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Modern Western Traditions

by: Willow O'Reilly

Modern Western Traditions HIST 1400

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > History > HIST 1400 > Modern Western Traditions
Willow O'Reilly
GPA 3.67

Dennis Bench

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About this Document

Dennis Bench
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Willow O'Reilly on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1400 at University of Connecticut taught by Dennis Bench in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/205786/hist-1400-university-of-connecticut in History at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Witch Hunt Notes How do you explain the widespread violence in religious conflict and the witch craze 0 Between 40 and 53 thousand people were executed up to one half in Germany alone 0 Burned Strangulated hung o Briggs Historian questioned why some areas were more involved then others 0 00000 O O O O O O O Tells of Barbe old women who was tortured until she confessed and told elaborate stories When they did not obey they were beaten Amazing that normal people flesh blood and bone were subject to these cruelties Accused were pathetic old women with normal traits Accused children of accused witches to be witches themselves llEveryone seems to have known how the Devil carried out his seductionsquot Golden92 seems psychological I They were convinced that they would get help and not execution Applied meetings to witches orgies black magic and child murder Role of the sabbat remains ambiguous Everyone believed they were carried or brooms to sabbat mentioned dances making hail and frosts and sometimes cannobolisim and sexuality I Big on harming crops I Sabbat was a place of primarily power Children were housed together to supposedly protect them from witches Sabbat enjoyed prominence in Denmark and Scotland NW Europe I All festivities were banned Shows how people placed under pressure and abuse come up with elaborate confessions Convinced these people to throw themselves under the bus with the church Sabbat was only central basis for prosecution in several cases Religious Riot in 16 Century France 0 Three Competing forces Protestant Catholic wSpain and Frenchstate above rel 0 Natalie Davis Historian explores 1 aspect of violent behavior 0 O O O O O O 0 Most notorious St Bartholemews day massacre 2324 aug 1572 Bible and Koran command ethnic cleansing Religious Riot Any violent action with words or weapons undertaken against rel targets Will look at goals legitimation and occasions for riots Would degrade the Fr Bible place it on end of stick and throw in water I Through riots they were trying to rid the comm of dreaded polluciton Protestants believed the catholics were not clean Pollution from protestants and catholics was devastating cuz it promotes gods wrath Some riots ended with the wrongdoers marching on the other side ofjail 0000 000000000 00000 O 0 Public execution was a popular well attended event shows human nature Corpses exposed was normal If the ruling of a case was to quotlenientquot or quotstrongquot the people would enforce City counsels showed the right path Did not display guilt for violence if they stayed rel No religious areas or sights wernt affected by an opposing rel ex Cath Prot Battle takes place from drunk saying here are the hugeonots Religious services were vandalized A Cath Mass let to an attack on the host and a riot On religious holidays such as corpus Christi day Protestant target monks priests and friars Catholics artisans are main focus Protestants dug up catholics bones and destroyed them Christ tormentors would play games as the tormented quotGreat Cat Massacrequot Cats historically sexualitylinks humor to popular culture Masters in the printing press trade loved cats had portraits etc Two apprentices lived a shitty life Jerome and leville and they decided to rebel Had mock trial and hung the animals We will never know if this actu Occurred It was probably not directed at cats as it was the owner who dictated them Masters of shops declined bcuz they began to be gov owned Printing began as golden age and declined which brought about bad living conditions Incorporated the torture into the music However cat torture was not unknown In metz region they burned dozens of cats in a basket with bonfire llCats possessed occult power independently of their association with witchcraft and deviltryquot If a cat was killed it brought misfortune upon the owner or the owner s house Believed the cats made a Sabbath


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