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Chapter 2 - Leisure Tourism

by: KUMIKO Notetaker

Chapter 2 - Leisure Tourism H102

Marketplace > Republic Polytechnic > Hospitality > H102 > Chapter 2 Leisure Tourism
KUMIKO Notetaker
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Fattimah Ally

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About this Document

Hi guys! Hopefully my detailed note of lesson 2 is helpful for you!
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Fattimah Ally
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by KUMIKO Notetaker on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to H102 at Republic Polytechnic taught by Fattimah Ally in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see Hospitality and Tourism Management in Hospitality at Republic Polytechnic.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
ghapter 2 Lisure Tourism Motivations to travel CultureHeritage Health and wellness related Visiting friends and relatives Religious Food Educannal Medical related Events Business travel Leisure Tourism V Travels in which the primary motivation is to take a vacation from everyday life V Often characterised by staying in nice hotels or resorts relaxing on beaches or in a room going on guided tours and experiencing local tourist attractions V Broad classi cations of motivations to travel are Personal and leisure such as culture or heritage health amp wellness education and medical Business such as events and business travel Health Tourism V Travel associated with the pursuit of medical treatment Wellness Tourism V Travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one39s personal wellbeing V Wellness establishments or the reason to visit are Relax and reduce stress Detoxi cation Social and networking Maintain or regain health Pampering Weight management Rejuvenate mind body and spirit Spa Industry V Spas are part of the wellness industry V Encourage the renewal of mind body and spirit V Types of spa Day Spa Destination Spa Resort or Hotel Spa Medical Spa Mineral Springs Spa Club Spa Cruise Ship Spa Airport Spa V Key challenges High employee turnover Licensing Competition Diversi cation Bad publicity or image Misinterpretation Dependent on economic stability Heritage Tourism Visits by persons from outside the host community motivated wholly or in art by an interest in the historical artistic scienti c and lifestyle or heritage offerings of a community region group or institution Heritage tourist All ages but majority between 2554 years old Local 60 and international 40 We educated Spend on average three days at heritage sites More likely to pursue free and independent trips Interested in learning new things Sites and attractions FestivalsEvents ArtCultural Galleries TribalAboriginal Villages MilitaryWar sites Places of worship Demand for heritage tourism Family origins and cultural roots Discovery of important archaeological ndings Places gamorised by media Bene ts Promotes the preservation of past relics artifacts and awareness of history Develops other supporting infrastructure and people skills Generates higher revenue streams ChaHenges High cost of maintenance and conservation charges Competing needs Impact of media and technology Replication Commercialisation Success by Amenities Accommodation Accessibility Awareness Practice Questions 1 List and explain the motivations to travel of the leisure tourism 2 List the differences of health and wellness tourism in the two aspects a Traveller characteristics Who is travelling What is the person39s motivation for travel UJN b Destination characteristics Where is the person travelling to What speci c places is the person visiting What activities experiences services or products is the person interested in Most people will do the following in order to improve their personal wellness except a Eat better b Visit a spa c Go shopping d Visit a religious place What is a destination spa Who would visit a destination spa and why Spas are places to enhancing overall wellbeing through variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of a Mind belief and slimming b Mind body and spirit c Medicine breathing and spirit d Mood body and sensation Cultural and Heritage Tourism sites are faced with the challenge of continued urban development a True b False The following factors account for demand for heritage tourism except a Portrayal of sites in movies b Development of a new airport c Family origins and cultural roots d Discovery of important archaeological ndings Which of these is not a bene t of heritage tourism a Promotes awareness of history b Increase in environmental pollution c Generation of higher revenue streams d Develops corporate social responsibility The development of heritage tourism depends on these aspects of collaboration with industry except Accessibility Accommodation Attitude Amenities QUEQ Learning Outcomes 1 2 3 4 Examine the pro le and behaviour of leisure tourists Explain the factors contributing to the growth of health and wellness services Explain the challenges associated with managing culturalheritage sites for tourism Describe the role of media and technology in reinventing heritage tourism Need answers Feel free to drop me an email 15043445 myrpedusg


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