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Notes Thursday 3/10

by: Valeska Guzmán

Notes Thursday 3/10 GEOL 3372

Valeska Guzmán
GPA 3.1
Peter Copeland

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About this Document

Peter Copeland
Class Notes
Geol 3372
25 ?




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valeska Guzmán on Thursday March 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 3372 at University of Houston taught by Peter Copeland in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Petrography in Natural Sciences at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 03/10/16
310 Measuring grain size using wentworth scale phi d3 logz mm Sand 2 and 2quot4 or 06 silt 002004 To prove if clay or silt do teeth test Names of clastic rocks associated with dominant grain size bigger than sand are called conglomerate Sandstone easier to understand larger grains easier to see Shales are more organic material nice correspondence of environments in rock record Sandstone dominant grain size nothing suggested on composition Composition tells you about transportation no olivine next to gabbro it came from Lithic fragments not single minerals gravel coarser than sand Finer than sandmud Rhyolite not tectonic unstrained quartz Straineddeformed quartz undulatory extinction grains of quartz go extinct across individual mineral grains appear black indication of metamorphic source If rock contains grains 90 quartz and is rounded a lot of weathering physical weathering of rounding Intense climatezangular grain Sediment 90 quartz composition before had quartz Feldspars can be altered at edges stained feldspar easier to see If Sandstone has lot of feldspar means feldspar rich area near by Weathering occurs with acidic water acidity of water temperature of water factors of weathering Weathering takes longer in Nevada If rock contains lots of quartz and feldspar means not far traveled Sandstones continental or marine deposits learned by composition of rock Most often garnet kyanite and rutile Intermediate either igneous or metamorphic Zircon tourmaline rutile are as stable as quartz show variation of source areas ZTR index figuring out where sediment came from Now mainly used zircon for dating Different accessory minerals tell you a lot Diagenesischange things after sedimentation very low T morphism without changing all chemical composition Recrystallisation binding grains together Dissolve abd precipitate solution wich act as glue Cementation adding of new mineralsold which harden and weld clasts Authigenesiszbrand new minerals Fluids that changr CA into Quartzs examplezpetrified woodgt rock 90 quartz much stronger fossil Pptprecipitation Bioturbationearly on animals stir up sediments Quarz overgrowthsore by crystal Cement fills pores evaluation of filled passages low permeability rock important to find uids such as water gas tight sandstonedifficult for uids capping clays can be compacted Porosityzpercentage of void space permeabilityzrate at which uids pass through it High porosity and low permeability also better rounding higher porosity Poorly sorted fill in holes very well Coarser grain higher porosity Cementation less porosity


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