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Chapter 13: Show and Yell & Chapter 14: Read this and See Whats New

by: maditaylor7

Chapter 13: Show and Yell & Chapter 14: Read this and See Whats New ADV 3008

Marketplace > Florida State University > Advertising > ADV 3008 > Chapter 13 Show and Yell Chapter 14 Read this and See Whats New
GPA 3.32
Principles of Advertising
Barry Solomon

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About this Document

Covering chapter 13 and 14, including broadcast media, print media, and emerging media
Principles of Advertising
Barry Solomon
Class Notes
barry solomon, adv 3008, principles of advertising, FSU, florida state university notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by maditaylor7 on Thursday March 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ADV 3008 at Florida State University taught by Barry Solomon in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Principles of Advertising in Advertising at Florida State University.

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Reviews for Chapter 13: Show and Yell & Chapter 14: Read this and See Whats New


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Date Created: 03/10/16
Chapter 13 Show and Yell amp Chapter 14 Read this and See Whats New 0 Broadcast Media I Media Mix the combination of media an advertiser uses to deliver its message to the target audience I Television 0 Television advantages 0 broad reach 0 cost effective in terms of cpm 0 combination of sight sound and motion leads to a powerful ad 0 Television disadvantage 0 expensive 0 low involvement medium people are doing other things while watching tv 0 ad skipping dvr 0 time shifting when watching dvr programs you could have missed a promotion that was limited time only 0 clutter of course you have to compete with all of the other ads the viewer may or may not be paying attention to 0 Television Reach 0 High 0 Low Segmentation 0 Television frequency low involvement medium calls for high frequency schedules Radio 0 Radio advantages 0 audience segmentation low cost accessibility locality image transfer way to reduce cost of advertising once image is created on tv you can move portion of advertising to radio and people will still get the picture 0 listener loyalty 0 Radio disadvantages 0 limited reach OOOO 0 low involvement people don t pay attention to ads on radio 0 clutter 0 Radio Reach 0 fragmented 0 low 0 Radio Frequency 0 high across narrow targets I Cable TV 0 Cable TV advantages 0 Low cost 0 audience selectivity if we want to sell cooking products we can buy air time on specific channels like food network or hgtv 0 sightsoundmotion can be used 0 focused messages coke advertises differently on mtv than on espn 0 Broadcast Price Variables I Most important variable size of the audience 0 more people watching the more it will cost I supply and demand prices ux heavily daily I daypart broadcasters break the day into segments of the broadcast day I geographic coverage I editorial content what does the program or station want to advertise I length of the message 30 seconds doesn t cost as much as 60 seconds 0 larger advertising companies buy in bulk so its less per ad 0 Print Media I Magazine Categories 0 general interest magazines cover a wide variety of topics a wide variety of readersbroad 0 ie Time 0 special interest magazines specific target markets travel fashion auto etc 0 business publications I Print advantages 0 Specific reach 0 long life magazines stay in households for a long time 0 high production quality 0 high involvement if you re reading it you re reading it engagement high I Print disadvantages 0 Deadlines can t be super current I no control over timing of message delivery we don t know when they are going to read it I clutter some magazines operate in a cluttered environment tons of ads usually skipped must stand out I Magazine Reach 0 specific opportunities and minimal wasted coverage 0 wasted coverage paying for audience members that are not part of your target market I Magazine Frequency 0 difficult to build I Newspaper advantages 0 catalog value you can cut things out save things coupons handy I extensive reach in local markets I Newspaper Weaknesses I Wasted Coverage 0 poor production quality print quality not the same as magazine high production value 0 short life don t keep magazines for long always thrown out and not kept like magazines 0 declining readership online news I clutter obviously I Print Cost Variables 0 size of the audience single most important cost variable 0 position 0 size amp color 0 quantity of purchase bulk purchasing is cheaper 0 special papers needed scented paper for perfume ads 0 Out of Home Advertisements any messages read or seen outside of the viewers home ie billboards posters bus ads etc I Out of Home Strengths 0 Long Life high frequency because billboards stay up for a long time 0 High reach can reach many people at once 0 Possible minimal wasted coverage 0 geographic placement can make ads more relevant I Out of Home Weaknesses 0 must be brief and eaSily understandable 0 long term commitment Audi ad right next to BMW ad I Out of Home reach 0 broad reaches geographic segmentation I Out of Home Frequency 0 high long life 0 repetitive travel patterns I Cost Variables for out of home audience size size of board quantity of purchase location times square most expensive place to put out of home ads duration of purchase year rentals of space is cheaper than monthly rentals clutter 0 Emerging Media I Internet 0 Internet Strengths 0 0 0 0 target market selectivity can choose which websites many options intemet campaign tracking deliverability internet is open 247 people always on it increased opportunity for communication can follow links ad is the beginning not the end directing customer to websites I unlimited amount of information for the consumer 0 Internet Weaknesses 0 0 0 0 intrusive ads show up when they don t want them low click through rates only 12 people click to go to website privacy concerns cookies clutter constantly bombarded with internet ads I Types of internet ads 0 Display Advertisements 0 banner ads Sponsorships 0 payments to maintain another website I fullpage takeover ad that takes control and manipulates a webpage interacts with webpage ad slowly takes over the webpage interactive advertorial 0 ad that looks like editorial content sponsored by ad company featured as news media but actually paid for by a company 0 doesn t appear as an ad so it doesn t get blocked by ad blockers Popup popunder 0 page opens either in front or behind another window while you are waiting for page to load Retargeting website monitors what products have been looked at then displays same products in another ad on a different website 0 basically webstalking 0 causes privacy concerns Streaming audio and Video called prerolls 0 watching tv news youtube videos listening to pandora etc inserting radio or tv ads into the online videoaudio content no clutter just one ad no filters to block these ads very targeted messages related to the video or audio no wasted coverage although usually boring 0 sometimes not forced to watch the entire ad skip after 5 seconds I 97 of those ads are not viewed 0 0 0 0 Social Media allows companies to deal with consumers on oneonone basis develops relationships leads to social advertising Facebook Twitter Snapchat Instagram etc Mobile Advertising development of specific ads for smart phones geotargeting texts about special offers apps for business from stores to banks to magazines ads in games Product Placement 0 can be a subtle or very critical element of movie or television program I Event Sponsorships 0 sponsorshops of events such as nascar the olympics the Super Bowl etc


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