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Introduction to Computing for Engineers

by: Americo Huel

Introduction to Computing for Engineers CSE 1010

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > Engineering Computer Science > CSE 1010 > Introduction to Computing for Engineers
Americo Huel
GPA 3.73

Jeffrey Meunier

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About this Document

Jeffrey Meunier
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Americo Huel on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSE 1010 at University of Connecticut taught by Jeffrey Meunier in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/205926/cse-1010-university-of-connecticut in Engineering Computer Science at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
CSE 1010 Im r oduc rion To Compu ring for Engineers Topics covered Review Comparing while and for39 loops for loop while loop x 2 for x 2315 z llly while x lt 15 ispx dispx end x x 3 end k 1 initialize 2 Test 43 change Userdefined funcTion General form functionout1 out2 m functionNamelinl in2 Oneline comment to describe the function Additional details if necessary Executable code that at some point assigns values to output parameters outl out2 Variables in1 in2 FuncTion parameTers Hold The funcTion argumenTs when The funcTion is invoked Defined when The funcTion begins execuTion ouT1 ouT2 NoT defined unTil The execuTable code assigns values To Them Look aT HW 6 good example user defined funcTion and Then The scripT is wriTTen ouT wiTh formula beneaTh iT Why wriTe userdefined funcTions El Manage and evolve sofTware efficienle El Today I wriTe a funcTion EPerimeter a b ThaT compuTes The perimeTer of an ellipse El During The year you wriTe sofTware ThaT makes exTensive use of EPerimeter a b El imagine hundreds of programs each wiTh several lines referring To EPerimeter El NexT year I discover a more efficienT way To approximaTe ellipse perimeTers I change The implemenTaTion El YOU do NOT have To change your sofTware aT all Topics El Basic compuTer concep rs 9 Hardware sofTware o Represen ra rion of da ra 9 Memory organizaTion o ExecuTion of a program El Variables and assignmen r 0 Types of variables 9 Typed variables 9 AlgoriThmic Thinking and problem solving Hw 1 didn f fuy compefe 7 1e approach El InpuToquuT 9 Command line op rions El MATLAB scrip rs El Buil rin func rions Topics con rd El Vec rors and arrays o Indexing o Opera rions on vecTors maThemaTical and logical El SelecTion and r epe riTion 0 Logical operaTions shor39T circui r evaluaTion 0 IfThenelse 0 Swi rch case 0 For loop 0 While loop 9 NesTed loops El Userdefined func rions o Passing parame rers 0 Scope of variables Topics con rd El PIoTTing 0 2D ploTs and various opTions 0 3D ploTs El MaTrices 9 MaTrix Transpose and mulTiplicaTion Lecture 19 o MaTrix inverse 0 Solving simulTaneous equaTions El Cell arrays 9 Differences beTween normal and cell arrays El S rruc rures and s rruc rure arrays El File IO 0 Highlevel file IO 9 Lowlevel file IO ThreesTep approach endoffile markers


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