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[A] World Civilizations II

by: Rashawn Koss

[A] World Civilizations II GenEd 111

Rashawn Koss
GPA 3.85

Frank Hill

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About this Document

Frank Hill
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rashawn Koss on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GenEd 111 at Washington State University taught by Frank Hill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/206030/gened-111-washington-state-university in General Education at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Gen Ed Final Study Guide 4152011 125300 AM White Man s Burden Who Rudyard Kipling What Wrote it to encourage United States to impose colonial rule in the Philippines When19th Where India Why The united states understood the phrase as a characterization for imperialism that justified the policy as a noble enterprise Because of its theme and title it has become both emblematic in both Eurocentric racism and western aspirations to dominate the developing world It was seen by some people as a propaganda for brazenfaced imperialism and its attendant racial attitudes still others saw irony in the poem and warnings of the perils of empire Otto Von Bismarck Who Appointed as prime minister of Prussia by King Wilhelm What Bismarck did many great things for Germany he reformed and expanded the Prussian army He intentionally provoked 3 wars with Austria Denmark and France and quickly shattered them swelling German pride When19th Where Germany Why he helped bring about major unifications in Germany and helped build a strong political diplomatic military and leadership among the Germanic states Doctrine of the Third Rome Who What When Where Why Tra nsSiberia n Railroad Who Count Sergei Witte What impressive railroad that streached 9000 kilometers from Moscow to the Port of Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean When 1920th Where Russia Why stimulated the development of coal iron and steal industries and enabled Russia to serve as a commercial link between west Europe and east Asia Scramble for Africaquot Who Chamberlin What an argument that economic competition was responsible for British actions in west Africa When1920th Where Africa Why Berlin Conference Who delegates from 14 European states and the United States organized by Bismarck What A conference that established ground rules for colonization in Africa by various European states According to the rules any European state could establish African colonies after notifying the others of its intentions and occupying previously unclaimed territory When 19th Where Why as a result of this conference European imperialists sent armies to impose European colonial rule over African territories that they claimed By the turn of the century Europeans colonies embraced all of Africa except Ethiopia where native forces fought off Italian forces Many native African tribes were obliterated and sustained many deathsinjuries Triangle Trade Who Europeans Africans and AmericansCaribbean s What circular trade of slaves and goods 1St stop was to exchange European goods for African slaves 2nd was trading the slaves to the Americas for 23 times more than they were bought for in Africa 3rd was back to Europe to start all over again When 1619th Where Europe Africa Americas Why influenced wars and attacks on Europeans trying to capture African slaves Africa suffered massive losses from the slave trade as well as huge societal changes in women roles because of the loss of men Also influenced immigration into the US by forced African immigration and American expansion due to the slavery work of them Rites Controversy Who What When Where Why 4152011 125300 AM 4152011 125300 AM


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