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Econ2001.01 Ch4,5 Notes

by: Taylor Johnson

Econ2001.01 Ch4,5 Notes ECON 2001.01 - 200

Taylor Johnson
GPA 3.7
Principles of Microeconomics
Ida Mirzaie

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About this Document

Week 4
Principles of Microeconomics
Ida Mirzaie
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Johnson on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 2001.01 - 200 at Ohio State University taught by Ida Mirzaie in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Principles of Microeconomics in Economcs at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
garI on 4 magnum Elash39cihf reebonemeneee or coneumerebroduoere fo a Change In marker oondi r39lon eubblg or demand now Mud4 abbliee Jro Change In Price a a good Price a a relared good Income eome goode have a bigger Imbaor Jrnan ornere flre more you rely on eomerning Jrne more Inelae rio Ed change in Q Q1Q2 difference P1P2 difference I change in P Q1Q22 average P 1P22 average eneuree ooneiefen r reeuHe demand alwage negar39Ne Ignore eign eubbmz alwage boel r39Ne midpoin r Formula Ed gt I elaeh39o change 39In brioe 0au9e9 large change 39In guan m demanded Ed lt I inelae o change 39In brioe oaueee emal change 39In guanhm demanded Ed I un39I r elae rlo Ed 0 berreo rlg elae rlo Ed o berreo rlg Inelae rio guanri rg demanded becomee leee quotInelaef39lo JrlrIe more Ier rioal Ire globe degree a elae oi nelbe deferm39Ine Total Keuenue now moon a rm makee From a goodeeer39Ioe TR P Q Price 1 TIZT elae rlo brioel TIZl Inelae o I7e rerminan r9 or Elae oi of Demand I7e rerminan r9 or Elae oi or ubbm availabili or eube fu re availabili or Inbufe degree or neoeeei rg He bili q or broduo r39lon ooe r rela rNe fo Income adjuefmen r Jr39Ime eIamble bread In general Ed lt I Inelae rio everyone neede bread oerfa39In kinde of bread Ed gt I elae o eramble JrlrIe marker Period berreo rlg Inelaef39lo Ier r39loal eubbm Curve enor r run eubblg I9 Inelae r39lo long run eubblg I9 Ierg elae rlo oroeeyriue elge c39rhf Price of one good he changing or gFFeofing Jrne demand of gno rner good ht 2 goode owe gube fu ree Egto ht 2 goode owe complemen re Elto income smog now moon change in income dFFeo re dudn m demanded if Egto good he normal if EgtL good he lmkum 39IF Elto good i9 inFerIor WWI CW5 Efficiency Consumer urpluez difference befweem how Much commwere dre WIMg f0 m dwd how Much ned defuddy m dll MGM dbwe equilibrium Price m dewwmd Curve Producer Qurplus difference befweem how Much PVOdUCCVQ dre WIMg f0 9equot dwd how Much ned defudly eell dll MGM bedw equilibrium Price in eupply Curve comeuwter eurplue Jr Producer eurplue ro ml eurplue


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