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Modern Western Traditions

by: Willow O'Reilly

Modern Western Traditions HIST 1400

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > History > HIST 1400 > Modern Western Traditions
Willow O'Reilly
GPA 3.67

Joel Blatt

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About this Document

Joel Blatt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Willow O'Reilly on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1400 at University of Connecticut taught by Joel Blatt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/205788/hist-1400-university-of-connecticut in History at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Fascism a Italian Fascism 19191945 Intense dictatorship violence used to control population extremely nationalistic compromised with traditional elites and traditional Christian religion i Benito Mussolini established Fascist movement in 1919 1 He wanted control over power ii He veered to the right to save Italy and get supportquot March on Rome rose to power iii Consolidation ofpower 19221929 Got thugs called CEKA to kill Batteotti 1 January 3ml 1925 Took total control 2 Set up OVRA special police ruled in oneperson dictatorship until 1933 3 Outlawed free press and free speech 4 Corporatism between major corporations and fascists to control labor 5 1929 Lateran Treaty iv 2 v WWII 1 2 3 4 5 vi 1 Foreign Policy allied with Germany 1936 invaded Ethiopia 19361939 supported one side of SpanishAmerican war Declared neutrality but still in favor of Hitler Gave up neutrality and entered the war on Hitler s side When he failed war he was pushed from power in July 1943 Hitler moved him to Salo northern Italy 19431945 September 1943 Germans took over Italy and killed 15 of Jews The Italian AntiFascist Resistance Stretched from communist to liberals to conservatives who opposed fascist dictatorship b German Fascism or National Socialism or Nazism i German Background 1 2 Divided between rich and poor Call for unification ii Adolintler18891945 1 2 3 4 Originally born in Austria Hungary Hitler hated diversity Grew towards his German nationalism Became AntiSemite Aftermath of the Reformation a Split up of Christianity into different religions b Created wars in holy roman empire for years Civil war in France for control of the state religion Catholicism became largest in France Huguenots French Calvinists fought each other in France Minority of Protestant and Jewish religion C H i ii39 iv England 1 Edward took control after Henry Edward VI 1547 1553 Edward died of natural causes Three religions Anglicanism Catholicism and Puritanism 2 3 4 a b c 5 d 517 H Mary I 15531558 tried to restore Catholicism Made mistake of not executing Elizabeth The church rejected Elizabeth and did not associate with her Married Phillip II Habsburg i Phillip became leader of spreading Catholicism Elizabeth I 155 81603 Anglican a b c Took control after Mary in Patriarchal world Known for her manipulation ofpower She was maneuvering politically through powerful males She believed she was an absolute ruler Message to men was to support her or pay the consequences Relevantly tolerant in religion for her time i Wanted Anglican to be dominant religion ii Allowed people to believe what they wanted in discreteprivate because she didn t want revolt referring to Puritans Drake tried to hijack spanish gallions i Elizabeth allowed him to run for a few days and then sent out army to get her ii Drake took over another gallion and split the treasure with Elizabeth on the side 6 Next in line was Mary queen of Scots a b c Had a dramatic life Passionatecharismatic figure Executed by Elizabeth because she plotted against her 7 Spanish Armada a b Suffered from bad water and food English defeated the Spanish c Elizabeth did not allow her sailors to be put on the ships until the Spanish arrived 39 Elizabeth was being cheap and allowed the sailors to be guests in towns as long as possible iquot II Rise of State a Two types of states Watchmen saw the Spanish eet coming and the sailors went on English ships were smaller but faster 1 2 3 English lit wooden barges on fire and pushed them towards Spanish Storm came and pushed Spanish north out of the English channel Spanish lost and Elizabeth won KEY results of Spanish Armada 1 F Europe would be divided religiously Placed Elizabeth in impregnable position during her reign Shakespeare wrote about these historic events Elizabeth was absolutist and no one challenged her power i Sovereignty who the people believed ruled ii Absolutist monarchs were sovereign power iii Constitutional limits on government but not in interest of all people NOT democratic


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