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Intr Biologicl Sci

by: Quinten Beatty

Intr Biologicl Sci BIL 101

Marketplace > University of Miami > Biology > BIL 101 > Intr Biologicl Sci
Quinten Beatty
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinten Beatty on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIL 101 at University of Miami taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/205751/bil-101-university-of-miami in Biology at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Principles of Evolution The History of Evolutionary Thought Has become a unifying principle in Biology For gt15 years stimulated controversy mostly nonscientists Initial theory sparked controversy Wit science and biology wv v vquot v mam Dun quotmm m Mum New new on CVOIUtIOIl ram theory says life I i began Million yzars ago jig Pope Darwinism God not mutually exclusive Early History Preceded Darwin Ancient philosophers explained nature in terms of What they imagined to be true Not based on observation In 1500s European philosophers began to exhibit discontent The History of Evolutionary Thought 1 427 347 BC Pato 2 384 322 BC Aristotle Scala Naturae The History of Evolutionary Thought 3 Until lm39s creationism James Ussher 17 1 century Biblical Sunday October 23 4004 BC a Eacdh species was created individually by o 5quot Earth was the center of the universe 0 Man stood atop creation The History of Evolutionary Thought 4 1707 1788 GLBuffon creation provided a relatively small number of founding species that evolved through natural processes 5 1769 1832 G Cuvier theory of catastrophism 7 1726 1797 J Hutton 8 1797 1875 C Lyell The History of Evolutionary Thought 6 1807 1873 L Agassiz new creation after each catastrophe proposed at least 50 separate catastrophes and creations developed uniformitarianism supported Hutton 1 84 B The History of Evolutionary Thought 9 1744 1829 Lamarck inheritance of acquired characteristics Where Idea Came From Darwin s Voyage on Beagle shaped many ideas of Biology Purpose of voyage Sail around world amp survey little known 5 coastal areas A Darwin s Finches Galapagos formed from volcanoes Finch ancestors came from South America Different islands different environments Today each island has own species Bumnmummnmn nu ena zmamquot allargeground nch by small ground nch beak beak sulted to large seeds sulted to sm an seeds mlquot cjwarblerflnch beak djtree nncn beak sulted to leaves sulted to Insects The History of Evolutionary Thought 101809 1882 6 DanNin developed the theory of evolution sp c39 evolved through natural selection and an adaptation to their everchanging environment 5 m 1823 1913 A Wallace supported Darwin39s theory 1 Darwin s Observations Populations have inherent potential to Increase exponentially Darwin s Observations Populations are fairly constant in s39ze over long periods of times Darwin s Observations Natural resources are limited Competition 39mportant in limiting survival Darwin s Observations There is variation within 39 uals of a population amp variations are inherit d Darwin s Deductions Only some organisms survive There is a struggle for existence g 39 Ividuals in population Darwin s Deductions Individuals with favorable variations are more likely to survive Darwin s Deductions Accumulation of variation over many generations is olution and reproduce 39 en great enough a new species A gradual process mom JMW aluminum m m Wm n mm WWW a WWW m mm mm m mammmwmmm mum ssLEcrI On In mg mlm mm on 5mm mm ha Mrsl mm m on u mm Evnurno m 9mm mlupdm mm Mquot W um am a Mirna myquot All have differences within them What Exactly are Species Distinct if they do not interbreed in nature Traits in population change Eventually new species arise Stages of Fossilization Evidence of Evolution Fossils 1 Trans Ional forms are evidence of V 39quotquot quota39y haquot9 Noam WWW EEWLW Mmth 2 Controversies over the interpretation of fossil a a a Dating offossils b Do fossils really show transitional forms y I mum u mum Minerva Emmet quotM MWWW a mammal Wand saws haraamemgamge Eggsgfn g39 Mme m leamsand u r fusean 5quot budsto we mm 4quot a 5 geese 2 7mm pus mm mnmnwmgopenj u l J mainsqwemg 39 5 ewlmmnmgout g 5 grunglegsmmawe gt m hams Archaeomppus Ancmlhem s w 2 5 WWW z a Nesomppus r 25 mm g tummyfr 5 n a modem hm hm l5 muemlikelhese dymmyw tmhwuuldhe n 44 m mum t a ground away Mile msgm mryyoung daisiesWW Evidence of evolution Evidence of evolution Comparative anatomy All mammals 7 m 5 Homologous structures N Comparative an atomy quot evolved fro common ancestor i Evidence of evolution Comparative anatomy Analogous structures have similar form amp function but are structurally quite different Evidence of evolution Convergent evolution Unrelated organisms evolve 39 39 similar adaptive Wquot characteri i 39 02quot Evidence of evolution Comparative anatomy Vestigial structures to ose the W s bones from a common as ancestor Evidence of Evolution Comparative embryology All vertebrate errbryos look 5 ilar to one another in early development with the development of a tail and gill arches Evidence of Evolution Comparative m womenmmlm biochemistry and molecular biology All cells have DNA RNA ribosomes as an energy carrier Comparative biochemistry and molecular biology DNA similarities Evidence of Evolution Arti cial selection ls Evolution Happening Today Recent examples 1 Antibiotic resistance in bacteria 2 Pesticide resistance in insects MimiMN 3 awggabe IS 6 4 wlilnnxhuulzuvaandlm Whilunncl runml mm mu van Patterns in Evolution Different from original DanNin model 7 Graduallsm Darwn described evolution as a slow a gradual process 7 Evolutlon may occur more rapld than eanler thought Punctualed equi numquot 7 Evolution does not always occur lea Patterns in Evolution n a D Nlb T x C a in s i V c i 3 m summon mm a change m was 4 Minimum mm urmr M Fumuakd wwivbuum Presentday Evolution Key concepts 1 The variations upon which natural selection works are produced by chance mutations 2 Selection produces organisms that are well adapted to a particular environment Presentday Evolution 3 The processes of evolution select for organisms that are best adapted to a particular environment quotsurvival of the fittestquot 4 These processes occur constantly in all the species of life on Earth


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