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Chm Laboratory Ii

by: Barton Franecki

Chm Laboratory Ii CHM 114

Marketplace > University of Miami > Chemistry > CHM 114 > Chm Laboratory Ii
Barton Franecki
GPA 3.87


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Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Barton Franecki on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 114 at University of Miami taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/205764/chm-114-university-of-miami in Chemistry at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
4302011 64500 PM Lab 1 Intro to Volumetric Glassware Accuracy vs Precision Read graduated cylinder at bottom of the curve or meniscus Worked with a volumetric flask a pipet and a buret Measure density by gmL Lab 2 Determination of Ka of an Unknown Weak Acid HA H20 69 H3O A Ka mgoileg x Aqu HA eq PH pKa 09A39eqHAeq PH12 PKa Half Point Equivalence Point slope increasing greatly moles of acid moles of base Lab 3 Chemical Thermodynamics AHf Enthalpy of Formation AHA AHB AHC AHf heat heat capacity x mass x temperature change cal calg C x g x C 1 kcal 4184 kJ To find specific heat 0 O O O O 0 Drop metal in boiling water Transfer to cool water Measure heat transfer Heat lost heat gained Heat lost specific heat x grams x AT Heat gained grams x 1 cal g x AT Lab 4 Acid and Base Titrations Finding the pH equivalence point Indicators detect end points Primary standard 0 O O O 0 High purity Known composition Reacts with known stoichiometry In this experiment is Potassium Acid Phthalate KHP Molarity molesliter 10393 moles10393 liter mmolmL o Mmol base M base x mL base mmol acid g KHP x 103molecular weight KHP o M base g KHP x 103mL base molecular weight KHP Lab 5 Determination of Na2CO3 in Soda Ash 0 CO3 H 9 HCO3 H 9 H2CO3 69 H20 C02 o Back titration 0 Boiling the solution to remove the C02 Excess solution is titrated with NaOH o 2x 10mL acid will be needed to titrate C03239 to HC0339 and HC0339 to H2C03 completely with excess to make sure it is completely titrated Lab 6 Chemical Kinetics o BeerLambert Law 0 A abc A is Absorbance a is molar absorbtivity of phenolphthalein b is the length of the pathway for the light c is the concentration of the solution o Arrhenius Equation 0 k Ae39EaRT A is frequency factor Ea is activation energy R is gas constant 83145 JK mol 0 Rearrange to form nk1k2 EaR1T21T1 0 HalfLife 1212 0 k 0693t12 Lab 7 Analysis of Ascorbic Acid by Redox Titration o End point can be found with an indicator or by potentiometric titration o 12 Principles of Green Chemistry 0 Prevention Atom Economy Less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses Design Safer Chemicals Safer Solvent and Auxiliaries O O O O Design for Energy Efficiency Use Renewable Feedstocks Reduce Derivatives Catalysis Design for Degradation RealTime Analysis for Pollution Prevention Inherently Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention o Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C C6H806 12 9 C6H606 2 HI o Carbon is Oxidized and Iodine is Reduced o Visual end point blue color o Starch indicator Lab 8 Molecular Mass by Chromatography o Chromatography has a mobile phase and a stationary phase o Chromatography is any technique that employs the general principles of separation based upon interactions at the molecular level between a mobile and a stationary phase whether color is involved or not o Cationexchange chromatography 0 Solution is poured down the resin column and the hydrogen from the solution and cations from the resin will switch The more tightly bound cations will be displaced more slowly All the H ions liberated will be titrated to find how many moles of acid there was the moles of acid equals the moles of metal cations which help find te molecular mass of the salt Lab 9 Spectrometric Analysis of Iron o FeHZO62 3 phen 9 Fephen32 6 H20 2 Fe3 2 NHZOH HCL 2 OH39 ea 2 Fe2 N2 2H 4H20 2Cl39 Spectrophotometer 0 Used to measure quantitatively how much light of a specific wavelength passes through your solution o Absorbance Maximum 0 A 510 nm A og100T o A Absorbance O O O O O O O O O Lab 10 o T Percent Transmittance ppm mg of solvent ppm stock mL solution Determination of Cu2 by Titration Complexometric one or more strongly bonding Lewis bases are attached to the copper cation forming a copper complex H4EDTA is the complexing reagent or titrant 0 EDTA 39 is the anion of the acid Murexide is used as the color indicator which helps show the endpoint Ligands that can form more than one coordinatecovalent bonds are called chelates 0 EDTA is a hexechelate because it can form 6 bonds Cu2In EDTA 39 9 CuEDTA239 In 4302011 64500 PM 4302011 64500 PM


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