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by: Alfredo Leannon MD


Alfredo Leannon MD
GPA 3.99

S. Campbell

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About this Document

S. Campbell
Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alfredo Leannon MD on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CPR 116 at University of Miami taught by S. Campbell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/205783/cpr-116-university-of-miami in Public Relations at University of Miami.




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Date Created: 09/17/15
Long Campaign Beyond Fear lnstilling Faith Andrea Villa Vanessa Street Mason Shujun Chen Nadia Ismael Jessica Taylor Client Bishop Eddie Long What is New Birth Missionary Baptist Church A megachurch located in Lithonia 63 New Birth Missionary Baptist Church s influence permeates the nation and the world The church with more than 25000 members is founded on principles of raising men and women to become people of integrity honor and discipline New Birth encourages communities to work together to help the less fortunate ensuring everyone is employed and feels empowered cultivating contributing members of society On Sept 21 and Sept 22 2010 three young men Maurice Robinson Anthony Flagg and Jamal Parris spoke out publicly against Bishop Eddie Lung with accusatipns 0f sexual misconduct Not long afterward 0n Sept 22 a fourth man Spencer LeGrande came forward The four men individually filed a lawsuit claiming Bishop Long used maney gifts and trips along with Holy Scripture to justify teeming them to complete sexual activity Strengths S 0 Long already had a big name and a positive image before that can be utilized for the efforts of repairing reputations and progressing from the crisis Weaknesses W o Masses of people members from satellite and Atlanta church hanging on his every move Opportunities 0 0 Now we have a national platform for which to perpetuate New Births ideals Threats T 0 Efforts and lawsuits of the four young men Similar cases Ted Haggard Lennie Latham Jimmy Swaggart Major groups in the crises Bishop Eddie Lang New Birth Church Atlanta heme basee 4 alleged boys Christian Baptist community yet anether allegation of sexual molestation Minor gmups in the crises Bishop Eddie Long s family Families 0f the boyso Atlanta community All satellite New Birth churches Release spiritual Letters 39Create Ads Release Fact sheets News Releases and PSA cHold a Press Conference Remain as Transparent as possible Pay Google to put links to websites we create for their rst 20 results fer Bishop Eddie Long anst sermon about MGving Resend the Hate Seeking Acceptance fmm God no matter who says what about you as long as Gad can accept the person you know you are then that s all that matters Host a conference where key members of the satellite come tegether tn speak cut against Fear and irrational accusatiuns A Gain new members B Prevent current members from leaving the Church by uniting and motivating members C Expand brand impact through utilization of national platform created from media exposure from the crisis D Redirect negativity about personal wealth into positivity of philanthropy E Restore family oriented image to repair Bishop Long s image Family Lang Weekend All abjectivas achieve I men 5 2Q1 Haitierity I Achieves all Ubj iV S j zo 29111gdm bf Achieves ubje ive A Feb 29May litiaspeli C uir Jan 1 2011 Lainng Party Achieves A and C abjective Achieves A M abjectivas 37mm Lucia M Canaan A hf i ii D 8 A b j i 7 View previous slide Fur abjentive latte rs oNow Bishop Long is seen as a hypocrite a quotmonsterquot a manipulator and a liar He still has loyal followers but others question his integrity honor and discipline which are core values of the New Birth Church This campaign perpetuates the principles of integrity honor and discipline along with the other objectives 1Ludacris Concert 2Long tie party 3Charity event for Haiti 4 Family Long weekend retreat 5Gospe Choir 6Leadership conference Let s pray for HIV patients Concert for the Cure On Friday December 3 2010 at 800 pm Ludacris will perform in concert for 2000 and all proceeds will go to the LiveLong Foundation The concert will be an opportunity for people to enjoy rap music while supporting a good cause The LiveLong foundation objective is to use media religion community leaders and music to reach African Americans ages 20 40 throughout the US to stop the spread of HIVAIDS The initiative provides funding for HIVAIDS research and the goal is to stop the AIDS pandemic in African American communities by mobilizing individuals to confront HIV 39 It s gonna be WGE quotLongquot Tie Party There are many HIVAIDS patients suffering from the disease in the United States Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church are hosting a Long Tie Party to show their love for these patients The Benefit dinner will raise funds fOr HIVAIDS research as a part of the LiveLong Initiative There will be a special appearance by Mayor Kasim NBA Star Josh Smith and TV host Nancy Grace rity event for Cholera 7 quot 3 Epidemic in HAITI December 5 201 i1 Aiding Cholera Bishop Eddie Long is hosting a donation drive to raise money to help stop the Cholera outbreak in Haiti Donations in the form of monetary contributions canned goods and clothing are accepted beginning Dec 5th to Dec 15th at New Birth Missionary Bishop Churches and Kroger supermarkets Long has pledged to match the donations raised using his personal funds Family Long Weekend Retreat Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia Ga are hostinga family quotLongquot weekend retreat More than 2000 family members from all different cities in Georgia have already registered for the weekend activities The retreat vision is to strengthen families in becoming strOnger units founded in the word of the Lord It is a weekend filled with different activities specifically created to improve family relationships The retreat will be held at the New irth Missionary Church on 6400 Woodrow RoadrLithonia Ga on Memorial weekend Friday May 27 30 The weekend itinerary includes a family carnival optional family workshops and family therapy sessions family Olympic games and an inspirational sermon given by Bishop Long wwwnewbirthorgfromchoirtoc ollege NH u 7 i 35 See who 1r wins the v 3 39 scholarship l ii 39 o VJ money for Gospe Choir Competition college Finale From Choir to College Sunday May rt 2011 From Choir to College Gospel Choir Competition for Scholarships From Choir to College is a gospel choir competition for students aged 17 to 2 1 interested in winning scholarship money for college The leaders of the New Birth Missionary Church in Lithonia Ga announced that they narrowed down candidates to the top 10 gospel choir groups from around the United States for the scholarship competition The videos of the groups performances are posted on wwwnewbirthorgfromchoirtocollege waiting for votes Achievement of the Kappa Man Host by Bishop Eddie Long 5 Achievement of the Kappa man Bishop Eddie Long is holding the first annual Achievement of the Kappa Man Leadership Conference The four day event is an opportunity for leaders of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity to come together and discuss issues they face on college campuses across the country It is a chance for Long to reach out to members of his fraternity and offer guidance on how to deal with crisis and adversity All attendees have the benefit of engaging in open dialogue with Long including a question and answer session and leave with bonus packages for their individual chapters Bonus packages include tshirts of the event meal vouchers and promotional material to pass out on their college campuses ThankU very uch For Readin39


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