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by: Weldon Rau I


Weldon Rau I
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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Weldon Rau I on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AEB 3341 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/206599/aeb-3341-university-of-florida in Agricultural Economics And Business at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
AEB 3341 SELLING STRATEGICALLY Exam 1 Review Guide Spring 2005 Unit The Role of Selling 0 0 Unit 2 C I O O Explain the role of selling Why are salespeople important to the purchasing process Be able to de ne in your own words what it means to create a Raving Fan Be prepared to provide an example of a raving fan from your own experience Explain what the marketing concept has to do with selling Understand the difference between and be able to give examples of the two types of 39 customers salespeople sell to Identify the three c39omponents of any product and which of these three components are most important to the selling process Identify common career paths available to those who select sales as an introductory career choice The Salesperson Know the difference between what a salesperson is and What a salesperson is not Be able to identify and explain the diverse roles a salesperson is likely to play Understand the differences between the various types of selling described in39 class Identify explain and39provide personal examples of the 10 ingredients fer success Unit 3 Critical Thinking in Selling Strategically r Be able to recall and know the difference between the eight elements and the nine standards of reasoning Unit 4 Ethics and Selling Strategically 0 Explain the role of ethics in the sales process 0 Understand and explain the difference between unethical illegal aggressive selling 0 Describe and relate to the various con icts with salespeople face with themselves their colleagues their customers their companies and cultures 0 Understand legal issues surrounding sales 0 Be able to identify and provide examples of illegal business practices 0 Understand the role of the Uniform Commercial Code in selling I 0 Explain the guidelines for not violating laws while selling it Be able to explain what your checklist might look like for making ethical decisions Unit 5 The Selling Environment 0 Understand the difference in investments that are made in the selling process on the part of the company and the salesperson I 0 Know the difference between the three ways to sell 0 Explain the tension between salesperson trends buyer trends and technology trends and their impact on the selling process 0 Understand the general trends associated with diversity in sales 4 0 Be able to describe buyer s remorse and its effect on the selling process o Explain and understand the diffusion and adoption of technology as it relates to sales AEB 3341 Exam 1 Review Guide Spring 2005 page 1 of 5 Unit 6 Strategic Knowledge L t 0 Identify where strategic knowledge comes from 0 State the allocation of time in a typical sales training program 0 Explain the bottom line when it comes to a company s goals and strategy and a salesperson s goals and strategy o 1 Be able to distinguish between the various components of a given company s product 0 Identify the various roles that product plays in the sales process relative to 1 other products 2 the competition and 3 the market 4 0 Be able to de ne explain and provide clear examples of the FAB process Unit 7 Communication 0 List the three major strengths successful communicators have in common 0 Identify how to improve effective communication in the sales process 0 Explain the role of Shared Fields of Experience in the sales process and be able to provide a personal example 0 Know the four levels or methods people use to understand and send messages 0 List and explain the four principles of effective communication 0 Understand the use of Transactional Analysis TA in the sales process That is identify and describe the three states of TA 0 Describe and illustrate conditions necessary for effective communication and crossed communication under TA 0 Identify de ne and give examples of the four types of communication styles discussed in class 0 Be able to identify the distinguishing characteristics of each of the four communication styles Explain how you would use information about a given customer s communication style in the sales process 0 Explain the role of active listening in the sales process 0 Identify de ne and be able to givelexamp les of the different types of Fuzzies as discussed in class I I InClass Handouts Selling Yourself and the Mega Project 0 Review the basic ideas from the Selling Yourself and Mega Project Handouts Assigned Articles Be prepared to identify de ne explain the main points from this article a copy of the article is attached to the review sheet 0 A Little Respect Please Five ways to show the sales profession more of the respect it deserves o For Five Customer Types Customtailored Questions Work Best A 0 Selling Solutions Rather Than Products Good Luck l AEB 3341 Exam 1 Review Guide Spring 2005 page 2 of 5 A Little Respect Please Five ways tosh bw the sales profession more of the respect it deserves By Graham Robertsphelps Despite the integrity intelligence and work ethic of the majority ofthose who people its ranks selling remains an oftenmaligned occupation But while the dishonest few may have tarnished the reputation of the honest majority there are Viable potentially effective solutions to the sales profession39s image problem The ve suggestions below show how salespeople can make a positive difference in the way selling and salespeople are perceived by those who have been once bitten and now are twice shy 1 Stand up and be counted Help give your profession a more positive image by expressing your own pride in what you doDon39t tolerate jokes and remarks made at the profession s expense Many customers perception of a company is based completely on the professionalism and honesty of its salespeople so you have a critically important role in establishing your company39s reputation and success Selling has gained respect as 39a vital part of any organization39s or business39s growth and pro t potential so be proud of your contribution 2 Offer proper certi cation Many businesspeople agree that institutions of higher education don39t39 often consider the needs of modern business Many individuals are taught nonvocational subjects onia level at which the knowledge is essentially useless in an of ce or selling environment then are expected to sell professionally after only a few days or weeks of sales training Comprehensive established sales certi cation courses with a standardized curriculum would help establish a standard of training and expertise for the profession Encourage local colleges and universities to add sales courses to their current course offerings Offering sales sidebyside with philosophy or chemistry should help convince people that selling is as noble and respectable a discipline as the other arts and sciences 3 Establish a code of conduct or professional ethics program The medical profession has one and the sales profession also needs a code or oath formally committing salespeople to the highest ethical conduct The absence of any selling standard is often an obstacle to sales success A strict code of conduct would hold all salespeople to the high standards of quality and service that help ensure success Also many customers would be more receptive to the idea of listening to and buying from salespeople whom they know are committed to a recognized standard of profeSsional excellence 4 Require intensive training in ve critical skills To make sure salespeople are able to sell competently and meet customer needs they should have a wellrounded education in sales skills areas communication analysis planning selling including customer service prospecting qualifying etc and management Training should include both classroom and project work which would ensure that trainees have not only the knowledge but also the experience to use what they39ve learned The wider their range of knowledge and skill the more effectively they can use it to their own and their customers39 advantage 5 De ne the term quotsales professionalquot The First National Congress of Sales Professionals de ned a sales professional as an individual who sells with integrity treats customers with respect and enthusiasm commits to ongoing professional development applies professional selling skills to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible A recognized de nition excludes from the title of quotsales professionalquot anyone who doesn39t sell in a manner deserving of the term quotprofessionalquot The selling exploits of a few selfserving individuals make it more dif cult for honest hardworking salespeople to get the respect they deserve Fortunately the mission is not impossible Following these suggestions to establish selling as a respected profession will help salespeople soon enjoy the untamished reputation they deserve AEB 3341 EXam 1 Review Guide Spring 2005 page 3 of 5 For Five Customer Types Customtailored Quiestions Work Best by Dorothy Leeds You can put your sales questions to better use if you match them to the ve general customer types listed below 4 1 Commanders are39fast moving fast thinking competitive and impatient When one commander Vsquot friend calls my husband and I answer the phone he says quotDorothy John Arnoldquot No small talk for these people Ask them direct questions quotWhat do you hope to provide for your familyquot 2 Convincers are the promoters socializers and persuaders and very often are salespeople They 4139quot are optimistic in a room full of manure they say quotThere must be a pony here somewherequot They 6p make their decisions based on emotions and how they feel about things Ask quotWouldn39t this make you feel good about providing for your futurequot 3 Careers are the nurturers the listeners and the implementers They talk and move slowly and avoid change When they ask you how you are it39s because they really want to know Mr b y 15 Rogers the famous children39s show host IS the persom cation of a career Focus on the personal V8 on team or family bene ts Build longterm relationships with careers Ask quotWouldn t you like to provide for your team your company or your family39s wellbeingquot 4 Calculators are cool correct conservative and conscientious They follow the rules and regulations Mr Spock from the TV show Star Trek is a perfect example of a calculator Don39t k get too personal or pushy with these folks Get to the bottom line quotWhat would you like my company to be able to do for youquot 5 Creators are the daydreamers the nonconformists and are almost impossible to approach when they are involved in the creative process They are forgetful and unconscious of time A smart question for creators would be quotIf we can make you more nancially secure so that you have more time to create will you consider our servicequot If you get into the habit of identifying the customer type and then proceeding with the appropriate questions you39ll make more sales and create lasting customers 6 y a A I AEB 3341 Exam 1 Review Guide Spring 005 page 4 of 5 Selling Solutions Rather Than Products From Selling Power October 26 2004 If you want to increase sales you ll need to talk to customers more about solving problems and achieving goals than about features and functions That s easier said than done though Most software rms have techfocused corporate cultures that make it difficult not to absorb that attitude in your daytoday thinking The key to focusing on solutions rather than products is the way you think about selling Here s how to encourage a solutionsfocused attitude that will result in higher sales Step 1 Think about what you sell as a verb not a noun This sounds a bit vague but it s a useful mental trick Suppose your company makes middleware software that connects different applications If you think of your job as selling middleware a noun you ll tend to talk product features interfaces execution speed and other technical details By contrast if you think about what the software does connect a verb you ll tend to talk to customers about making programs work more closely together Step 2 Think about becoming the custo mers ally in achieving a goal There s a tendency in sales to think in adversarial terms You must convince customers overcome objections win the business or conquer the territory While that way of thinking can be motivating its focus is on moving product out the door Rather than thinking that you are in a battle with your customers to convince them to buy think of yourself as your customers ally and visualize how your company and its software can help customers achieve spe i c business goals A focus on the solution rather than just the product emerges naturally from this conversation Step 3 Consider a sales call successful when you disqualify a prospect It s always a mistake to sell customers something they don t need Such behavior might make your monthly numbers look good but it always back res A good way to lose your reputation in the marketplace is to sell customers thousands of dollars of shelfware software that never gets used Rather than doggedly trying to sell to prospects make it clear you re not going to sell them anything they don t really need If it turns out that the prospect really doesn t need your product or service leave and consider the call a victory not a failure f Step 4 Communicate with questions rather than statements Don t confuse telling with selling Rather than talking to customers about what your software can do product focused use questions to lead them to the natural conclusion that they need your software solution focused Ask intelligent questions prospects are capable of answering so you discover together whether prospects really need your software to solve a problem or achieve a goal Use questions to help your customers visualize how things would be better if they had your solution in hand The above is based on a conversation with Michael Bosworth and John Holland cofounders of CustomerCentri Systems and goauthors of Customer Centric Selling McGrawHill 2003 They can be reached at 858 350 55 70 or through their Website www customercentricsystemscom AEB 3341 Exam 1 Review Guide Spring 2005 page 5 of 5


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