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Social Psychology

by: Cleta Bechtelar II

Social Psychology PSYC 2700

Cleta Bechtelar II
GPA 3.65

Felicia Pratto

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About this Document

Felicia Pratto
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cleta Bechtelar II on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 2700 at University of Connecticut taught by Felicia Pratto in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/205876/psyc-2700-university-of-connecticut in Psychlogy at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Introduction to Social Psychology Psych 2700 Section 1 Spring 2011 Arjona 115 T Th 8 am915 am Instructor Dr Felicia Pratto Teaching Assistant Ms Jessica Kang Office Room 177 Bousfeld BOUS BOUS Room 223 Office hours Wed 121 or by appointment Mondays 12pm 1pm or Tuesdays 12pm 1pm Phone 8604864772 425 4457377 Email feliciaprattouconn edu Jessicaj kanguconn edu Reguired Text Sanderson C A 2010 Social Psychology New York John Wiley amp Sons ISBN 978 0471250265 Additional links for reading assignments will be posted on HuskyCT Course Description People are social animals whose behavior and life experience are in uenced by their psychological natures In this course we examine the ways in which people s outlooks on the world and their responses to it are in uenced by social phenomena We will explore several kinds of theories and phenomena describe the research methods and data used to substantiate or to refute theories and discuss practical applications of social psychology The first part of the course focuses on the social person to ask questions such as How do people know who they are What in uence does identity have on behavior The second part of the course focuses on interpersonal and group processes answering such questions as How can you get people to vote for you buy a product or fall in love In the third part of the course we consider social behavior with both interpersonal and societal implications such as discrimination group con ict aggression and helping Reguirements Students should skim or read the assigned readings prior to teach lecture attend lectures and get notes from friends if they have to miss and do thorough reading and studying of the text after the lecture I do not lecture out of the book so lectures will complement readings Some of the reading will be websites or other materials posted on WebCT Lecture outlines will be posted on WebCT but students should take their own notes If you must leave class early please inform me at the beginning If you are too sick to take a scheduled exam please email me ASAP Ifyou are too sick to be in class please email me to excuse your absence Your learning the material is not excused but your participation grade will not be lowered Anyone who is impolite enough to be texting reading unrelated websites using an MP3 or otherwise distracted during class will be asked to leave Grading There will be three noncumulative exams two as rnidterrns and one 1 12 hour exam during the scheduled final exam period Each exam constitutes 30 of your course grade The exam format is mainly multiple choice and will draw on both textbook and lectures To do well on the exams you need to have both studied the text and attended lectures You will also write two short papers in which you write a socialpsychological analysis of something you observed or participated in this term each worth up to 3 of your grade The assignments will be posted on WebCT Paper 1 is due at Exam 1 and Paper 2 is due at Exam 2 The remaining 4 of your grade is based your involvement in class as demonstrated in regular attendance and participation in discussions Please help me to learn your name Honor Code Students are expected to earn credit only for their own work per the Student Conduct Code A nal word on of ce hours Ipost a signup sheet for office hours on my door Take as many or as few of 15minute increments as you need The TA also has office hours and if you cannot make either of our scheduled hours please email one of us to make an appointment We would be happy to help you know how to study for this course Social Psychology 2700 Section 1 Ch refers to chapter number in text pp refer to pages Read to a heading sometimes on next page Lecture DavDate T 39 quot 1 T 1 18 Introduction Ch 2 know concepts on p 59 2 Th 1 20 PersonSituation Interactions review Chapter 2 if needed 3 T 125 The social self Ch 3 pp 6282 4 Th 127 The self under threat Ch 3 pp 83105 349351 5 T 21 Perceiving Others Ch 5 pp 144158 6 Th 23 Perceiving Others Ch 5 pp 159175 7 T 28 Explaining Others Ch 4 pp 110125 8 Th 210 Explaining Others Ch 4 pp 126141 T 215 Attitudes Ch 7 pp 216226 10 T 217 Persuasion Ch 6 pp 195212 T 222 Exam 1 on material through 930 11 Th 224 Obedience wwwprisonexporg view Slide Show Ch 8 pp 270280 12 T 31 Conformity Ch 8 248264 13 Th 33 Compliance Ch 2 pp 5354 Ch 8 pp 264270 282284 SPRING BREAK 14 T 315 Groups Ch 9 pp 288304 15 Th 3 17 Sexual Relationships Ch 12 pp 412420 16 T 322 Close Relationships Ch 12 pp 421435 17 Th 324 Romance Ch 12 pp 436457 18 T 329 Group Con ict Ch 9 pp 307325 Th 331 Exam 2 on material from 107 through 112 19 T 45 Prejudice 20 Th 47 Stereotyping Ch 10 pp 352373 21 T 4 12 Individual Discrimination Ch 10 pp 330351 22 Th 4 14 Institutional Discrimination see WebCT for links 23 T 419 Aggression Ch 11 pp 376394 24 Th 421 Aggression Ch 11 pp 395409 25 T 426 Altruism Ch 13 pp 460480 26 Th 4 28 Altruism amp review Ch 13 pp 481499 Exam 3 will be held during exam period May 27 at the time announced by the registrar


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