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by: Dewayne D'Amore


Dewayne D'Amore
GPA 3.6

David Johnson

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About this Document

David Johnson
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dewayne D'Amore on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 3310 at Florida State University taught by David Johnson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see /class/205689/eng-3310-florida-state-university in ENGLISH (ENG) at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Exam One Desmond amp Hawkes 7 Main point telling a story Adaptations failing problems internal amp external problem like director wanting to leave at last minute De nition of adaptation literature to lm no electronic Fidelity issue Unfaithful fails to capture what the source text really wanted Like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight it lost all of the Christian Symbolism Some adaptations failed to realize what was most valued in source novels Fidelity is comparison between an adaptation and its source text Adaptation 3 types close 7 follows source closely intermeditate 7 in between close and loose maintains some elements but strays Loose 7 use source as a basis for whole new work but no closeness involved ex perceval ignore ending Gawain amp Green Knight Audience expectation grow to want narratives Lumiere Brothers 7 Actuality Edison 7 Creative Hutchins theory of adaptations transposing one text to another creation process palimpsest 7 two texts exist side by side Adaptations Showing gt showing Game gt film Hutchins 7 referring to adapted source Problem w fidelity doesn t provide substantial understanding Unfaithful gt Disappointment Only an issue if it fails to show an inner meaning King Arthur Fidelity to source vs Fidelity to History Monmouth 7 Focuses on events not characters like Romances doing action chronicles Mallory7the dolorous stroke by Balin Fidelity for King Arthur 7 dz quoterence between delity to the source text and historical delity Fidelity as a trope Monmouth 7 semihistorical pseudo historians Chronicle of Romance 7 following the character and the event is the end thing It39s the knight that s important Historical Romance 7 Knight of the Cart focuses on the character You won39t nd Lancelot in an English text for a while he39s in Malory but he gained popularity in France rst Sir Thomas Mallory 7 Lancelot is the bro Leitch 7 Medieval lms are a Pretext to another time He comes up over and over again lCelebration 7 every single word in something and you make sure it39s EXTREME close adaptation 2Adj ustment 3Neoclassical imitation not adaptation 7 often satiric parody Monty Python 4 Revision 7 alter the spirit of hypotexts interventionists 5Colonization 7 rewrites all meaning and implications Sir Gawain the Green Knight Taking the frame of the original text and emptying it out to filled with whatevz 6Expansion 7 Compression 8Correction 10 Chretien De Troyes The Knight of the Cart Lancelot of the ca1t The Estates Knight Royalty Monk The Church Peasant The Workers They all morally support eachother He who is vexed by love eats little and seldom sleeps Courtoisie 7 motifs of romance This is where we get chivalry means courtesy in our language Tripartide Structure Quest rescue imprisonment Celtic Folktalkes abduction rescue return The quest of this romance is Guinevere s rescue What is the technique that Chretien uses to incorporate multiple threads in each romance Interlace 7 Two threads that are woven in with eachother Gawain leaves the story but we return to him later oating around Chretien s Romances are known for interlace You must do this to get to this Contrasts to Mallory he untangles everything every story by themselves Mallory is cause and effect not interlace The most important offense was hesitation His hesitation embarrassed her because she spreads her leg for nothing if he doesn39t love her He hesitated to save the maiden he doesn39t hesitate in the bed of peril and chooses the sword of the bridge to redeem himself Third time he decides he doesn39t want to hesitate anymore Two principal motifs 7 He accepts the worst Lancelot accepts humiliation without hesitation Hesitation and Humiliation are principal motifs Who is the first knight in Chretien de Troyes Lancelot and in Mallory Lancelot Although Mallory is English he39s got his mancrush on Lancelot First knight means the simple most important character that is the embodiment of knightlihood Lancelot du Lac 7 Arthurian House Cinema Auteur Theory Arthurian House Cinema 7 defined by the theaters that screen it and audience it attracts Attracts eclectic crowd Little small town Bresson39s Style 7 minimalist synecdoche he didn39t care for historical fidelity peasants in jeans Auteur theory 7 director is leading creative force film represents director s vision criticized for minimizing everyone else s role Bresson39s minimalism 7 missing violence and action offscreen it39s implied action missing romantic elements Ellipsis 7 failure to make obvious the transition from one scene to another no establishing shots no picture of a tavern before suddenly in atavem Overlapping sound is the film s most prominent technique 7 the horses signify the anxiety end of knighthood Plays into the article End of Knighthood by Pipolo Metal clanging 7 they never take off their armor they39re killing machines armor clanking 7 allusion of a natural environment Visors are used to signify revealing themselves to one another The bromance stops and the fall begins because of this Gawain39s back of leg armor is missing this through synecdoche reveals the vulnerable man in the killing machine that is the knight medieval terminator Bresson is adaptating Le Morte de Roi Arthur Round table the synecdoche and it s importance 7the round table is never shown whole so this reveals its fall Pipolo 7 Auteur theory Cunneen 7 The End of Knighthood 7the age of chivalry that has ended ends without us really knowing anytyhing Incomplete images Rhomer 7 Perceval Bildungsroman 7 coming of age story 39 quot character Perceval 7 celebration word per word 39 moral orp 39 39 d I of Three stages Distancing Techniques 7 the idea that Rohmer uses these same distancing techniques that Chretien uses to distance reader from character third person narration distances characters The Grail is 7 a golden dish encrusted with jewels Gawain is the chivalrous model for Perceval Perceval is SPLIT into two people Gawain and Perceval this is an interlace and happens in the movie and text Perceval s rst contact with outside world was the three knights He s put into situations which require cultural and chivalrous responses Perceval s stages 1 Completely innocent moral state children are innocent no contact with outside world 2Gaining knowledge in secular towns about secular knighthood His new knowledge of the world his chivalrous talents contradict his moral nature his innocence that would ve made him ask the question what is the grail and who does it serve Secular knowledge displaces his moral judgmentquestioning 3 Perceval presumably moves to a higher state of consciousness he swears not to stop questing for the spiritual not the secular The Oath 7 Gawain is secular Perceval goes for the spiritual the grail He wants to nd the grail Ends with Gawain Two analogous episodes for new beginnings 1 His mother in the forest when he39s leaving her is a new beginnings for secular knighthood 2 The hermit is the new beginning for spiritual knighthood Symmetrical themes Symmetry 7 happens in the beginning ends in the beginning Rhomer concentrates on thoughtemotion not action Bresson concentrates on emotion not action Perceval 7 think of this as a medieval transcript It39s STYLIZED as a medieval transcript The space of courtly romance 7 the point is that it is narrative voice of Rhomer he doesn39t even try to recreate the setting recreating something else Action is narrated and when character acts any moment should re ect a snapshot of a medieval manuscript Dramatic leading of a very traditional narration Linda Williams want everything in there to be comparable to medieval manuscript She believes this is a medieval romance Beady 7 natural desire to innovate and the need to tell the story impulses of an author of an Arthurian lm Main question for Beady 7 Where are there no arthurian masterpieces The tyranny of tradition Straddling the line between tradition and individualty actually facilitates creativity We don t have an arthurian masterpiece because nobody has been able to do this before except Rhomer according to this guy Brechtian style A style discussed by Williams Ending perky filmic decision Rhomer incorporated the end that made the film a masterpiece Abrupt ending no completion Ending will come from audience Broken quest He comes back and everyone think she s the first knight But in his heart he thinks he39s bad Final moment of unity Mallory lists 01f a catalog of every knight that is alive Lancelot comes in and there is a quest search wounds Only the best of all knights can heal him and his wounds Lancelot prays to god asks for forgiveness Sir Eury is healed Mallory s way of redeeming Lancelot Very end of Lancelot and Guinevere before death of Arthur starts Which stroke did Balin in ict Dolorous MALLORY amp EXCALIBUR Sword in the stone 7 first seen in Mallory Atmosphere 7 world of romance not the same as Chretien What does Mallory do that no one has done before It39s not the round table Book 1 intro to the Arthurian Wedding of Arthur oath is declared here Oath is repeated and affirmed every year at the pentacostal feast Knights will realTirm their chivalry etc Arthur s inception is 6 hours after Mallory insists on the historicity of the Arthurian World the knights took place in historical battles in historical places Doesn t take away from supernatural Stone says you will be king it s not reality but it s a strong image he39s trying to get at Supematural Prolepsis techniques 7 foreshadows when Merlin says Guinevere will be his wife and will betray him with his best friend This is more for the reader He foreshadows impending doom This lets the reader know that they39re going somewhere Quest for quest sake is great Any pretexts is good for adventure any reason to go on adventure is a good reason is one of the themes that was established in book 1 If you stay in a place too long you become a recreant knight not adventuring but sitting around Adventure is a knight s duty and obligation Adventure is the driving force that breeds no logic Perceval and Galahad are the only ones who nished the grail quest The poisonous apple shows him to be a magnanimous champion it was intended for Gawain but sir Pinal ate it Maid of astoloat shows Lancelot as a faithful lover relationship between Purpose of Meleagant Lancelot cries when he heals Sir EuryUrie because it symbolizes redemption Relationship is bad because of shame it became public Arthur is the one man capable of transcending his own interests he keeps the world together He forgives Lancelot and the survivors from the final battle either join the church or go home Emery 7 medievalism 7 engaging in the medieval books film anything medieval Where does this film Excalibur depart from Malory Mythopedia creation and renewal of a myth Departure from Mallory Boorman attempting PreRaphaelite not succeeding in color and in dress Boorman uses magic romance supernatural and prophesy to overshadow chivalry Source text though is about chivalry Nature is dominant and powerful Tripart Bresson39s violence senseless Boorman s is eroticized violence Violent rape is parallel to violent death in battle Sexual imagery and sounds associated with violent death Parallel themes and event rape of the grain and rape of Arthur Returning to the land in anger Women are negative they represent the fall preraphaelite aspect fall of adam from eden Snakes are everywhere Lancelot becomes a sexual aggressor Prelapsarian guilt guilt before the fall Guinevere has guilt of causing the demise before he actuall falls Celtic divine powers of nature overshadows the chivlary Grail Bresson its mythical not real The goal is only perceivable through other people Con ating 7 joining two things together in this context two characters Arthur is the Fisher King he is tied to the regeneration of the land He is the health of the land GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT Text Verse form 7 stock bob wheel Fitt One 7 The challenge 7 the characters Begins with fall of troy mirrors Troy with Eden woman causes the fall Arthur39s court 7 it s christmas not spring not pentacostal it s a time of deathwinter In their rst age they39re young and untried Medieval tropes Arthur refuses to eat until he sees marvels Cinematic description of character Gawain shows his courtliness by accepting the challenge Ubistunt motif the green knight s critique of Arthur39s court uses a nostalgic tone that suggests present people cannot live up to the past Tone is ominous like the setting cold winter dead Arming of the hero is the pentangle represents The ve senses the ve ngers the ve wounds of Christ the ve joys of Mary the ve virtues Fitt two the search Trope 7 truth your oath worth That is what is being tested in the game The traveling shows that this is a psychological romance not one of action The lady is the chief danger to Gawain Fitt 3 reputation to the man of keeping his work is in peril Reputation is the biggest obstacle Animals have symbolic meaning that parallel action and temptations for Gawain and they have symbolic representation of Gawain 1 Deer scared 2 boar upfront 3 fox wileytrickster Fitt IV The Green Chapel What is the green chapel A mound The strokes represent each time that he was unfaithful and he failed in the third one He shrank back similar to the fox Morgan la Fay is brie y mentioned as the reason why the green knight even came to Arthur39s court Morgan wanted to test him What does Arthur s court do upon Gawain s return They laugh and this is because of either thing They are ignorant and don t understand what just happened or tried to bring him back into society Weeks39s failed adaptations Shift from psychological to physical no games no testing inputs celtic mysticism Desmond and Hawkes failed because of coherence has synchronized lm elements didn t complete story within frame Higher meaning is to found except for the sum of its parts Weeks said that there was more to it but the higher meaning didn t come across it was more natural and less spiritual 2 Reasons why adaptation fails I Source text is not cinematic enough 2 cinematic misjudgments cut essentials problematic outside features like conflicts eliminates internal con icts going hollywood takes frame of action and switches it around new age Celtic naturalism 11 failed adaptation because it lacks creative skill to make the work autonomous from the sources text but it doesn t hold true to the original Dreaming of the middle ages a secondary reading Eco says pretext 10 little middle ages idea that they are dreamt of Tropes of Medievalism Toswell 7 1 Dragon is a fantasy creature but it represents the supernatural instincts But now the modern avatar has become a comodifred everyday life no threat 2 Realism 7 trying to portray historically accruate material ie King Arthur and his cout Triple lens of medievalism 7 observe through skeptical authentic eye of the creator 19 11 century romanticism Emery 7 Medievalism is not a genre but a mode of engagement Medievalism is constantly evolving and selfreferential From Introduction to the Morte Darthur by Brewer Honor and Love should be in line with eachother and they re not


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