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Elem Spanish I

by: Ms. Queenie Considine

Elem Spanish I SPA 101

Ms. Queenie Considine
GPA 3.82

A. Mendoza-Mori

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About this Document

A. Mendoza-Mori
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Queenie Considine on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPA 101 at University of Miami taught by A. Mendoza-Mori in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/205719/spa-101-university-of-miami in Spanish at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
SPA 101 SPRING 2011 University of Miami ORAL EXAM 1 Situations Situaci n 1 Tus planes para las vacaciones de verano Estudiante A You have some extra money and some free time to take atrip to a foreign country during your summer vacation Talk about your immediate plans with a friend and try to convince herhim to come along with you Tell where you want to go when exactly what you are going to do Estudiante B You have been very busy lately and you need to take a break One of your new friends approaches you to convince you to take a trip to some foreign country with himher during your summer Vacation You don t know this person very well so try to find as many details as possible about this trip before deciding to go with her him TO PREPARE Topic and vocabulary Paso C Los idiomas y las nacionalidades Capitulo 2 Los planes las preferencias y los deseos Capitulo 3 De donde es usted Communicative functions blue pages Capitulo 1 Talking about likes and dislikes Capitulo 2 Expressing future plans stating preferences and desires Situaci n 2 Entrevista a una persona hispanohablante famosa Estudiante A You are a reporter interviewing a famous Spanishspeaking person You would like to know about hisher family hisher daily life what she does during week and weekends and what her preferences on clothes sports pastime and person Also ask herhis perspective on herhis profession Estudiante B You are a famous Spanishspeaking person You answer a reporter s questions on your daily life your family preferences and your perspective of your profession TO PREPARE Topic and vocabulary Paso A Los saludos la descripcion de personas Capitulo 1 Datos personales las actividades favoritas y los deportes Capitulo 3 Los lugares las actividades diarias las actividades del momento Communicative functions blue pages Paso B Addressing others Paso C Expressing possession expressing age talking about habitual actions Capitulo 1 Talking about habitual actions asking questions expressing likes and dislikes Capitulo 2 Stating preferences and desires Capitulo 3 Talking about habitual actions referring to actions in progress Situaci n 3 En un restaurante con una amigoa hispanoa Estudiante A You are meeting a friend who is an exchange student from a Spanish speaking country for lunch You start talking about food Ask about the diet in herhis country what they eat for each meal including snacks and at what time then talk about food you and your family generally eat Ask and answer about preferences good and bad habits on food in general Estudiante B You are an exchange student meeting an American friend for lunch Talk about the diet in your country and ask about herhis diet in this country Ask and answer about preferences and goodbad habits on food TO PREPARE Topic and vocabulary Paso C La familia Capitulo 3 Las tres comidas Communicative functions blue pages Capitulo 1 Expressing likes and dislikes Capitulo 2 Stating preferences and desires Situaci n 4 En la universidad Estudiante A You are a student who just moved to the University of Miami and are not familiar with the area You are meeting with your new roommate so you can ask herhim about good classes to take places to eat out supermarket where things are where and what time they open and close etc Try to get as much information as possible Estudiante B You have been a student at U of Miami for a while and you are trying to help a student who just moved in your apartment Indicate what things are where Are they convenient Inexpensive Fill himher with helpful information TO PREPARE Topic and vocabulary Paso A La Universidad y los estudiantes Capitulo 3 Los lugares Communicative functions blue pages Paso A Naming and describing Capitulo 3 Talking about location talking about habitual actions


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