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The Bible

by: Sterling Ledner

The Bible INTD 3260

Sterling Ledner
GPA 3.87

Thomas Jambeck

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About this Document

Thomas Jambeck
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sterling Ledner on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INTD 3260 at University of Connecticut taught by Thomas Jambeck in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/205918/intd-3260-university-of-connecticut in Interdepartmental at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
INTD 3260THE BIBLE THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 10 2009 LECTURER JAMBECK Myth and the Old Testament For tests 0 Pay attention to lecture Check reading from text and compare to book What is the issue all there instructors are talking about 0 Jot down answers for possible test questions Conical evidence 2 Kings 22 vs 8 Take a look at it and make sure you know the text amp issuesquot 0 Nehemiah 8 14 this is significant because it39s a first time that all the info is present to be a conical text Ezra is probably the priestly writertheJEPD in 400BCE According to everyone around Ezra he is known as the second moses About 250 BCE Before Christian Era a bunch ofJews on their own moved to Alexandria and found they didn t have enough info about their language to read it in Hebrew So they had it translated to Greek The Greek Bible is known as the Septuagint The Apocrypha was written about 250 BCE TheJews had lost their language The Jews following these added tests at this time l546Consul of Trent Early ChristianCatholic Council Creed that the Apocrypha was official stuff About 1520 the Protestant Church said no to Apocrypha This suggests that the Hebrew text is as we know it but can be added to with the Apocrypha About 90 Common Era a group of rabbis leaveJerusalem and go to a place named Jamnia known asJabneh today The rabbis are making sure they have the test right They decided to test everything by 1 Any text has to harmonize with Torah They took a look at the whole text and made sure all the texts not in it still harmonized Ezek ch 46 vs 6 Compared to Torah is Numbers 28 vs 11 Suggested Ezekiel had it wrong and because of this they discussed if Ezek should be changed or not They kept Ezek but added the other 2 Very important to attributed the text to an author of renown Big one people like Solomon amp David Take a look at the psalms they are given to David Proverbs are given to Solomon etc Text of Ecclesiastes given to Solomon Song of Solomon Ch 7 sounds like an erotic poem It is racy but if read from Solomon it is seen as a love poem between a human being and Jesus God 3 Very important the stuff in front of them isn t taken badly by the Greeks They had to make sure it was written during a particular time period the period of prophetic inspiration The time of Ezra was the time of prophetic insp And all prophets around time of Ezra Zachariah amp Malachi were last of the prophets Everything they see as important begins with Moses Moses handed down the law toJoshua Joshua gives it to the elders The elders give it to the prophets Prophets give it to the men 8 Nehemiah vs 14 If text done by one of prophets its going to be accurate Text finally put together in about 90 Common Era 0 Before council there does not exist a canonical test 0 Tehome comes from Babylonian Tiamat ocean without power chaos 2 things o Is it possible the p writer is using a 1750 BCE Mesopotamian text It39s likely 0 Difference between the Mesopotamian creation and the Bible Genesis says the work of God If hat creates something you read the Enuma Elish you never see a God that creates something like the Earth When Elnil Mesopotamian God creates land he creates shomash light god Their main god creates other gods ln Genesis God creates the world itself INTD 3260THE BIBLE TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 3 2009 LECTURER JAMBECK Character and Authorship of the Old Testament focus Genesis 13 0 Documentary Hypothesis recommends writers of the Pentateuch are four different writers 0 There may in fact be two versions of creation a doublet in the bible The first is Genesis 1 through part 24 and the second begins right after the first 0 The word for created in Hebrew an easy kind of creation is bara o llLet there be light is a fiat a request that makes something come into being 0 Genesis 1 the story of creation 1heaven 3Earth 3Light 6Firament 9Dry Land 11Pants 14Seasons 20Sea Creatures 24Creeping Things etc 0 Gen 24 the second creation story 4Earth 4Heaven 6Mist 7Man 9Trees 19Beast amp Cattle 19 Birds 21 Women 0 In this version man is formed of dust and God breathed the breath of life into him 0 The Hebrew word for formed used in the second version of creation Yatzan translates to a potter forming or molding with clay o The Hebrew word for ground is Adhaman Adam was made of the ground 0 In the first Genesis story man and woman are not given names 0 The big difference between the two creation stories is power The God in the first version is all powerful while the God in the second version is more humanistic and relatable o Liturgy a story you can use that you could sing 0 God is referred to as God Lord and Lord God 0 ln Genesis 1 God is referred to as quotElohimquot 35 times In Genesis 2 God is referred to as quotYahwehquot 11 times People can relate more to the God in Genesis 2 because he is Anthropomorphic There are four writers referred to asJ writer E writer P writer and D writer The J writer is the Jahuistic writer German He is the earliest writer in the Torah Wrote in 1000 BC He writes Genesis 2 in Judah during the Court of David He refers to God as Yahweh The Priestly writer refers to God as Elohim He is a priest He wrote in about 400 BC Probably writing after Babylonian captivity In 538 BC the Jews defeat Babylon 922 BC lsrael breaks from Judah 721 BC Sumerians destroyed by Syrians 700 BC E writer D Writer D for Deuteronomy 600 BC or so Bailbad things happen JEPDthe four writers A committee puts together all the writers Example ofJ writer llHe grieved in his heart P Writer stops using Elohim and starts Yahweh when God says he wants to be called Yahweh E writer writes about angels frequently something done by God KNOW HOW TO IDENTIFY THE DIFFERENT WRITERS


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