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Principles of Biology I

by: Greyson Gutkowski

Principles of Biology I BIOL 1107

Greyson Gutkowski
GPA 3.88

Clifford Desch

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About this Document

Clifford Desch
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Greyson Gutkowski on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1107 at University of Connecticut taught by Clifford Desch in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/205860/biol-1107-university-of-connecticut in Biological Sciences at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Photosynthesis Ligl1t Reaction Hill Reaction Chloroplast Thylakoid Inside of Thylakoid membrane lumen Absorbs energy from light Absorbs red re ects green chlorophyll Wave Property Color Energy Property Photon Thylakoid membrane 4 major protein complexes Photosystem I and II Cytochrome complex ATP synthase gt ATP NADPH Photosynthetic units collections of chlorophyll molecules electron absorbs energy and becomes a high energy electron electron passed around until it gets to reaction center molecules RCM pass electrons to another center outside Pairs are transferred to ferrodoxin transfers to NADP One of the nucleic acids NADP NADP 1 charge Reduced form of NADP NADPH electron transport molecules electrons replace the phosys I electrons in photo sys II Plastoquinone quinone molecule it is reduced involved in ETC p680 p700 Water is split at the oxygen evolving complex p680 Oxygen is a waste product Oxygen is liberated 55 billion yrs old Bacteria 3 million yrs ago oxygen iron iron oxide Where is water split water split in Thylakoid Hydrogen ions are pumped out of Thylakoid Active Transport Protons are pumped in Proton gradient LARGER in Thylakoid energy is absorbed water is split water is source of electrons to generate energy from ATP Phosphorylation of ADP to form ATP Dark Reaction Calvin CalvinBenson Cycle 5carbon sugar ribulose exists as a syrup Phosphoglycerateresult of 6carbon splitting phosphoglyceraldehyde 6carbon product PGAL Phosphoglycerate Rubisco most abundant protein in leaves Carboxylating means adding C02 thin waxy coating cuticle Below cuticle Upper Epidermal cells Lower Epidermal cells not photosynthetic do not contain photosynthetic Cuticlegtepidermis Mesophyll Cells palisade long skinny parenchyma have chloroplasts vs spongy parenchyma have a lot of air space in between loosely packed Guard Cells controls opening and closing of stoma can change shape by picking up or getting rid of water stomata close when they lose water open during day closed during night Glycolysis 2 Pyruvate Oxidation 3 Krebs Cycle 4 Oxidative Phosphorylation


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