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Operations Management

by: Jermaine Howell Jr.

Operations Management OPIM 3104

Jermaine Howell Jr.
GPA 3.75

Cuihong Li

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About this Document

Cuihong Li
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jermaine Howell Jr. on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to OPIM 3104 at University of Connecticut taught by Cuihong Li in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/205850/opim-3104-university-of-connecticut in Operations And Info Mgmt at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Operations management is concerned only with the day to day operations of the firm39s productive system FALSE The kind of services and products offered by a company drive its operations strategy Make to order products and services are designed and produced in anticipation of customer demand FALSE The set of activities that create and deliver products to the customer is known as the value chain RUE All of the following are responsibilities of operations managers except 1 Scheduling Production 2 Planning Production 3 Managing Inventories 4 acquiring Financial Resources X The one of a kind production of a product to customer order is a project TRUE Mass production produces large volumes of a custom product for a mass market FALSE Which of the following is not a characteristic of mass production 1 Products are made to stock for a mass market Demand is stable Products are assemble to order for a specialized market X Product volume is high 4 93 As production systems move from projects to batch production to mass production to continuous production 1 Production systems become less automated 2 Production systems become less capital intensive 3 Production systems become more flexible 4 Product systems become more capital intensive X Which type of product does Boeing provide and what process does it use to provide the product 1 Assemble to order and mass production 2 Make to order and project X 3 Make to order and batch production 4 Make to stock and mass production How well the product or service does what it is intended to do is known as quality of design The producer39s view and customer39s view of quality are dependent on each other and it is the former that must dominate FALSE The costs of a quality management program to achieve good quality are prevention costs and appraisal costs TRUE Scrap costs is an example of an internal failure cost TRUE Internal failure costs tend to be low for a service while external failure costs are often quite high TRUE Achieving quality of conformance depends on all of the following factors except 1 The design of the production process 2 The training and supervision of employees 3 The price charged for the product X 4 The performance level of equipment machinery and materials Which of the following is a principle of total quality management TQM 1 Quality is a strategic X 2 Quality is defined by the company 3 Quality problems are solved using the trial and error 4 Quality is only an operational issue requiring an operating plan The costs associated with poor quality can be categorized as 1 Prevention costs and scrap costs 2 Internal failure costs and external failure costs 3 Operator costs and rework costs 4 Prevention costs and appraisal costs A control chart that uses the actual number of defects per item to monitor a process is known as a 1 P chart 2 C chart X 3 R chart 4 X bar chart A company randomly selects 100 light bulbs every day for 40 days from its production process If 600 defective light bulbs are found in the sampled bulbs then the estimate for the process average defective would be 1 6 2 015 X 3 667 4 15 Possible root causes of special cause variation include all of the following except Process out of adjustments 2 Defective materials 3 Operator error 4 Over Producing X Which of the following charts are frequently used together to monitor and control quality


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