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[H] Elementary Logic

by: Violette Crooks II

[H] Elementary Logic PHIL 201

Violette Crooks II
GPA 3.99
Elementary Logic
Joseph Campbell

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About this Document

Elementary Logic
Joseph Campbell
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Violette Crooks II on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 201 at Washington State University taught by Joseph Campbell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 227 views. For similar materials see Elementary Logic in PHIL-Philosophy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
WW MALM W WV 3x Px 3 Pa Vx Px amp Pa Vx PK 3 Pa Vx Ax 3 Bx l l a 2 L9 22 9 Ass 4 gig Mali Ass quot 39 R 3m1xs 1 1fo V i 2 Lng fix QR u DADS V LMS 22 3 Dr w Wm 5M 4r 4mm vm W3 was gt2gt WW 1 5 x gt P In 5 Everyone Who loves Newman loves Kramer f George studies Geor 39 39 Everyone is loved by someone fanyone loves Elaine Je doe u eve one 39u w o 39 i yone who studies Will pass 7 l veryone is beauti il e ing 15 ferocious then ever ing is 51 I othing is a logician Some es 1 fHobbes is a ferocious tiger Lhen Hobb Calvin loves Ho 3r 1 He probably uses drugs since he failed the drug test and the drug test is 90 accurate QUESTIONABLE STATISTICSl Most of the folks that I went to high school with in Boston Massachusetts are voting for Hilary Clinton in 2008 Therefore Hilary Clinton will win the 2008 election UN39REPRESENTATIVESAMPLEA significant percentage of coffee drinkers recently studied showed an increase in heart disease over those who did not drink coffee Thus drinking coffee is bad for your heart SUPPRESSED EVIDENCE Chiropractic treatment is effective for lower back pain since a recent study shows that 90 of those receiving such treatment got rid oftheir lower back pain within 30 days QUESTIONABLE CAUSE Fetaltissue experimentation is wrong because it will lead to planned abortions and eventually to the harvesting offetusesCAUSAL SLIPPERY SLOPE Nobody should be committed against his will to a mental institution because there is no real demarcation between the sane and the insane VAGUENESS is stereo is cheap because fi y dollars is not a lot of money and you can have this stereo for just fifty dollars a week COMPOSITION We should either have awar on drugs or legalize them all Since the war on drugs is not working we must legalize all drugs FALSE DILEMMA Six is an odd number of legs for a horse and an odd number cannot be divided by two Hence six cannot be divided by two EQUIVOCATION Doctor assisted suicide is immoral simply because it is never ethical for a doctor to aid a patient who wants to die BEGGING THE QUESTION Albert Einstein believed in the existence of an allpowerful God Hence He must exist APPEALTOAUTHORITY There s nothing wrong with cheating on your income taxes since everyone cheats a little bit when it comes to their income taxes MMON39PRACTICE Karl Marx was a bad man so Communism is a bad political system ADHOMINEM Everyone believes in a higher power so there must be a higher power APPEALTOPOPULARITY No one has every proven that God does not exist Therefore God exists APPEALTOIGNORANCE


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