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Informative Speech Notes and How-To

by: Shelby Bussard

Informative Speech Notes and How-To COM1010

Marketplace > Communication > COM1010 > Informative Speech Notes and How To
Shelby Bussard
GPA 2.7
Essentials of Public Address
Gita Balakrishnan

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About this Document

Here we are on our second speech on week three! How time flies! Here is another detailed weeks worth set of notes to help get us ready for that next big speech and exam!
Essentials of Public Address
Gita Balakrishnan
Class Notes
public speaking, informative speech, wright state university, wright state
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shelby Bussard on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM1010 at a university taught by Gita Balakrishnan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Essentials of Public Address Gita Balakrishnan Wright State University September 14 2015 Informative Speech in Pilot 0 In depth outline due preparation outline include cited sources and works cited page in APA format submitted night before speech presentation 0 Submit written audience analysis the night before speech October 5th specific day for surveys 0 Write two paragraphs to address the various audience analysis points discussed in class and in text 0 35 minutes in length outline or notecards can be used 0 Include three outside sources cited in delivery and outline or else you ll fail 0 Visual aids in the form of three PP slides also able to bring object Audience 0 Should be the most important part of you presentation 0 Audience analysis gives you perspective about your speech 0 Five questions on analysis write two paragraphs about what you found 0 Peer review download print two copies you need two peer reviews Speaking to Inform O O O Ranks highly as a skill set in the work place Ability to convey knowledge and understanding of a topic proves valuable We always need to know how to inform others Criteria for effective informative speaking 0 Information should be communicated accurately Is it true Do you know what you are talking about The information should be communicated clearly Have you organized it Do you make sense Information should be delivered in a meaningful and interesting way to the audience through word choice Categories of Informative Speech Topics 0 O O O Objects tangible items Processes how something is made done or works PBJ sandwich Concepts beliefs theories principles scientific processes theory of relativity Events historical festive Cinco de Mayo WWI Christmas ComlOlO Wright State University September 16 2015 Gita Balakrishnan Introduction 0 O O O 0 Get the attention and interest of the audience Reveal the topic Establish your credibility and goodwill Preview the body of your speech All components of intro are necessary and crucial Getting attention 0 Relate the topic to the audience I How does your topic effect the audience 0 State the importance of your topic 0 Startle your audience I Grab the attention of your audience 0 Arouse the curiosity of the audience 0 Question the audience I Asking rhetorical questions 0 Begin with a quote I Strong quote that symbolizes topic 0 Tell a story I Your own experience memory or event I Describe what happened to someone else Reveal the topic 0 Tell the audience exactly what your topic is I Should be done as you are gaining the audiences attention Establishing credibility O 0 Be a qualified speaker on the topic Give the perception to the audience that you are the expert and are worth listening to You can establish I Reading texts I Interviews I Other experts I Research Preview the body 0 Essential to review your central idea I Today I would like to talk to you about Conclusion 0 O Lasting impression on audience Should reinforce the audience s understanding of your topic I Summarize your speech I End on a quotation I Startling statement I Refer to intro 0 If you refer to a story re ect back on the meaning and importance VIDEO NOTES OOOOOOOOOO Prepare as much as possible Be as credible as you can Create a wellrounded intro and conclusion Good wrap up Use PowerPoint visual aids to enhance your message Use more formal language Attire matters when delivering a speech Clear transitions glancing at cards for a second not every second Creativity is key Bad Student was looking at his notes so much he was losing his place because he was not prepared Com 1010 Gita Balakrishnan Wright State University September 18 2015 FINDING CREDIBLE SOURCES O edu gov and org are usually legitimate sources to use 0 Use reputable sites 0 Avoid using com s 0 After search title type in a colon z govstateohorgedu I Lung cancer gov 0 Use university recourses library STATS 0 Find an expert and interview them lung cancer topic find a doctor 0 Use newspapers TOPIC CHOICE 0 Objective but not offensive 0 Do not feel so strongly about your topic it cannot be onesided black hate crimes abortion


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