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by: Dr. Fermin Kilback


Dr. Fermin Kilback
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Fermin Kilback on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CGS 3464 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/206547/cgs-3464-university-of-florida in Computer General Studies at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Discussion Sectio Using Visual C 1 Creating a New Project Choose File ew New Fllcs Wurkapms OlthDncumlzms TLCOMA ye Mnaz Su Lihmy WlZ ld Wizard snume Iype Wizard pWimd Inject DnvSIur o AddIn lemd Tnnl Wizard w mm a m Ap v New Database Wiqu w uumy P i Win32 1 quot32 Consul Applicaud gt d 39 n n r my CGS3464FA04 Coordinator Feiqi Su n Notes Pmien mum LnEa nn E1AFA 4uwssSnlmy emu newwnvkspac r Add 17 cunem wnrksyace r w 4 Ela nlms MWInJZ gt wmz Causal Appllcalln Slap 1 M1 What kind nl want in Event As p r AquotHel An empty p 1m Anapp cl r3 Cnnsnle Applicalinn dd ynu e I up ml n anl a Inn um ppliczlinn suppnrls MFC lt Back um I CGS3464FA04 Coordinator Feiqi Su 2 CreateYour Own Class File cpp Choose File New Olhev Dncumenls 17 Add 7 pmjecl gmssSalary v File nssSalarycpp Lngali n Elala 4gmssSalary Text File CGS3 464FA04 Coordinator Feiqi Su 3 Compiling and Running Mndaw dew Batch Bum igan Stathehuq DebquEV Remake Danetter nutput yrnss salary cnueren in class nn nuzanu cnnbnuvannns namespace uinclnne quotyrnssxalarynquot 11 Ennstant nsen tn determine nnn the yrnss salary snnnln ne cnmputen cnnst int H RSillMII an 11 Enefficient nalne nsen in yrnss salary cnmputatinn 11 Fur ennlnyees nnn naue wnrk n nnre than Nn RSilinlI nnnrs cnnst nnnnle nn sxix l nvic EFFlBlENI 15 int nain lt 11 lne initials nf the First nane ann the last nane nf the ennlnyee char Firstiinitial lastiinitial unurly rate Builds the pmjecl mmaw new Euil grnsssaiaryaxe Batth and than Stall stug nutput yrnss salary EqurE in E1355 BI39I SIZEml cnn gurekinns N Cnnstant used tn determine new the grass salary should he camputed cunst int Il ll siLllliT 1w 11 Inefficient value usea in gross salary computation Fur empluyees uh naue nunken nmre than MIIHRS LIMKT lluln39s cnnst dnuhle lessis l viu LFEliltNl 15 errnrs n warning Excaulesthe program LnluCnI2n Compiling Multiplefile Programs 1 Create Files Add a header le New Prnieds l Wurkspaces I other Documents I hnive Server Page Jammy File B d CICH HeaderF e nun Cursor Fm HTML Page CGS3464FA04 Coordinator Feiqi Su DE w Add In pmiect gmseSaIary v File russSalaryh Lugatinn IEtalu dgmssSzlary OK Cancel Mndaw e p dgan Stan thuq DebquEV Remute cuunemun Execute qvassSa aW 2x2 cws se Acme an quvatmn cannquveua Rebuilds Active ijecl and all pmjeen dependencies quotMelcnme tn Ernss Salary systemquot CGS3464FA04 Coordinator Feiqi Su Using g gt g grossSalarycpp eo grossSalary gt grossSalary gt man g Compiling Multiplefile Programs Simply list all the source files don t include any h files Suppose you have grossSalarycpp and grossSalaryh which is included by grossSalarycpp gt g grossSalarycpp eo grossSalary gt grossSalary from g manual page DESCRIPTION l is a script to call gcc with options to recognize C C source files use one of the suffixes C39 cc39 cxx39 cpp39 or c39 preprocessed C files use the suffix ii39 Other references There are many tutorials on Visual C and g For example VC http elVis rowan eduNkaycppVc67tutorial Ghttpwwwcswm J quot tutorialgpphtml


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