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Intro into Europe

by: SC_Grace Dillon

Intro into Europe geography 1100

SC_Grace Dillon
regions of the world 1
Douglas Hurt

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About this Document

Taken Monday, September, 14 2015 and Wednesday, September, 16 2015. The notes are on Europe, the EU and England.
regions of the world 1
Douglas Hurt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by SC_Grace Dillon on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to geography 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Douglas Hurt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see regions of the world 1 in Geography at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Europe 1 Characteristics of the geography of Europe a Relative location i Located in the land hemisphere or Northern hemisphere ii Europe has 3 boarders 1 The Atlantic Ocean North 2 Mediterranean Sea South 3 Separation between Europe and Asia East a Lack of a clear boarder b Causes tension b Environmental variety i 40 degrees on latitude 1 Middle of America amp southern part of Europe ii Has a moderate climate 1 North Atlantic Drift Gulf Stream a Warm water that that comes from the gulf of Mexico and travels by Europe b If the Drift got weaker then it could cause environmental problems i Cause Europe to cool down c Population i 1 of 3 global population clusters 1 Europe East Asia India ii 530M people in Europe in more then 40 countries 1 Depends on where you place the boarder line between Asia and Europe iii About twice the population of the US but with half the amount of land 1 High population density iv Tends to be very wealthy v Tend to be very Urban vi Tend to be very educated vii The wealth urban education all decrease when moving from west to east viii Negative population growth 1 The birth dearth or lack of births 2 Particularly western Europe 3 Trying to attract young people to migrate into Europe d Home of the key economic revolutions i Economic revolution that begins in Europe 1 Agricultural revolution early 1700s a Change in farming i Rotating crops ii Fertilizer 2 Industrial revolution late 1700s a Machinery started to replace human labor i Speed up process ii Clothing ships e Present and future integration i Main political processes 1 Devolution When countries split into multiple countries a EX Scotland 2 Unification countries come together and form alliances a EX EU b EX NATO 2 EU a Introduction i Countries coming together to form one organization b Historical Framework if integration i WW1 1 Destroyed Europe 2 3 countries decide to from an alliance BENELUX a Belgium b Netherlands c Luxemburg ii WW2 1 1951 ECSC is formed a European Coal and Steal Community b 6 countries i Belgium ii Netherlands iii Luxemburg iv Italy V West Germany vi France c Freely trading coal and steal products between ECSC member countries d Turns out to be very successful 2 EEC 1957 a European Economic Community Changes into EC eventually b More countries wanted to get involved because ECSC was so successful c 12 member countries d Includes the free trade of all products e As it gets older they start to do non economic things i EX Create an European president 1 Creates an European legislator 2 Creates a court system c Implications of the European Union 1992 include 28 countries i Still free trade between EU member 1 IA of the worlds economy ii Best know for doing noneconomic things 1 EX Created a borderless Europe a No need for a passport for the most part iii Euro Euro Zone 1 Not all countries opted into the euro a Felt like they were giving up too much economic control iv Official day of Europe Europe Day 1 May 9 2 Have an official Europe song ode to joy V European Flag 1 Blue ag with yellow stars in a circle vi Created a fund to help the poor countries in the EU vii European wide goals viii Makes people feel more united 1 I m European instead of saying I m French 3 Eight ways England has shaped the world a Exploration i Great location in the Land hemisphere ii John Cabot 1 Italian then moved to England 2 Responsible for exploring the coast of north America in the 1490s a Allowed England to claim much of north America for the colonies iii Sr Francis Drake 1 He is the first English man to sail around the world 2 Made a living raiding Spanish ships iv Henry Hudson 1 Found the Hudson river around NYC 2 Founded Hudson s bay Canada b NeoEurope s i Exploration led to colonization 1 As they traveled they recreated home a Tried to create New Europe s c Settlement patterns i New England town in NY county like unit I 1 Open space in the middle of the town is a common or green 2 Surrounding is the church or meeting house


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