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CGS 3034

by: Dr. Fermin Kilback
Dr. Fermin Kilback
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Fermin Kilback on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CGS 3034 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/206548/cgs-3034-university-of-florida in Computer General Studies at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
J Virntroductiornr 7 Instructor Br nt Rossen Overview Polygonal Modeling I Polygonal Modeling CI From The Learning Maya 7 Foundations Book I Selection Techniques CI Backface Culling I Extrude I Squash Deformer I Bevel for detail Polygon Primitive Cylinder I Create gt Polygon Primitives gt Cylinder I Under the Channel Box Layer Editor I Under INPUTS ponCyIinder1 CI Change subdivision axis to 36 CI Change subdivisions Height to 20 I This adds more vertices and faces so that deformation is smooth CI Change subdivision caps to O I Name the object Orb Select The Top Faces D Go into face mode RMB gt Face From the top view select faces as shown in the image D Be sure to hold down the shift key to select multiple faces D Go into perspective and make sure you have just the things you want selected 3 the image it E I 39 ma l llllll II III II I I E s s l s i III IIIII IIII I I I III II 5 I II 5 IIII IIII IIIII EgEEEE 5555555555 55 t t x x t x Emmmw wg mwmmT I Deselect some of the faces in the front as in lDeselect some Side Faces Incorrect Selection I Now make sure the correct faces are selected I Most likely some faces you didn39t want to select are selected Backfacc Culling I To prevent that turn on backface culling I Display gt Custom Polygon Display options I Objects Affected All I Backface culling ON I When you select something in the front it won39t affect the back now I Now correct the back face selections Paint Selection I My Favorite tool in Maya CI Edit gt Paint Selection Tool gt Options Box CI Be sure to open the options box which gives you the tool settings I Use the Paint Selection Tool to select unselect or toggle between I You can also change the radius to select more or fewer items I There are many tools in Maya that use a similar painting scheme I Extrude I Now we39re going to extrude the faces I Modeling Menu Set F3 I Polygons gt Tool Options gt Keep faces together should be checked CI This makes them extrude in one block instead of as separate faces I Edit Polygons gt Extrude Face options reset I Move the translate Z blue arrow out to give the cylinder a little bit of depth Squash Deformer I Go back to object mode RMB gt Object Mode I Select the whole Orb Animation Menu Set F2 Deform gt Create Nonlinear gt Squash Under Inputs change the Squash1 Factor 5 Reselect the whole Orb under INPUTS polyExtrudeFace1 change the local translate Z to 1 Delete History I Now that we have the squash and extrude looking the way we want to save on processing Edit gt Delete By Type gt History I That should help keep the computer running smoothly Selecting Edges I RMB Click Orb Select Edge I Select an Edge we could hold shift and select every edge individually but that would be crazy I With the edge selected I Modeling Menu Set F3 I Edit Polygons gt Selection gt Select Contiguous Edges I Now using that tool go around the orb selecting all the vertical edges as in the image on the next slide Select Contiguous Edges Use the 39g39 hotkey to repeat the Select Contiguous Edges command as you go around the orb Bevel I Edit Polygons gt Bevel I Hit F8 to go back to object mode I Under Inputs change the ponBevel1 CI Change the offset from 5 to 2 CI Change the segments from 1 to 2 I When the bevel is looking good go back to object mode select Orb Edit gt Delete By Type gt History Revolve Curve I Draw a rough curve like we have in the image using Create gt EP Curve Tool options reset it I Hold 39x39 to snap to grid for the first point that way we can be certain it will revolve without leaving a hole I RMB gt Control Vertex to fine tune r Revolve I Surfaces gt Revolve options CI Reset it CI Revolve around the Y El Change output geometry from Nurbs to Polygons CI Change Type from Triangles to Quads I The revolved surface may be created inside out to fix this select the surface and Edit Polygons gt Normals gt Reverse Mirror I Edit gt Duplicate options CI Reset it CI Change the Y scale to 1 to mirror it I Hitduplicate I It should be mirrored to the bottom of the orb I Rename the top to topCap change the bottom to bottomCap Adding Details I Time to add some details 39 I Change to face selection Select a couple of the faces on the top of the orb as seen in the image lAdding Details Continued I Extrude them down I Select a contiguous edge at the end of the faces we r extruded W t I Also select around the top of the extruded faces I Bevel them change the segments to 2 Wrapping Up I That is our introduction to Polygonal Modeling I If you would like more details on this lesson please see the Learning Maya 7 Foundation book I The Next Lesson will be on UV Texturing our orb


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