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Public Relations

by: Reggie Adams

Public Relations COMM 4820

Reggie Adams
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reggie Adams on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 4820 at University of Connecticut taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/205887/comm-4820-university-of-connecticut in Communication at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Comm 4820 Midterm Study Guide No te that you are responsible for reading assigned chapters and class no esattendance This guide is not exhaustive but sho uId help you plan yo ur studying Week 1 Chapter 1 o Prominence ofpublic relations 0 O O O O O O O O 0 Multi billion dollar business Employment of PR specialists is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2010 PR is growing around the world practice is ourishing all over the world Companies feel that PR helps quotraise awareness about important issues that the public might not know about and quotget the media to address issues that would otherwise fail to receive the attention they deservequot Many colleges offer PR programs and courses and in large public universities the PR branch ofjournalism is ranked 1St or 2 1 with enrollment US government has communications professionals none of which are labeled public relations specialists but that basically are just that The largest PR firms are owned by media conglomerates which do not reveal PR Revenue 7000 US PR agencies record annual revenue ofmore than 6billion PR is expected to thrive because of how much information companies want to communicate publically PR is vulnerable to encroachment by people with nonPR backgrounds trying to gain the management access Basically PR is everywhere and its growing 0 Planned process to in uence public opinion 0 O 0000 O 0 quotPR is a planned process to in uence public opinion through sound character and proper performance based on mutually satisfactory twoway communication Authors definition of PR in the book Marston s 4step model based on specific functions RACE I R research attitudes about the issue at hand I A Identify action of the client in the public interest I C Communicate that action to gain understanding acceptance and support E Evaluate the communication to see if opinion has been in uenced I The key is in action Act first communicate later ROSIE Research objectives strategies implementation evaluation RPIE Research planning implementation evaluation PR must serve as an honest broker to management unimpeded by any other group If the action is awed or the performance rotten no amount of communicating or backtracking will change the reality 5 principles to the PR Process O Comm 4820 Midterm Study Guide I honest communication for credibility I openness and consistency ofactions for confidence I Fairness ofactions for reciprocity and goodwill I Continuous twoway communication to prevent alienation and to build relationships I Environmental research and evaluation to determine the actions of adjustments needed for social harmony Goal is to harmonize internal and external relationships 0 Public relations as management interpreter O 0 You have PR whether you want it or not you just need to establish good PR They must interpret the philosophies policies programs and practices of their management to the public PR is only as good as its access to management The PR can counsel management advise management or exhort management to take action but it is the management who must call the shots on organization policy PR needs to communicate ideas put fourth by management accurately and candidly to the public Must interpret managements Philosophies policies programs and practices to the public 0 Public relations as public interpreter O O 0 While you need to communicate to the management what the company needs PR wise you also need to keep in mind the publics opinion of the companybusinessperson It is the job of PR to communicate to management what they need but also to let management know what the publics think of them and the general consensus about that company Interpret the publics opinions needs and desires o The publics of public relations 0 OO 0 Must communicate to many different publics with many different needs More than just consumers Types ofpublics I Internal and external employees and customers I Primary Secondary and Marginal 0 Primary can most help or hinder the organizations efforts Secondary less important Marginal least important not really involved in that world I Traditional and future I Proponents opponents and the uncommitted Can also categorize by lifestyle 0 The functions ofpublic relations Comm 4820 Midterm Study Guide 0 Writing 0 Media Relations 0 Planning 0 Counseling 0 Researching o Publicity 0 Marketing communication 0 Community relations 0 Consumer relations 0 Employee relations 0 Government affairs 0 Investor relations 0 Special public relations 0 Public affairs and issues 0 Social Media interface 0 The curse ofquotspin o Signifies the distinctive interpretation of an issue or action to sway public opinion as in putting a positive slant on a negative story 0 Don t lie 0 Technicalattitudinal requirements for public relations work 0 6 technical skills that are important I Knowledge of the field I Communications knowledge I Technologicalknowledge I Current events knowledge I Business knowledge I Management knowledge 0 6 Attitude requirements I pro communication I Advocacy must believe in their employer I Counseling orientation a desire to advise management I Ethics I Willingness to take risks I Positive outlook Week 2 Chapter 2 0 Ancient beginnings Early American experience Later American experience Ivy Lee The real father of modern public relations The growth ofmodern public relations Public relations comes of age Public relations education Week 3 Chapters 345 Comm 4820 Midterm Study Guide Goals of communication Traditional ampContemporary theories of communication The message Receiver s bias Feedback Public opinion What are attitudes How are attitudes in uenced Power of persuasion In uencing public opinion The corporate image Managing reputation Management process ofpublic relations Reporting to top management Conceptualizing the public relations plan Creating the public relations plan Activating the public relations plan Setting public relations objectives Implementing public relations programs The public relations department vs agency Reputation management RACE Situation Analysis Week 4 Chapters 678 0 Ethics in business Corporate codes of conduct Corporate social responsibility Ethics in government Ethics in journalism Ethics in public relations Public relations and the law First Amendment Defamation law Insider trading Disclosure law Ethics law Copyright law Principles types and methods for public relations research Evaluation Measuring public relations outcomes Research and the Web SWOT Analysis PR Statement Comm 4820 Midterm Study Guide Week 5 Chapters 9 18 0 G O O O O O O O O O O O 0 0 G Objectivity of the media Print media Electronic media Dealing with the media Attracting publicity Value of publicity Pitching publicity Online publicity Social Media Brief history of the Internet Public relations and the Internet Web sites Email Blogs Social networks Other web based communications vehicles Darker side ofonline communications


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