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[B] Soil A Living System

by: Miller Mayert

[B] Soil A Living System SoilS 201

Miller Mayert
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miller Mayert on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SoilS 201 at Washington State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/206005/soils-201-washington-state-university in Soil Science at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
V W V 4 V U V 6 V 1 V Soils 201 Study Questions Soil Genesis Morphology and Classi cation Note This list is meant to help you learn and review the main points They are not necessarily the exact topics or questions that will be asked on exams You ll see that there are more topics here than could possibly be on a single exam But by learningunderstanding this material you should be a long way toward doing well and learning thefundamentals of Introductory Soils Soil Genesis gFormation What is the difference in meaning between the term rock and the term mineral Give examples of several kinds of minerals that we examined and their characteristics Give examples of several different kinds of rocks that we examined and their characteristics Explain what affects the kinds of minerals that are found in rocks and give examples of rock types to illustrate your points List and describe the three general classes of rocks in the global rock cycle and give an example for each Explain the difference between primary minerals and secondary minerals What is weathering and what kinds of weathering can occur Which minerals are most easily weathered when at the earth s surface give speci c examples Explain WHY these minerals are most easily weathered Explain and give examples of the affects rock mineralogy can have on subsequent soils formed from them 10 We gave two different conceptual models by which we understand the process of soil formation 7 including Simonson s four processes List these four processes and give an example to illustrate each 11 The second conceptual model is Hans Jenny s Factors of Soil Formation List the ve factors and explain the relative affects each factor is likely to have 12 Besides plant materials and bedrock transported parent materials make up a large portion of soil parent materials What are the different agents of transport What kinds of deposits parent materials does each agent create This is a big question as is the former 7 notes and text break the topic down 13 Some examples a If a soil has a horizon of clay M carbonate accumulation what can we reasonably speculate is the environment in which that soil formed b Grassland and forest soils are typically very different in their properties Compare and contrast the properties each would likely have and explain why c What differences would you expect to see between a very young and a very old soil Soils 20 Stua i Questions Soil Genesis Momhology and Classi cation Soil Morphology and Soil Architecture I What soil looks like found in Ch 2 and 4 a bit in 1 Soil Horizons 14 List the letters used to designate the Master Soil Horizons and explain what each means 15 We learned a number of subordinate horizons as well bgknpstw 16 What is the designation for a plowed A horizon A buried horizon 17 Which lower case letter indicates a gley soil color indicating wet soil conditions 18 Explain the differences you would expect to see between a Bt a Bw Bk and Bs horizon 19 The Bn designation indicates a horizon of sodium accumulation Which form of soil structure is typically found in this horizon Soil color 20 What type of equipment or tool is used to evaluate soil color 21 What do the three components hue value chroma of soil color designation each mean 22 What agent is primarily responsible for the dark color of A horizons 23 What agents are primarily responsible for soil colors in the redorangeyellow spectra 24 What does mottled soil coloring indicate about moisture conditions of that soil 25 Describe the gley colors W 26 What are the different kinds of structural units and their characteristics Be able to describe draw and recognize the main types and know what part of the soil pro le they are typically found 27 Why do we care about soil structure 28 Which desirable kind of structure is typically associated with A horizons 29 Which of the structural shapes typically found in the subsoil are NOT desirable What do they indicate about the characteristics of the soil and the soil s ability to function at least two of the ones we talked about in class t in this category Soil Texture covered somewhat in the introduction to the course too 7 Ch I 30 What are the boundaries ofthe particle si classes called sand silt and clay 31 What are mineral materials 2mm diameter and greater called 32 Does organic matter content affect soil texture Sails 20 Stua t Questions Soil Genesis Mamhology and Classt catt39on 33 Once we know the relative proportion of sand silt and clay for a soil we can determine it s texture using the texture triangle What texture class does a soil that is 30 clay 35 silt and 35 sand fall into 34 What about a soil that is 50 sand and 20 silt what is the clay content of this soil 35 Given a cumulative curve of the percentage of particles smaller than given particle diameters how do you determine the teXture class 36 Can soil management affect the teXture of a soil Explain 37 How does soil teXture differ from soil structure Soil Classi cation 38 Why do we bother to classify soils 39 What is the name of the soil classi cation system used in the US 40 What is the EM level in the classi cation system like Animal level for a chickadee 41 What is the word used for the low est level in the classi cation system analogous to species 42 List the 12 soil orders and give a brief description for each 43 For the previous question what characteristics would YOU use to identify that particular soil order from a monolith or soil pro le photo 44 What is the general name of the publication that contains descriptions of soil types at the local level including maps of the delineated soil types drawn on air photos and interpretive tables indicating suitability of each soil map unit for particular uses


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