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FA 201 Week Two Notes

by: McKenna Laskey

FA 201 Week Two Notes FA 201

McKenna Laskey
Art History 201
Hallie Meredith

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About this Document

During week three we learned about Ancient Greek art and culture. I highlighted important information (things she wrote on the board and things she's mentioned multiple times). I also made some...
Art History 201
Hallie Meredith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by McKenna Laskey on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FA 201 at Washington State University taught by Hallie Meredith in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Art History 201 in Fine arts at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
FA 201 Week Two 83115 ANCIENT GREEKS gt Aegean Art Timeline 0 Mycenaean o Minoans gt Culture 0 Democratic 0 Myths 0 Religion Pagan Deities Olympian gods Hero 0 Greek art 0 Vases o Abstracted figures Terracotta clay pottery dirt Figures are abstracted Black figures red figures Red More naturalistic Still abstracted Horizontalrectangular format Frozen smile Framing device Statues Nudity means it is a god hero or warrior Kouros standing male Kore standing female Peplos dress 0 More realism 0000 00000000 o Contrappastoshifting weight weight is mostly on one foot creating an s shape 92 15 More naturalistic Hallowed out eyes for gems to be placed there More observed from life shorter and more realistic hair Three dimensional space ldealization perfect torso More relaxed poses OOOOOO Bronze Very naturalistic Detail Different hairstyles Extremely idealized Older figure Accents of color Much more movement OOOOOOOO 0 People would exercise and compare themselves to the statues Gods were fashioned after the people of the day 0 People would put olive oil on themselves to protect themselves from the sun especially while exercising Afterwards they would have to scrape it off 0 Fig leaves were added onto genitals during the renaissance Townscities were up high acropolis so they could see enemies coming Colonnade a long sequence of columns often surrounded the buildings Cult statue Panathenaic festival everyone would come to celebrate Athena Columns Doric order supposed to resemble a man lonic order supposed to resemble a woman 1 I Corinthian order supposed to resemble a child 0 eNike means victory what the brand is based off of Shown as a small goddess with wings 0 00000 gt 0 Very naturalistic o Mythological imagery 0 Lots of detail 0 More variety with poses


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