jobs above men39s lt 19 Examining the quotYearlyjob Changesquot leads one to what conclusions 0 When watching the job losses by sector you39ll see that that o a construction and manufacturing were the two sectors hit with the most job losses combined loss of almost 4 million jobs through August 2010 during the recession 0 Right alter graduation is the best time for a person to pursue a developmental experience Recent changes in healthcare coverage to include adult children on their parents plan until age 26 remove yet another obstacle to participating in gapyear activities Some students want to recover from academic burnout before graduate school Other students express a strong desire to give back through service opportunities 0 Especially in areas relating to education environment social justice and direct senice work 4 lt 23 According to the Forbes article what are the four ways that employees have found new jobs What does the research say regarding views that employees will be stuck in their current financial condition rather than where they were before the recession I Four ways employees have found new jobs 0 1 They changed or transitioned their career into a new field 41 o 2 They took a temporary parttime job that became a fulltime job 25 o 3 They enrolled in classes or training courses to bolster and add skills to get a job 20 o 4 They moved to another city or town 13 Research on employees nancial condition 0 More than half of the unemployed 58 are pessimistic about finding a job in the near future 0 By a margin of 61 to 35 more feel they will be stuck in heir current nancial shape rather than making it back to where they were before recession began 24 Why aren39t employers hiring What are the reasons noted in class 1 Seem to be doing okay with what we have 0 2 Trimmed a lot of fat in the past few years and got better at things 3 Earnings may sound good but everything is relative 4 Uncertainty in rehiring old employees Only one I39m not sure about look in PowerPoint called 39recession advice39 on slide 9 5 Uncertainty in government 6 Uncertainty in money 7 Can I get it cheaper elsewhere 8 Don39t want to go through that amp again 25 For goodness sake explain why we seem to be in a jobless rut 3 signs proving we39re still in a rut o 1 Average workweek is still short employers cut hours and hire parttimers until we see workweek rise there isn39t a reason to believe there39s sustained job growth after all employers will use their existing workers for the maximum hours they can work before hiring new people example Average workweek in private sector remained unchanged in August from July at 342 hours even though the private sector added 67000 jobs last month there are still bad signs 0 2 Unemployment clalms and the maglc number unemployment claims must fall to about 425000 or lower for several weeks before there39s any real hiring going on while some observers have been cheering the tally was still at 451000 too high 0 3 Corporate cash balances remain high most companies have held off on hiring amid uncertainty of the economy companies are holding cash reflecting 10 of their value an unusually high level as companies on average have held cash equal to 66 of their value since 1999 lt 26 What health and work problems were associated with guilt from overwork What are the remedies noted in the article 0 Problems 0 Health Problems backaches and headaches 0 Work Problems inability to concentrate or problem solve and less job satisfaction 0 Home problems strained relationships Remedies 0 change what it means to have it all make a commitment to just hang out with your family or spouse turn off your sell phone when you walk in your front door 27 Why the struggle for worklife balance See quotCan you believequot slide Know the trends 50 of employees use technology to work during non work hours 30 say they have to be accessible to others at work ALL THE TIME 13 of employees will not take their full vacation time 14 of employees take twoweek vacations On average employees say that it takes them 3 days to relax when they go on vacation including travel A significant proportion of the US workforce 43 returns from vacations feeling overwhelmed by everything they have to do Nature of the Problem 0 Higher household income increases the odds that both partners in a relationship will be induced to work more than they would like 0 Men with children are slightly more likely to work longer hours than those without while women with children are less likely to work long hours than those without 0 Managers professionals and operative and assembly workers are those occupations most likely to work long hours lt 28 Understand the trends related to men39s and women39s desires Just the trends not the numbers 1 For greater responsibility men vs women 100 95 90 35 30 15 70 55 60 55 334 a quotquot 50 1992 199 2002 2003 Men under 29 Millennial s in 2003 quot9 39Wornen under 29 Millennials in 2MB 0 Men39s desire to have a job with greater responsibility has always been greater than women39s in the past 0 After 2002 the gap began to decrease until in 2008 their desire was equal 0 2 Moving to jobs with more responsibility among young women with and without children Eli 39l 78 T5 10 65 60 i 55 39 50 39 53 45 r l i l 992 1997 20 2 2003 Women under 23 with childl ran quot0quotWuman under 29 without childlrenl o the desire for women without children for a job with high responsibility was at an all time low in 1997 and has increased steadily since 0 the desire for women with children for a job with more responsibility was at an all time low in 2002 and has increased quickly 0 In 2008 women with children surpassed women without for the first time since 1997 0 3 Reports of men and women regarding worklife conflict 95 35 74 15 65 55 45 39 35 25 quot 1 977 2003 Men 0 Women 0 Men39s and women39s worklife conflict have both been decreasing over the years 0 Men39s decreasing more rapidly as the gap between men and women dwindles to almost equal each other in 2008 lt 29 How do working mothers and fathers with children under the age of 18 differ in terms of their quotideal situationquot Know the order of each not necessarily the actual numbers What Working Situation Would Be Ideal for fuu Eeneider ing everything what 3939e39DLlid be the ideal situation for you working fulltime working part time or not working at all outside the hemeEquot quotIdeal Situa tien Would Ben u P art Full Hot time time Don quott working wart work knew HI 39 Have children under 13 Fathers 1amp 1 TIquot l I340 343 Mother39s 2399 5393 ED 1 1 1393 4 1 4 Mother s with children under 13 Employed ful ltime Z l ES 1 1 quot31 136 Empl yed part time 15 EU 5 r39 l DE T5 lloat employed 4E 33 if 3 1E 153 HP Iiimult39hl I39Illll r lt 30 Know the specific relationship between mothers39 length of employment and child39s weight gain ie explain and estimate Why did the researchers think that these findings surfaced Every period of time averaging 53 months a mother was employed was associated with an increase in her child39s BMI body max index the weight to height ratio used to measure if a person is ovenNeight or obese of 10 standard deviation 0 For a child of average height this means weight gain of nearly one pound every five months and above and beyond what would typically be gained as child ages 0 The findings were strongest amongst sixth graders 11 years old Why 0 Working mothers have little time to shop for healthy food and prepare meals they and their children eat more fast food and packaged food which have higher fat and calories 0 Childhood obesity in the US has tripled in 30 years Given that more than 70 of US mothers with young children work the importance of providing support to these families is clear T LU H Top three and bottom three impediments to being a good father include Top 3 o 1 Work responsibilities 12 o 2 Mediapopular culture 82 o 3 Financial Problems 69 Bottom 3 o 1 Woman not child39s mother 11 32 o I o o I o I o o o o lt 33 o 2 Stepchildrenchild 16 o 3 Male friends 22 Have a basic knowledge of each form of quotflexible work arrangementquot Flextlme Schedules based on worker needs within set parameters approved by a supervisor Compressed Workweeks Workers work full time hours in less than the traditional 5day workweek by increasing daily hours worked Shlft Arrangements Workers who are assigned shifts by their employers enter into arrangements with their employers giving them more exibility regarding the shifts they are assigned Break Arrangements Workers who generally can only take assigned breaks enter into an arrangement with their employers giving them more flexibility over when they take breaks Part Time WorkReduced Hours Schedule Workers who usually work less than 35 hours per week Transition Period Part Time Workers gradually return to work after a major life event eg birth or adoption of a child by working part time for a set period and eventually returning to full time work Job Shares Two or more workers share the duties of one full time job with each person working on a part time basis Partyear Work Workers work only a certain number of months per year Teleworleome Work Workers work remotely from their own homes using a telecommunications connection to the workplace if necessary TeleworkISatellite Location Workers work remotely from a designated satellite work center Alternatlng Locatlon Workers work partyear in one location and partyear in a second location Be able to describe how employees in telecommuting and nontelecommuting groups differed in this research What benefits of telecommuting were provided in the article Telecommuters with flex time can handle 50 more work Untethered workers at IBM crank out 19 more hours than ninetofivers before feeling worklife imbalance They are able to adjust their schedules to balance their work responsibilities and manage their own time BYU researchers studied 24436 IBM employees spread among 75 countries and a quarter of them report that work was interfering with their personal and home life 0 Office workers with fixed hours cried uncle at 38 hours those with option to telecommute and make their own hours could push through 57 hours without feeling strained 0 Not a 57 hours were spent telecommuting Employees decided which work environment best suited the duty of the dayhour Bene ts 0 Can boost employee morale 0 Save companies money 0 Help reduce damage to environment Drawback 0 Given distance between home and of ce he spends nearly all of working hours in the house 0 One of the challenges is missing the camaraderie of coworkers lt 34 According to the research those with flexible benefits were also able to engage in health behaviors including what Why were they able to sleep better at night 0 Other healthful behaviors o Exercised more 0 Attended more employersponsored health classes 0 Described themselves as living healthful lifestyle 0 Better sleep 0 Workers with exible schedules may not be working as late 0 They may be less stressed and sleeping better at night 0 They are able to structure their work lives in such a way that sleep time is protected


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