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US,II (SINCE 1877)

by: Mossie Lakin III

US,II (SINCE 1877) HIS 102

Marketplace > University of Miami > History > HIS 102 > US II SINCE 1877
Mossie Lakin III
GPA 3.95

G. Bush

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About this Document

G. Bush
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mossie Lakin III on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 102 at University of Miami taught by G. Bush in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/205760/his-102-university-of-miami in History at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Review for Final HIS 102 Essay one Compare and contrast the episodes of reform and regulation that took place in the US during the 1930s with that ofthe 1960s I FDR had nothng to do with civil right southern whites controlled congress very few blacks did 1930 actricultural adjustment act government gets into business of paying farmers II NRA gets into business go regulationg prices regulating wages government getting involved III They were regulationg communication act regulation the septum thats still in place in thr 1960 IV Culture Communiation 1960 national balance of humanitie National balance of art V Both period were important writer project theather project provided employment VI 30s were a time slim economic times motivation was different from the 60Lh johnson war on poverty there were not unploymed 1933 FDR president 25 percent unemployment 60 unemployment rate was 3 4 under johnson VII What did John kennedy dogt very little he provided leadership he was not a legislator leadership johnson was VIII MEDICARE MEDICAID IX Most text dont give enough attention X Johnson presidency was failure because of vietnam XI 1966 johnson popular was lacking students hated him not liked by alto of people not a lot of suport Presidential leadership relates to many factors including personality prevailing political climate foreign crises social change and the role of the press and campaigns Compare and contrast the leadership of any one group of the following comparisons or just two of the following presidents in group ab or c a Johnson and Reagan a Reagan was a movie star knew how to use a voice everyone liked him b Stage manager name Michael deaber c Johnwas wasnt very popular was lacking votes students hated him 3 1 Reagans policys ERGONOMICS major tax cut intrest rates were high the economy had incredible in ation in 1981 1982 where he runs for reelection the economy was rebounded He won in all the states in 1984 he expanded military budget e Johnson had a tax cut because of war spending booming in the 1960 military budget was expanded b Reagan and Carter a Fquot Jimmy Carter not a TV star not a great voice he was aftermath of wathergate people trusted him because he was honest he was fundamentalist baptist clever in using the media in some expect as president didnt click with the American people POLICYS CARTER his energy policy fell at employment bill that passed he stands for liberalism he was completely at not visionalist Regan Picked up alto of the steam Supply side economic because the democrats didnt really project positive growth and society Regans personality and skills beside from being a TV performer he had a huge national following Catapulted him into being president E Carter gave away the Panama Canal Regan Jumped on that F 1980 Religion Regan because he picked up the support of abortion legalizion abortion feminism 1970 making that a big issue Fundamentalist sport regan over carter liberals behind carter G Forian Policys IRan crisis why is that important Patrionalism Carter didn t do much about the situation he failed to deal with it and became issue H Iran crisi The day Reagan was sworn in the hostages were reaised c Clinton and George Bush 11 E Clinton VS Bush After math of the gulf war Clinton didnt bring down Osana Bush picked up the conversative in the early 1990s we need to go after terrorist BUSH September 11 went over iraq because of terrorist even though iraq didnt get into 91 1 Clintion Domestic Policy the republican comeback made a lot of mistake in his early presidency as well as two failed nonminaies Clition looked week HEALTH CARE Wife took over that didnt make it which was a huge mistake Clition didnt get anything passed Republican took over congress Any clition was in a extremely weak position Forgien Policy Not major Haiti send in troops nothing like Bush with 911 terriost and war Both were two term presidents Bush was a strong president he didn dominant his office like clition did g Clition did sign conversative welfare reform 1996 welfare policys in the 1930 the telecommunication act media companys love democrats hated h Neo Liberal policies 2 Describe the different agents of change impacting race relations between 19411965 I 1941 is the beginning of WWII II March on washington 1941 III Congress pResidency Harry Truman IV WWII was a major right and civil right movement Who runs 1912 president TR widrow Wilson Debs Taft major fight between TR new nationalism and wilson idea of new freedom Major forces were progressive and because of the conditions were 100 young women were burn to death progressive movement Wilson said we should go back to jeffersonism when he comes into office he did create the federal creat system federal reserve system 3 Using your Chafe Fink and Gardner texts as well as referencessome context from the late nineteenth century the Progressive Era the New Deal the Great Society and the ReaganBush eras discuss the growing power of corporations in modern American modern history When and how was their power constrained Loosened How have such issues as business regulation health care military spending and campaign funding been entwined with corporate power Cite specifics Vague generalizations will not hold water in your response Consider the following Bill Moyers on Citizens Law Suit A A J httpwww obs or m versioumal0219201P html 4 1968 such a momentous climatic and traumatic year in American political history Discuss I January 31 The Tet Offensive By the end of 1967 despite stillgrowing opposition to the war the Johnson Administration was able to portray at least the illusion of progress in Vietnam General William Westmoreland commander of US troops in South Vietnam began to speak of a quotlight at the end of the tunnelquot But on January 31 during the V39 Lunar New Year celebration of Tet North Vietnamese and Vietcong troops launched a massive surprise attack throughout South Vietnam On television scenes of intense urban ghting brought the war home to Americans in a way they had not previously seen And although American and South Vietnamese forces were able to eventually turn back the enemy and in ict huge casualties Tet marked a major turning point in Americans perceptions of the war and how it was being fought From this point forward the majority of Americans would have trouble believing that the war was being won March 31 LBJ Pulls out of Presidential Race After the debacle of Tet President Johnson suffered further embarrassment in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary on March 12 when antiwar candidate Senator Eugene McCarthy came within seven points of defeating the sitting president Four days later Senator Robert F Kennedy entered the contest for the Democratic nomination Polls showed LBJ trailing both McCarthy and Kennedy in upcoming primaries Faced with the embarrassment of being denied his own party s nomination Johnson decided against running for reelection He stunned the nation on the evening of March 31 when at the conclusion of a televised address on Vietnam he announced I shall not seek and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your President April 4 Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated Less than a week after Johnson s announcement civil rights icon Maltin Luther K11ng Jr was gunned down in Memphis King was there to support a strike by the city39s black sanitation workers and after his eerily prescient quotI39ve been to the mountaintopquot speech the night before he was shot by a sniper on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel He died an hour later Two months later James Earl Ray was captured and eventually convicted of King39s murder although many to this day remain convinced of a conspiracy in the assassination In the aftermath of the killing riots broke out in over 100 American cities laying the groundwork for even more mayhem throughout the rest of the year IDS I Sherman Anti Trust Act II Populist Party Cross of Gold Speech III Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine IV Alfred Thayer Mah an V Platt Amendment VI Philippine insurrection VII Social Gospel Movement VIII Jane Addams 1902 Coal Strike IX Lincoln Steffens X New Nationalism vs New Freedom XI Hetch Hecthy XII Upton Sinclair s The Jungle meat industry ran for governor of califonia and won democratic nomination big business men XIII Lusitania Zimmerman Telegram XIV Committee on Public Information XV Bonus Army The selfnamed Bonus Expeditionary Force was an assemblage of some 43000 marchers717000 WWI veterans their families and af liated groupsiwho protested in Washington DC in spring and summer of 1932 Called the Bonus March by the news media the Bonus Marchers were more popularly known as the Bonus Army XVI Bruce Barton s The Man Nobody Knows 1925 XVII Agricultural Adjustment Act XVIII WPA XIX CCC Roosevelt created XX Francis Townsend Social Suciity System Rebuild the economy Denist from Long Beach Cali In 1930 creakpots social movements provided political pressure to pass social suricity Townsend plan XXI Congress of Industrial Organization XXII Pare Lorentz threatened March on Washington 1941 XXIII Yalta Conference XXIV Truman Doctrine N SC 68 comparison of the soviet union talked about how we should reform our military Use to be confidential Formalize the contenm Policy in militart terms the Soviet union needed to be stopped so thry increased the military Expand military budget from 15 billion to 45 billion Came out same time as Korean War XXV George Kennan Forgian policy of cial the guy which great knowledge of soviet union said we needed to contain the poicy of the soviet union March 1947 The condiment document wrote 1946 Truman Justi ed it What was the Speci c There was communist in uence in those countries British said we cant handle this they had a lot of control and told the Uniterd states we had to deal with it Truman said we need 400 million dollars to bounc back And we need to do this around the world because communism was a threat to the whole world XXVI Checkers Speech XXVII Levittown XXVIII military industrial com plex XXIX Civil Rights Act XXX SNCC XXXI Medicare XXXII War on Poverty XXXIII Tonkin Gulf Resolution XXXIV Tet Offensive 1967 despite stillgrowing opposition to the war the Johnson Administration was able to portray at least the illusion of progress in Vietnam But on January 31 during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration of Tet North Vietnamese and Vietcong troops launched a massive surprise attack throughout South Vietnam XXXV Chicago Convention XXXVI War Powers Act XXXVII ML King s Riverside Speech 1967 XXXVIII Iran Contra Affair XXXIX Moral Majority XL Pentagon Papers were published by the NY times 1971 and was history of the comming of the vietname war written by defense department under Mcnamera publish by Daniel elsberg Nixon being president was upset and tried to stop this Pentagon papers is directed to watergate XLI Star Wars XLII Gulf War XLIII Bush Doctrine ofPre em ption XLIV Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress XLV Paul Wolfowitz XLVI neo liber alism


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