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Notes for Second Week

by: Rio Frohriep

Notes for Second Week Com 2400

Rio Frohriep
GPA 3.02
Intro to Media and Telecom

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About this Document

This week discusses the history of the telephone and the start of one of the biggest phone companies in the nation.
Intro to Media and Telecom
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rio Frohriep on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 2400 at Western Michigan University taught by Kayany in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Intro to Media and Telecom in Communication Studies at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
COMM 2400 Intro to Media and Telecommunications mphone The telegraph was the first technology for instantaneous telecommunication but the telephone was a much more advanced and phenomenal invention How it works Air vibrations produced by the vocal chords vibrate the ear drum The brain recognizes these vibrations as sound The telephone works similarly Air vibrations created by the vocal chords is converted to a proportionate electric charge The electric current is sent through the wires to the receiver set where it is again converted to air vibrations History Alexander Graham Bell 18471922 Born in Scottland Moved to and worked in Boston Was not an inventor but in stead was a teacher at a school for the deaf Mabel Hubbard 18571923 One of Bell s students Would soon be his wife Gardiner Greene Hubbard 18221897 Mabel s father Prominent lawyer Agreed to fund Bell s work Thomas Watson 18541934 Bell s assistant Enginier Recipient of the first phone call Elisha Gray 18351901 Inventor Founded Western Electric Company Owned 70 Patents Alexander Graham Bell was a teacher of the deaf when he got the idea to try and invent a technology that would help the deaf communicate over long distances when they couldn t use sign language He set to work trying to create what he called a Harmonic Telegraph He soon fell in love with one of his students named Mabel Hubbard Her father was not keen on the idea of his daughter marrying a poor teacher as their family was well off and Bell would not be able to care for her properly But he was also not happy with the current state of the telegraph He felt that Western Union was monopolizing the industry When he found out Bell was working on an invention that could rival the telegraph he became interested in it and agreed to fund his work but only gave his blessing to the wedding between Bell and his daughter after he saw that Bell s invention was making money Bell took on an assistant named Thomas Watson who was an engineer and could design the technology where Bell had no knowledge how to The pair worked diligently and finally learned they had a breakthrough when while working Bell accidentally got some of the acid he was using onto his pants and called out Mr Watson Come here at once His voice was carried over the transmitter he was working on and through the receiver where Watson heard it clearly Bell was not the only person working on a way to transmit voice however Another man by the name of Elisha Gray had created a similar prototype but had set it aside deeming it scientifically impossible When Gardiner Hubbard discovered that his soninIaw was not the only person working on this device he rushed it down to get a patent 12 an hour later Gray also took his prototype to get patented but arrived to find out he was 30 minutes too late Gardiner Hubbard later offered to sell the telephone to Western Union for 100000 but Western Union said no They felt the invention would not take off since the telegraph seemed to be the superior business tool as it transcripted every sent message One year later Western Union regretted the decision They went to Elisha Gray agreeing to fund his version of the telephone Bell sued but Western Union had anticipated this They had lawyers on the ready prepared to fight with Bell for years to come until the little inventor went bankrupt However courts quickly sided with Bell and Western Union was forced to give up the telephone business Telephone Exchange The vertex where all the wires connected where the operator would then connect the caller s wire to whichever the caller wanted Bell Telephone company was established in 1877 Bell and Watson built local telephone networks in cities around the USA American Telephone amp Telegraph Company ATampT Belle telephone Company established ATampT as a subsidiary to build longdistance connections between local networks In 1990 Bell telephone company transferred all assets to ATampT making it the parent company of the Bell system ATampT developed the concept of leasing the telephone equipment to the customers Subscribers to the service paid for the used of the network per month Long Distance calls were paid for by minute Public vs Private Carriers Common carrier public is a network that carries the messages of anyone willing to pay the fee Common carriers are regulated by appropriate state or Federal agencies Private carriers only carries messages from the owners of the network television radio cable networks Bell Labs Established in 1925 Belle Telephone Laboratories was ATampT s research and development company They developed such technologies as the first transistor the first laser the first communications satellite etc Western Electric ATampT s manufacturing company for all telephone related hardware ATampT set up 22 Bell operated companies called Baby Bells responsible for local telephone services in their respective stateregion Long Distance Network responsible for domestic longdistance communication The Fall of ATampT In November of 1974 the justice dept brought a major lawsuit against ATampT for monopolizing the telephone buisness This law suit went on for 10 years In 1984 the courts broke up the ATampT empire Effective January 1 1984 ATampT was ordered to divest or spin off it s 22 subsidiaries ATampT was allowed to keep the long distance service but local was unrelated to their business


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