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The Press in America

by: Jonas Howe

The Press in America JOUR 1002

Jonas Howe
GPA 3.68

Timothy Kenny

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About this Document

Timothy Kenny
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jonas Howe on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JOUR 1002 at University of Connecticut taught by Timothy Kenny in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/205842/jour-1002-university-of-connecticut in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
11102009 notes Ethics Continued Hutchins Commission founded 1940 s found media had 5 function in society 1 Provide truthful and comprehensive account of day s events 2 Serve as a forum for exchange of comments and criticism 3 Provide a real accurate picture of various societal groups 4 Present and clarify goals of society present goals of social system 5 Give news consumers citizens access to day s news Who owns larger corporate organization on American media What effect does it have 0 Question of what s truthful Ethics behavior of people involved in newspapers and print 0 Simple notion of doing the right thing 0 Jason Blair NY Times wrote 6 different stories that turned out to be inaccurate 0 made up info lied about his location 0 Jack Kelly USA Today resigned in 2004 after investigations over complaints of work 0 faked at least 8 major stories overseas o reporting on Chechen Mafia in Russia Infotainment journalism merging with entertainment 0 blogs Ethics of Photography photography instant decisions about what you see visually vs developing an image in your head with written words first impressions of what you are seeing emotionally charged in a way that words are not evaluate news photographs according to printed standard photographs do not have logic of news stories not facts built on one another 0 slices of timesmall instances of what occurred photographers make a picture vs taking a picture 0 create something that wasn t necessarily there frame image so you see it differently digital age creates a reality that may or may not have been there 0 image captured on lm is now captured changed or created on a computer 0 not necessarily what you are seeing in real life aware as news consumers that what constitutes a photograph is changing NPPA National Press Photography Association Code of Ethics 0 Balance rights of privacy with news values of what s going on in the world Photographs must ask themselves four questions 1 should this moment be made public 2 will I cause more trauma and harm to those already traumatized emotionally OOO o 3 am I acting with compassion and sensitivity when I take this photograph I Am I being sensitive about actual act 0 4 am I far enough away as to not impose myself on the action I Don t become part of story Altering photographs slippery slope how far is too far John Long H arrford C ourant former NPPA president 0 Writes about ethical dilemmas of photographers 0 When is appropriate for photographers to intervene 0 When is it ok to run an emotionally charged photograph o If there s a situation where ppl need your help you are morally obligated to help 0 There are times when you need to put your camera down and help 0 When does humanity become more important than journalism Overview of Development of Photography 0 Creation of still photography ppl who saw genius of turning images into a picture you can hold 0 Connects us in ways written word cannot important to history and purpose of journalism Important photographers Joseph Niepce o 1816 attempt to reproduce camera obscura image 0 1826 produces first successful photograph of image of workroom produced on piece of pewter 0 Uses heliographs Louis DaGuerre French also wanted to draw images more precisely 0 Teams with Niepce Louis makes photographs on copperplates after Niepce dies 0 Coated with silver photographs called DaGuerrotypes 1837 0 Essential to development of photography William Hen FoxTalbotts 1845invents permanent negative image by using paper he had soaked in chloride 0 Creates positive images from that which become photographs 0 Calls invention of negative Calotype Process Roger Fenton british crucial to development of war photography 0 Produced photographic history of Crimean War to offset problems produced by Billy Russell 0 1855 Crimean War stays for four months doesn t produce photograph of violence of war 0 Sent on a publication campaign photographs re ect positive approach to how army s doing Leeland Stanford 1872 calls in Eadweard Muybridge to prove horse s move their feet a particular way when they run prove they lift all four feet off the ground 0 Set the stage for later development of motion pictures in the 1890 s Camera Obscura light travels in straight line rays pass through small hole and cross creates image on opposite wall means Dark Room in Latin 0 DaVinci Keppler etc all knew about Camera Obscura 0 Begin using it in the 15Lh and 16111 centuries


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