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Intro to American History

by: Courtney Buble

Intro to American History

Marketplace > George Washington University > History > Intro to American History
Courtney Buble

Andreas Meyris

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About this Document

This is the lecture from the first class (8/20)
Andreas Meyris
One Day of Notes
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This 6 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Courtney Buble on Wednesday September 3, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to a course at George Washington University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 104 views.


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Date Created: 09/03/14
Intro to American Introduction 1 The Uses of History 2 The European Context a The Protestant Reformation b The European Geopolitioal Situation Protestant Reformation Protestant Reformation Began in 1517 by Martin Luther Accused the Catholic church of being corrupt At first didn t seem like it was going to be a big deal Luther had a large following through People began to ock to a new religious denomination Protestant Very big deal 1500 years it was only the Catholic church and the pope Now new Christians and followers Counterrevolution Trying to bring their message to people Monarch and church used to support each othernot any more St Bartholomew s Day massacre of protestants in france in 1572 Led to a series of Violence between catholics and protestants European religions as of 1600 lutheran calvinist anglican roman catholic roman catholic with protestant minorities muslim orthodox European Religions 1600 I Lutheran 39 Calvinist 2 Anglican Roman Catholic 2 Roman Catholic with Protestant minorities ii Orthodox 2 Muslim Boundary of Holy Roman Empire ATLANTIC OCEAN r PORTU r AL 2 SPAIN o 150 300mi 0150300km Bottom line Religion is really important EnglandHenry the 8th 14911574 created the Church of england in 1534 effectively making england a protestant nation This was because he wanted to divorce his wife Wasn t allowed Anglican Church official church of englandEstablished religion Up until 1800s there were established religions in the New England states Another group Protestants who believed the anglican church was too catholic 1500s Lots of religious turmoil in England often violent Geopolitical situation Spanish Empire in the Americas circa 1607 Colonization gt trying to spread the faith Spain came first to the caribbeans and established plantations Not nearly as pro table as what was to come Next Cortez conquest Aztec meso America great wealth in gold and silver in the Aztec empire precious metals to Spain Inca empire Took from the Indians as well as mined Spanish sent goods golds spices from the New World back home Getting their early paid off for the Spaniards Spain develops a powerful army and navy Most Americans think of Jamestown as the rst settlement but Spain was there first Spain is the European superpower not England England had a lot of religious turmoil and was also very late to colonization Govt in england didn t support colonization like it did in Spain By 1607 it looked like Spain took all the good colonies Portuguese took the eastem coast of South America I h NCFHTH A A P s S TPrtv A M E R I 3 is f Tf Ig Ta Spain Ear ltg39 vJJL Si Augustine 4 TiANTiC 51555 Cquotl393EAN 39 d Baiiarras 39 39izi1 Britain 1846 i I Hisparrcia R192 A 1F39ueri39o Rim quot5iii i 5 3 Frenth a eir 139F3 5 r39 39 Set 99 D p a 5EI il5 nquotni39ci395ci39 1 493 PACIFIC ij 3EF39iN SOUTH Smnish Ai39ui39iEFHG i iJ Pizirtuguesa 0 5IEIiZi 1IDEi0 miles Fjiil rw I3 5130 iiIiE kilzomateis Cont England defeats the Spanish armada in 1558 England was becoming over populated so thought it could send some people to the colonies Usually was meant to make money mostly private enterprises 1607 Virginia company founded jamestown Then the pilgrims came to plymouth Then 1630 Mass Bay colony


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