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Skull and Teeth

by: Maria Ariza

Skull and Teeth ANTH 0630

Maria Ariza
GPA 3.0
Forensic Anthropology
Alicia Grosso

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About this Document

Notes for the bones and their features that we need to know for class. This also includes teeth and forensic odontology.
Forensic Anthropology
Alicia Grosso
Class Notes
forensic anthropology, american forensic dentistry, the adult skull, major skull bones
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Ariza on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 0630 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Alicia Grosso in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Forensic Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
VVVV VVV The Adult SkullWeek 3 Cranium and mandible Neurocranium vault Facial splanchnocranium Sutures of the skull 0 Endocranial inner table 0 Extocranial outer table Joint type 1 Fibrous immovable O Sutures The sutures have specific names depending on where they re located 39 Coronal suture divides anteriorposterior part of the skull I Metopic suture divides leftright towards the front of the skull 39 Sagittal I Lambdoidal towards the back of the skull 0 Wormian bones AKA ossicles are bones appearing at sutures Lateral view sutures O Squamosal above ears 0 Basilar bottom of skullconnects to facial area Premature fusion a suture fused very early Craniosyntosis the fusing of two bones Metopic suture retention When the lines don t fuse Major Bones to Know From frontal view 0 Frontal bone what we know as forehead 0 Maxilla bone what we know as the area underneath the upper lip 0 Mandible bone what we know as jaw O Zygomatic bone what we know as cheeks Lateral view 0 Parietal bone 0 Occipital bone 0 Temporal bone underneath the ears There are certain details we have to know from each bone Frontal Bone O Parietal margin 0 Temporal line 0 Supraorbital ridge 0 Supraorbital foramen or notch foramen refers to hole notch refers to open ended circle Located where the eyebrows would be on a head Supraorbital margin 0 Supraorbital ridge usually more obvious on males than females 0 Parietal Bone O Squaredshaped bone 0 Sagittal suture has deep interlocking O Coronal suture 0 Temporal margin squamosal suture O Occipital margin Occipital bone 0 Chunky bone of the skull located towards the backbottom of skull 0 Parietal margin for lambdoidal suture irregular O Nuchal lines where the superior frontalis muscle is located I Has inferior nuchal line I External occipital protuberance O Foramen Magnum big hole where the spinal cord goes through 0 Occipital condyles located on either side of the foramen magnum Smooth Temporal ectocranial ectocranial referring to as seen from the outside of the skull O Mastoid process big chunk behind mandible 0 Zygomatic process articulates with zygomatic bone 0 External auditory meatus AKA EAM I Tympanic membrane nerve supply 0 Temporomandibular fossa Can be seen when the skull is ipped upside down 0 TM 0 Where you jaw connects Temporal bone endocranial endocranial referring to as seen from the inside of the skull 0 Internal auditory meatus Facial acoustic nerves 0 Petrous portion houses inner and middle ear the whole portion Not reliable to tell ID fro Zygomatic Bone O Orbital margin bottom portion of eye socket Maxilla Bone does not survive really well 0 Frontal process 0 Nasal spine sharp area 0 Nasal sinus air pockets you can look in these for evidence of infection 0 Alveolar process these are the holes where the teeth sit I Gomphosis joint From the front view of maxilla O Nasal aperture where nose sits front view Mandible bone Survives reasonably well 0 Mandibular condyle TMJ O Gonial angle 0 Alveolar process teeth 0 Mental protuberance mental always referring to chin area I When we re born we have two By about age of 1 they have fused together 0 Coronoid process the muscle that helps w openingclosing mouth attaches here 0 Ascending ramus gt gt gt O O O O O O O O O 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 0 Body of the mandible 0 Mental foramen houses arteries and nerves Anterior view Minor bones O Nasal O Conchae sensory receptorsfiltration when we inhaleexhale O Sphenoid 0 Lacrimal tear ducts Through the inferior of the skull O Sphenoid bone looks like an animal 0 Palatine 2 of them 0 Vomer smaller thin bone located right in the center of the nose 0 Ethmoid Ear ossicles 0 Inner ear 0 Transmit vibrations to inner ear I The 3 ear bones are Malleolus incus stapes 0 Hyoid no joints no articulations eventually fuse as they age Not always broken during asphyxiation as usually stated on crime shows Forensic Odontology American Forensic Dentistry American Revolutionary war 1775 0 Warren dispatches Revere from Boston 0 Warren killed in Bunker Hill I Buried in a mass grave I Revere took Warren s family to the mass grave with the hopes that they d be able to identify him He did using only the jaw Paul Revere 1776 0 Wiring for dental prosthetic 0 First US Forensic Dental ID 0 First US Military dental ID Importance of Teeth Ancestry Age Diet Health Hygiene Social status Personal habits Lifestyle smoker drug users etc Preserve well if burned they break but the roots still remain Anthropologist s role gt On scene at excavation gt Record and chart gt Incorporate dental info on profile gt Knowledge of cultural differences 0 Does this culture do teeth filing O Ancestral activity hygiene nutrition etc gt Mouth directions I Midline I Buccal cheek I Lingual tongue oriented I Labial lips I Buccal labial area I facial I Mesial closest to midline I Distal distant from midline gt Contact surfaces 0 Incisal O Occlusal back thicker teeth I Cusps are the bumps on the teeth 0 Interproximal space area between teeth Normal Adult Dentition V Dental arcade 0 Alveolar processes and teeth Dentition 32 Arcade 16 Quadrant 8 Diphyodont Quadrants 14 0 Anterior I Incisor I 2 39 Canine I1 0 Posterior O Premolar I 2 O Molarl 3 VVVVV Written as 2123 interior canine premolar molar OR They can be written by using the universal dental chart where the teeth are numbered 132 starting upper right teeth going across the top until 16th teeth going down continue to 32 Forensic Odontology 1 Identify the deceased individual a P girl murder read about online b Bite marks the Hungry thief i Doyle V texas 1 2 6 Early case of bite mark evidence in court Doyle was arrested for being drunk on the streets that same night Peacock a convenience store owner filed a robbery The person who had robbed his store had taken whiskey among other things The store robber had bitten a piece of cheese and left it on the scene They gave doyle cheese to bite kept the bite marks compared they matched Jailed ii Ted Bundy WPPN Arrested and jailed for a year until he escaped Left bite mark on a girl Warrant for teeth Arrested DAUBERT TEST This has to be widely accepted by the scientific community and following the scientific method There is a lot of controversy happening with this method of identification


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