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Week 3 - DAN-27076-001-201580: DANCE AS AN ART FORM - Notes

by: Gabrielle Wewer

Week 3 - DAN-27076-001-201580: DANCE AS AN ART FORM - Notes Dan 27076-001

Marketplace > Kent State University > Dance > Dan 27076-001 > Week 3 DAN 27076 001 201580 DANCE AS AN ART FORM Notes
Gabrielle Wewer
GPA 3.74
Dance as an Art Form
MaryAnn Black

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About this Document

Notes from Mon. Sept. 14th and Wed. Sept. 16th. Lecture by MaryAnn Black at Kent State University.
Dance as an Art Form
MaryAnn Black
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabrielle Wewer on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Dan 27076-001 at Kent State University taught by MaryAnn Black in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 127 views. For similar materials see Dance as an Art Form in Dance at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Week 3 Mon 91415 DANCE Observe Dance 2 times before the concert in December name the website TV show class or place get teachers signature if applicable write 3 sentence or more observation on what stuck out to you Due with second discussion on blackboard Dec 6 1 Renaissance rebirth 1440 ad 1700 ad a The de Medici Family Italy i Patron of the arts ii Catherine De Medici 1 Married Henri King of France 2 Brought several dance masters from Italy 3 Introduced ballet to court 2 Court Ballet a Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx 15351587 i Head dance master ii Choreographed 1St ballet iii Ballet Comiqu de la Reine 1581 b Pierre Beauchamps 16311705 i First ballet master of the academy of dance i Created the 5 feet positions used today i i Developed turned out leg iv Devised system of dance notation v French is the official language of ballet c Jean Baptiste Lully 16321687 i 1St director of the royal academy of music and dance ii Elevated status of opera and ballet from entertainment to professional art forms iii Later known as Paris Opera 3 From court ballet to theater a Proscenium Arch end of 16th c i By end the 17th Ballet recognized as viable art form 1 Turnoutleg rotation 2 Established new vocabulary 3 Separation concentrated focus 4 Countries rich in folk dancing a Israel Greece France Germany Mexico Scotland England Italy and Russia i Greeks traced back to ancient period danced in a line or circle ii Israel Hora national dance iii United States square dancing comes from Irelands jigs and reels y u y d b Commercialized Hula changed to please tourists for financial reasons Contemporary 1 The dancer a The tool of the choreographer is the dances b Through the use of movement the choreographer molds and shapes what the dancer will perform just as a sculptor shapes clay 2 The training a Technique the proper alignment or placement of the dancers body and how the dancer executes the movement b Technique style can also refer to the specific style of movement that a certain person developed such as Martha Graham 3 Performer a Though having good technique is important dancers should also be outstanding performers b Having this ability means that the dancer go beyond what is learned in technique class and bring the movements that they are performing to another level c Can not be taught 4 Choreographer a A person who utilizes movement specifically the medium of dance movement to make their art b Years of dance training and dance composition passion dedication commitment sensitivity patience respect perception inquisitiveness practical knowledge of dance technique 5 The creative Process a Each choreographer has their own method or process by which they create i Improvised collaborate pop up time to plan rehearse 6 The audience Keep and open mind Everyone s interpretation of a dance is a correct interpretation Everyone s opinion is valid Viewing dance can be an exciting sad enlightening mesmerizing infuriating experience e Dance is a powerful medium that can touch the deepest parts of our being 9962 Week 3 Wed 91615 DANCE 1 Choreographic elements a All choreographers manipulate the elements of space time and energy i Space space design and dance structure evolve together through the use of the space elements Such as shape line level direction focus patterns depth and with transitions ii Time all dances happen in a given time frame Unlike some other arts such as painting and sculpture dance is ephemeral and can only be seen is its present state unless captured by video Dance on video is not the same as a live performance 1 Speed tempo pulse rhythmic pattern meter time signature no counts at all emotional phrasing breath stillness words text sounds silence iii Energy when a movement is executed a certain amount of energy is used to accomplish the movement the duration intensity and speed of each movement is determined by the amount of energy b Tacittacet without accompaniment is to dancer as acapella is to singer c Dynamics dynamics are created when energy is used with time such as sharp Sustained accented d Qualities some movements qualities are sustained dream like jerky or vibrating e Choreography is more difficult than it looks


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