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Philosophy and Social Ethics

by: Shanelle Donnelly

Philosophy and Social Ethics PHIL 1104

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > PHIL-Philosophy > PHIL 1104 > Philosophy and Social Ethics
Shanelle Donnelly
GPA 3.9

Michael Hughes

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About this Document

Michael Hughes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanelle Donnelly on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 1104 at University of Connecticut taught by Michael Hughes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/205912/phil-1104-university-of-connecticut in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Study Guide for ExamZ of Philosophy 1104 Spring 2011 Kant Be Prepared to Discuss and explain any of the Following Concepts 0 Deontology vs consequenti 39sm Wh es an action morally valuable and morally right or wrong What is an lrnperative Hypothetical Imperative 0 Practical Rationality How do we determine their truth 0 Categorical lrnperative o The Good Will 0 Be prepared to discuss why Kant thinks Courage intelligence pleasure happiness and wealth are only conditionally good Kant s views on the role of human reason Is it to make us happy Why or why not 0 The difference between acting in accordance with one s duty and for the sake of one s duty Be Prepared to Explain and and Apply 39 0 ways 39 L 39 imperative o urnanity Formula 0 The Kingdom of Ends Formula 0 Universalizability Test of moral obligations and moral permissibility Cases to be familiar with o Lying promise breaking suicide and cultivating one s virtues 0 Be ready to give examples that seem to motivate Kantian ethics ie cases where it makes sense to evaluate the motives of a person s character 0 Some examples we discussed along these lines The doctor who intends to help with famine relief 39 The driver who aims to kill a person only to help save their life 0 Consequentialism as opposed to Deontologism 0 Utility Principle or the Greatest Happiness Pr39inciple repared to explain and apply the principle to well de ned hypothetical cases 0 What matters aggregate or average happiness Be ready to discuss some implications of this 0 Mills de nition of happiness 0 Be familiar with these objections and Mills reply 0 The Swine Objection na 39 Too Stringent Objection always act out of sense of duty to promote the maximize other s happiness What ab out the character of the person Godless Objection How could we calculate Utilities objection 39 Or how does Mill think we go about deciding which actions will maximize happiness and minimize suffering 0 Act vs Rule Utilitar39ianism 0 Examples that motivate them Terrorist example Brainrtransplant example Children mocking cr39ipple example How do rule and act utilitarians try to handle these examples 0 What does Mill say is the sanction of morality Is it objective or subjective What role does custom play What role do external sanctions play Why defend the view that morality possesses internal sanctions o What sanction do es morality have for the person without conscience 0 Why would a Utilitar39ian defend or promote equality 000000 0000 0000 Rawls a Contract Theories of Iustice and governmental legitimacy 0 Original Position e ready to explain it 0 Why does Rawls think it can be used to derive a theory of justice o Veil of Ignorance o W y impose the veil 0 at are the sorts of things that one is supposed to know and not know behind the veil What problems does Rawls identify with the utility principle 0 W doesn t Rawls think one would adopt the utility pnndple if one were in the original position Be ready to explain the two principles of justice and how to apply thern c What happens in cases where the two principles con ict with each other How does Rawls think we should understand injustice Explain the principle of redress and how Rawls views relate to it What does Rawls think about people s natural endowments 0 Should they be rewarded When and Why Explain the mainnin rule and Why Rawls thinks people would adopt this procedure when operating behind the veil Expected Utility


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