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Week Five Notes

by: KatieAlbritton

Week Five Notes History 325

GPA 3.7
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray

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About this Document

These notes include the long and interesting reign of Ivan IV, known as "The Terrible". There is also some information on the lives of women in Kievan Rus' and Muscovy.
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray
Class Notes
Russia to 1881, Russian History, Ivan the Terrible, Ivan IV
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by KatieAlbritton on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 325 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Susan McCaffray in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Russia to 1881 in History at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Week Five Notes Ivan the Terrible and the Role of Women Katie Albritton Study Soup Muscovy 15331484 Military Insecurity Mongols Baltic Sweden PolandLithuania Interest in the outside Maritime century No coastline Expansion Defensive Internal consolidation of last significant resistors of the prince39s power Boiars Ivan IV The Terrible Groznii Born 1530 Father Vasilii III Mother Elena Glinskii Glinskii clan Political tension Other important boiar clans Shuiskiis Romanovs 1547 marries Anastasia Romanovna Crowned Tsar of all the Russias Mother family rules in his stead until he is an adult Mother dies when he39s 17 father died when he was 3 Must be married to rule The Good Half 15471464 1550 New Law Code 1550 military reform Artillery and seige machinery Streltsy musketeers training importing weapons Belong to the Tsar not the boiars Beginning of a national army Regularized terms of service for pomeshchiki Middle service cavalry 1551 Church council Stoglatov Organizing service calendar liturgy offices Military Campaigns 155 1 Khannate of Kazan Defeated Khannate 1554 Khannate of Astrakhan No success V Ottoman Tatars 1558 Opens Livonian War for old Novgorod lands 25 years of war 15581583 Seasonal fighting Summer Livonians Swedes Danes Poles Drains Muscovite treasury Complete defeat disaster St Basil39s Cathedral Commemorating battle of Kazan Completed 1561 Never been a functioning church showpiece Trade With England Richard Chancellor et al Company of Merchant Adventures 1551 Chancellor arrives at White Sea 1553 Meets Ivan IV 1555 Muscovy Company 1555 Ivan seeks to marry Queen Elizabeth 1567 Ivan v the Boiars Riots of 1547 Ivan thought boiars abusing peasants Ivan39s illness 1553 Very sick almost dies 1555 Ivan removed fiscal and judicial functions from boiars 1560 death of Anastasia Suspects murder Fear of treason sabotage as cause of failure in Livonian War State riven With treason The Bad Half 15641584 1564 Departure of Prince Andrei Kurbskii Correspondence follows Ivan departs for Alexandrovsk monastery Abdicates being the Tsar Believes in boiar conspiracy People beg him to return The True Tsar Return on condition that I can root out traitors 8 year bloody scary rampage Divides Muscovy in half Oprichina Northern half Tsar39s half Zemshchina Southern half 15641572 Purges Oprichina mostly of boiars Mounted cavalrymen Oprichniki Kick out and kill unliked boiars Go to Zemshchina Violent not carefully controlled killing peasants Attacks Novgorod 1570 Metropolitan went to Novgorod to escape Moscow Chastized Ivan Metropolitan murdered 2 years war 9000 families displaced Economy is devastated Impoverishment of the country Last Years Ended division of the country Disbands Oprichniki Series of 7 wives Sent most to convents After 3 marriages others are noncanonical Illegitimate children in eyes of church Had two sons with first wife Eldest Ivan Ivanovich 27 sharp healthy On third marriage Ordered to put first two aside Pregnant wife Tsar disapproves of her clothing Strikes her Miscarries Pissed off his son they fight Kills his son with his scepter blow to the head 1581 After Ivan Tsar Fedor I 15841598 Unhealthy feeble minded Baby Dmitri d 1591 at Uglich Born to last wife Boris Godunov Fedor39s brother in law Made decisions for Fedor Establishment of Russian Patriarch 1589 Sign of divorce from Greek church Abolished mechnistichva Place system List of precedence for noble families to bring in boiars Women in Kievan Rus39 and Muscovy How Can We Know Know About Women39s Lives Church statutes of Kiev Church regulations behavior purity Russkaia Pravda Iaroslav Law Codes List of offenses and fines Have to pay for misbehaving Interested in regulating sexual behavior Dishonor of women Pay church or prince husband or father of woman Do not pay the woman Slavery In Kiev and Muscovy through mid 17th century Captives Selfpledgers Gets worse over time Various statuses Not productive slavery Household slavery By 1600s around 10 of the population Sign of wealth to own slaves Some slaves had status Steward soldiers All Christians go to church together Terem Upper classes Boiars merchants Women separate from men socially Not speaking to men outside the family Separate place occupied by women in the house Terem Usually upstairs Marriages Alliances critical clans Determines everything Based on service of the man and by the marriage connections women Parents arrange marriages Older women act as match makers Divorce woman got her dowry back Daughter moves out lowest status in the house is daughter in law


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