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Week 2 - DAN-27076-001-201580: DANCE AS AN ART FORM - Notes

by: Gabrielle Wewer

Week 2 - DAN-27076-001-201580: DANCE AS AN ART FORM - Notes Dan 27076-001

Marketplace > Kent State University > Dance > Dan 27076-001 > Week 2 DAN 27076 001 201580 DANCE AS AN ART FORM Notes
Gabrielle Wewer
GPA 3.74
Dance as an Art Form
MaryAnn Black

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About this Document

Notes from Wed. Sept. 9nd. Lecture by MaryAnn Black at Kent State University.
Dance as an Art Form
MaryAnn Black
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabrielle Wewer on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Dan 27076-001 at Kent State University taught by MaryAnn Black in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see Dance as an Art Form in Dance at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Week 2 Wed 9915 Dance as an Art Form 1 Dance in China a Has records of early dance b Wall painting from Henan Province about 200 ce Depicts large scale banquets with juggling dance taking place between the rows of guests c Much of what is known about dance in China comes from the Beijing Opera formerly Peking Opera 2 Japan a Bugaku oldest form began in 7th c i First developed reserved for nobility ii For the Imperial Palace 1 Performed only by Men iii Music called gagaku 1 Meaning graceful authorized music iv Bugaku and Gagaku oldest regularly performed dance and music today b NOH i 2nd oldest 1 Combines dance music and acting ii Uniquely slow could take hours for one concert iii Centuries later used as inspiration by western playwrights iv Pine tree down stage right v Masks c Kabuki i 3rd oldest form 17th ii Elaborate costumes iii Singing dancing acting 1 Stylized quicker more acrobatic BIG spectacle iv Elaborate scenery costumes and makeup v Has allowed contemporary ideas tot be introduced 1 Not exposed to the world until after WWII private vi All men white face paint 3 Africa a Great connection to earth i Bare feet gliding dragging shuf ing ii Crouch knees bent bent at waist iii Imitates animals iv Improvisation v Hip movement vi IMPORTANT performed to propulsive rhythm drums 4 Ancient Greec e Ancient Rome C d e 5 Greece a b c d 6 Rome Sometimes referred to as Classical period Dance and piety part of daily life Both have direct connection to development of arts in western civilization Both held cultures held dance in high esteem Theatre popularized dance Known for art theatre drama and dance Divinely inspired gods Linked to stars and planets All parts of life i Education ii Theatre and the arts iii Military training Plato said to sing and to dance well was to be well educatedquot Western theater still utilizes specific elements related to Greek theater For example Greek chorus costuming thematic material Masks of comedy and tragedy Popular entertainment i Pantomime quick change artists ii Iuggling singing music dance iii Acrobatics iv Bull dancing 1 Done by slaves v Now cirque du soleil many same qualities vi Olympics The Roman Empire i 27 BC 395 AD ii Roman conquered the Greeks iii Adopted many customs dance and theater iv Less sophisticated v Early romans spoke Greek Early roman dances choral and communal honoring the gods i Pantomime ii May pole dance dance of fertility still done today Cultural Decadence i Entertainment included torture ii 1 in 3 were slaves iii Arenas held up to 350000 people Christianity taken as slaves i Gladiators chariot races lions The fall i Decadence led to collapse ii Coincided with advent of Christianity iii Led to church condemning and roman entertainment as quotpaganquot 7 In Western Religion a Dance is least represented art form in western religion 8 Dark Ages 6 AD 400 AD a Human development at low point b Transition between great civilizations c Economics at minimal 9 Middle Ages 400 AD 1400 AD a Church was sole custodian of learning education and source of morals b Development of dance almost nonexistent in church exact for Los Seises c Church pretended no to quotseequot dances d Coincided with religious dates with former pagan holidays e Ritual dances still performed i LentMardiGrascarnevale ii Halloweenharvest All Saints Day f Bubonic Black Plague i Killed 12 population of Europe ii Preoccupation with death dying g Superstitions witchcraft h Dance to ward of evil i Ring around the Rosie ii Pied piper iii Danse Macabre 10 Medieval Ages Reaction against church Grim democracy Devils masks jesters skeletons skull cross bones Knights chivalry 9962


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