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by: Clara Haugen
Clara Haugen

Intro to International Affairs
Susan Sell

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About this Document

These are some notes from this week and last week.
Intro to International Affairs
Susan Sell
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clara Haugen on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IAFF 1005 at George Washington University taught by Susan Sell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intro to International Affairs in International Studies at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Professor Hugh Agnew 1 Public Education A Socialization of citizens 1 teach them history 2 common idea of how we got here B History is crucial to understanding Int Affairs 1 US role in world 2 Origins of current issues 11 Historians have too much to take in often 111 Do NOT put aside history courses till the end IV Make history fun He changed his regional concentration after college V Prague is an example of the need to understand history because it matters today 1 YugoslaVic ciVil wars 2 911 B Nationalism 1 Supporting Point 2 Supporting Point VI Nationalism A nationalism asserts that nation is category of human relations 1 every human being belongs to one nation a every human has a right to free political expression B Nationalism varies between regions 1 What does it mean to be an American a identity rooted in the membership of a state 2 What does it mean to be an American nationalist a Many people come to America choosing to become a citizen of it 3 map of Europe in 18th century a Germany is not on that map b Italy is not on map c a nationalist is not simply a member of a state d Nations are created by people who are already nationalists 4 20th and 21st century are very changing times for the US 5 1 Analysis A international system 1 units 2 states seek security not always power 3 structure anarchy all states provide security for selves B nation state are actors 1 democratic autocratic 2 economic system 3 political institution 4 Supporting Point C neorealism analysis of global anarchy as it applies to every state 1 Supporting Point 2 Supporting Point 11 Neorealism and Causes of War A War occurs because there is nothing to stop it B Anarchy as permissive condition 111 War and Change A Gilpin theory of hegemonic war B Thucydides C Changes in system cause hegemonic war D hegemonic war 3 propositions E caused by broad changes in political strategic and economic affairs F system relations among states G hegemonic war system wide H structure a necessary but not sufficient cause of war I hegemonic wars transform structure J dialectic process of change K fundamental disequilibrium bt underlying distribution of power and status quo l 2 Waltz and Gilpin disagree on how hegemonic wars start Peloppenesian War a Athens was democratic b Sparta was an autocratic hegemon thesis c Athens was growing challenger antithesis d idea of status quo with rising challenger e regionwide hegemonic war f Persia came out as hegemon g Gilpin says bipolar system is unstable contrary to Waltz fundamental realignment with hegemonic war bt rising powers and falling powers hegemonic war threatens whole system 5 Thirty Years War a Great Britain Denmark Sweden Dutch Republic Spanish Netherlands The Germanies b Hapsburg Empirial Power Catholicism feudalism vs protestant state commercial capitalism c national sovereignty and nonintervention began with Treaty of Westphalia d realignment of system 6 Napoleonic War a peak of French Empire and French Revolution b France was beaten back into original borders c Treaty of Vienna created equilibrium and balance of power d balance of power in Europe until German unification 7 German unification a German empire seen as challenger to neighboring countries b beginning of W WI c AustroHungarian power Bulgarian and Ottoman Emperial power are fading d Treaty of Versailles was very harmful to recontruction of German economy e Gilpin notes that WWI did not result in a clear new hegemon and theorizes that WWII was a continuation of WWI f victors weren t strong enough to be hegemon 8 after WWII a victors were Soviet Union and US b strongest power was no longer Britain c According to Gilpin US emerged as THE global hegemon Soviet Union was regional hegemon d Gilpin thinks unipolar system Waltz thinks bipolar system 9 TopHat Question Which author incorporates domestic factors in his analysis of causes of war a Gilpin only interested in hegemonic war b hegemon never stays in power forever due to relative changes in other states domestic factors c Waltz thought in terms of security 10 Supporting Point IV Conclusion Constructing the American System 1 Original vision ad hoc implementation A Four freedoms informs American order 1 freedom of speech freedom from want freedom from fear freedom of worship 2 Domestic features of hegemon a Remember What Gilpin said about What happens after hegemonic war 3 Supporting Point B Milieuoriented vs positional grand strategy 1 US aimed to restructure Whole int system 2 US implemented milieuoriented grand strategy C Lessons from the 1930s Top Hat D American capabilities 1945 1 23 world s largest gold reserves 2 34 invested capital E Vision of leaderless security community 1 based on cooperation to keep peace for prosperity 2 II System building 19441951 A USSR does not retreat back into prewar borders B Europe and Japan economically devastated 1 panic spread in the western allies C Churchill and the Iron Curtain Speech 1946 1 curtain represents deep political divide D Linking poverty and security E President Truman 1947 aid to Greece and Turkey 1 civil unrest rocked two countries 2 Truman reasoned that instability could lead to communism a USSoviet game was ideological not just geostrategic 3 he asked for 400 million to send F Marshall Plan April 1948 1 plan created under Truman amdinistration 2 created in order to save Europe 3 equal to roughly to 5 of American GNP 4 bipartisan recovery program G Multilateral institutions 1 United Nations Security Council and General Assembly 2 Bretton Woods World Bank International Monetary Fund a brought together representatives from 42 states for discussion 111 An Americanled opendemocratic order A Cold War paralyzed UN Security Council B NATO 1949 an attack on one is an attack on all 1 to protect eachother from challenges from the Soviet Union C USled economic system D The Atlantic Ocean is not the frontier bt Europe and the Americas 1 the idea of the West 2 a community of shared values 3 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 a represented first universal expression of rights that we are all entitled to


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