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The Press in America

by: Jonas Howe

The Press in America JOUR 1002

Jonas Howe
GPA 3.68

Timothy Kenny

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About this Document

Timothy Kenny
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jonas Howe on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JOUR 1002 at University of Connecticut taught by Timothy Kenny in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/205842/jour-1002-university-of-connecticut in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
12032009 notes Chapter 23 Media in Transition Television images with words allows more information 0 Less people to go out and nd news 0 News business more about ente1tainment9tells stories with visual aspect o Con rms sense of reality 0 Largely a headline service one minute or less stories News Shows l989fall of Berlin Wall optimism news shows adopt new operating system 0 Lighter news formats less indepth stories 0 Coverage re ects who we are notions of what s fair and equitable by watching TV 0 Values re ected in what you see Morning News Shows headline of major story of day mixed with entertaining stories 0 Prominent news stories told as features human aspect added to news Trend toward viewers demanding news when they want it 0 Viewers like to be ente1tained as well as informed 0 TV is completely passive lack of participation makes it engaging Good Network Broadcasting 0 Not on cable news not journalists 0 Networks have to skip important stories because they are too expensive to report 0 Broadcast outlets hindered by limited revenue stream of advertising 0 No other way for broadcast outlets to make money 0 Cable can charge subscription fees Can news operations transform themselves so they can operate in more than one platform 0 Way to improve audience Comcast and NBC Universal major TV operators propeIties that can use energy of others 0 Broadcast giants continue on by merging interests Trends 1 Median age average age getting higher a Network taking steps trying to stave off dying proposition b More work with cable backing away from intemet 2 News content quality of news product itself a Networks use actual rep01ting b Numbers of rep01ters declining but networks must keep news value high c Rep01ters provide content Foreign News news gathering from foreign news bureaus has dropped since 1980 s 0 Cut in half since 80s 0 Offset by new move to higher one man bureaus o Cheaper way of supplementing regular bureaus oneman operations work as tipsheets 0 Local guy nds out news and calls contacts cheaper and easier Parachute Journalism sending one guy to stay in one area for a brief period to rep01t and then returns home Fewer people covering cover major stories and middle tier stories get ignored Five Majors Trends of Broadcast news in Recent Years 1 Shrinking audience a Dramatic drop in viewership those still watching are older 2 Budget problems on a consistent basis 3 Competition from cable news a On 24 hours while broadcast channels aren t b Competition problem for how long cable can be on air 4 Decline in primetime news magazine viewers 60 Minutes type shows 5 In uence of morning programs a Cut into economic value of broadcast news programs 0 Lust for higher ratings brought on notion of Tabloid Journalism 0 Quasientertainment news shows emerging o Tabloids produce news that mainstream media avoided What television Changed 0 way news is brought to us 0 Made news faster Americans equate faster with better History of Television Vladimir Zwogkin patent on electronic scanning tube in 1923 o Primitive television camera Philo Famsworth 1927 First man to successfully demonstrate a transmission of an electronic TV signal Both considered fathers of modern TV John Baird invented mechanical system in 1920 s televised pictures as early as 1924 Experimenters in Great Britain and US succeeded in sending electronic signals 0 First commercial TV sets shown in 1939 at World s Fair by RCA 0 TV 39 39 39 cash cow brought in through advertising CBS first broadcast on experimental TV station in NY in 1931 0 NBC 1932 begins broadcasting o All experimental efforts 0 ABC 1948 o 1946 200 television sets in use worldwide today more than 1 billion Early Broadcasts 15 minutes each 0 Guy sitting behind desk reading news 0 1941 23 stations across country that broadcast o 1949 approximately 100 TV stations 0 1970 900 stations today 1800 o Mishmash of radio and early newsreels little footage shot by network themselves Early Broadcasters Douglass Edwards 1St to broadcast on CBS John Cameron Swayze NBC Campbell News Caravan 1949


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