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1 review
by: Mawi Sonna

ElImperativooMandatos.pdf Spanish 201

Marketplace > Kansas State University > Spanish > Spanish 201 > ElImperativooMandatos pdf
Mawi Sonna
Intermediate Spanish

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About this Document

Includes formal, nosotros and informal commands as well as negatives and the use of pronouns.
Intermediate Spanish
Class Notes
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1 review
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"These were really helpful...I'll be checking back regularly for these"
Dr. Braulio McClure

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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mawi Sonna on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Spanish 201 at Kansas State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Intermediate Spanish in Spanish at Kansas State University.


Reviews for ElImperativooMandatos.pdf

Star Star Star Star Star

These were really helpful...I'll be checking back regularly for these

-Dr. Braulio McClure


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Date Created: 09/18/15
6 perativo aka Wridatos Formal nosotros informal commands he imperativo or mandatos are used when you tell someone to do something aka commands Formal Commands Addressed to Usted and Ustedes because it is formal Personal pronouns tu usted ustedes nosotros are omitted when using commands You will not be conjugating for different pronouns How to Conjugate 1 Put verb in present tense yo form 2 Drop the o 3 Add opposite ending Usted e for ar verbs Ustedes en for ar verbs Usted a for erir verbs Ustedes an for erir verbs Ustedes Usted Ustedes Usted Ejemplo Pogan las cosas en la sala Put the things in the room Formal Command Negative Formal Command Present Present Verb tense Usted Ustedes tense Usted Ustedes Hablar Hablo Hable Hablen No Hablo No Hable No Hablen Hacer Hago Haga Hagan No Haga No Haga No Hagan Escoger Escojo Escoja Escojan No Escojo No Escoja No Escojan Servir Sirvo Sirva Sirvan No Sirvo No Sirva No Sirvan In nitives ending with car gar zar Ending Verbs Usted Ustedes Car Buscar Busque Busquen Zar Empezar Empiece Empiecen Gar Llegar Llegue Lleguen Irregular Command Forms Verb Usted Ustedes Dar De Den Estar Este Esten Ir Vaya Vayan Saber Sepa Sepan Ser Sea Sean Nosotros Commands Nosotros commands English Let s Are used to make suggestions How to Conjugate 1 Put verb in present tense yo form 2 Drop the o 3 Add opposite ending emos for ar verbs amos for erir verbs Nosotros Nosotros amos emos Ej emplo Miremos 1a pelicula en el cine Let s watch the movie in at the movies ar amp er verbs with stemchanges do not change in nosotros but ir verbs d0 arer Nosotros ir Nosotros Cerrar Cerramos Pedir Pidamos Volver Volvemos Dorrnir Durmamos Negative Nosotros Command Nosotros command Verb Present Nosotros Present Nosotros tense tense Sacar Saquen Saquemos No Saquen No Saquemos Beber Beban Bebamos No Beban No Bebamos Venir Vengan Vengamos No Vengan No Vengamos Irregulars in Nosotros Command Forms Verb Formal Command Nosotros Command Dar De Demos Estar Est Estemos Ir Vaya Vayamos Vamos Saber Sepa Sepamos Ser Sea Seamos Informal Commands Affirmative and Negative Addressed to individuals people you know well mutually not like a boss Personal pronouns tu usted ustedes nosotros are omitted when using commands You will not be conjugating for different pronouns How to Conjugate Put verb in present tense yo form 2 Drop the o 3 Add opposite ending tu e for ar verbs tu a for erir verbs 4 Af rmative informal tu commands use the 3rd person singular lella of the present indicative present tense 5 The Negative informal tl i command is basically the same as the Formal commands but the Informal commands have two forms The negative tl i commands use the formal usted command just add an s y A Negative Informal Tu s Affirmative Informal T1391 erirar Tu Tu Tu as es ae Affirmative Informal T1391 In nitive Af rmative Celebrar Celebra Beber Bebe Servir Sirve stem changing verb will keep their changes in the informal command form Ej emplo Celebra la dia de Los Muertos Celebrate the Day of the Dead This is l of 2 T11 command forms Negative In comparison to the Formal commands Formal Informal In nitive Usted Negative T11 Command Command Ayudar Ayude Ayudes Poner Ponga No Pongas Conducir Conduzca No Conduzcas Decir Diga No Digas Ir Vaya No Vayas Ejemplo No seas aburrido Do not be bored Affirmative commands and pronouns Verb Pronoun Sentence Translation Poner La Ponla en la mochila Put it in the backpack Hazlo Lo Hazlo despues de la clase Do it after the class When adding pronouns of 3 syllables add accent mark Where stress normally falls Verb Pronoun Stress Comer Lo Comelos Comienza Las Comienzalas Da La Damela Negative commands and pronouns Verb Pronoun Visual amp Sentence Translation OlVidar Los No los olViden para la esta Don t forget them for the party Comer Lo No 10 comes ahora Don t eat it now Irregulars in Informal Command Forms Verb Aff T11 Command Dar Di Hacer Haz Ir Ve Salir Sal Venir Ven


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