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by: Elaina Gorczany


Elaina Gorczany
GPA 3.6

John Erickson

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About this Document

John Erickson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elaina Gorczany on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGR 6422 at University of Florida taught by John Erickson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/206618/agr-6422-university-of-florida in Agricultural & Resource Econ at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
AGR6422C Study guide Plant Water Relationships Objectives 1 To outline the ecological and physiological role and function of water in plants 2 To improve students understanding of soil water storage and crop water use 3 To provide a base for sound irrigation practices for Florida crops 4 To link irrigation practices to nutrient management 5 To discuss methods for assessing soil water status In this study guide I provide you with information that emphasizes speci c aspects of the lectures readings and labs which should help improve your understanding and assist in your preparation for the exams Numbers in parentheses refer to slide number of the power point presentation for this section 1 Outline the ecological and physiological importance of water S2 2 Explain how and why water moves from the soil via the plant to the atmosphere S46 3 Be able to list the terms included in the water balance S10 4 How does water supplystress affect crop nutrition and plant growth S1218 5 Explain how evapotranspiration is linked to assimilation S1415 6 Define water use efficiency explain it s unit give some typical values and why are values higher for corn then for wheat S16 7 Why is relative yield proportional to relative ET S17 6 What factors need to be considered when assessing how precipitation benefit crops 21 7 What things do you need to consider when developing an irrigation system S23 9 How does irrigation method affect water utilization root distribution and diseases S25 10 How can you evaluate soil water storage capacity S26 11 Define the following terms and explain their relevance for irrigation management S29 a Saturated water content b Field capacity c Permanent wilting percentage d Readily available water 12 How does soil texture affect field capacity and readily available soil moisture S30 13 What crop factors need to be considered in terms of irrigation management practices S31 14 Outline the key components in irrigation management S33 15 Explain why ET initially increase over time but declines at the end of the growing season for an annual crop S34 16 Explain how soil water affects crop water use S36 17 Outline what approach can be used for managing scheduling irrigation and list potential disadvantages S3741 18 Explain how crop nutrition is intrinsically linked with irrigation management S42 19 Outline how nutrient uptake is affected by crop water use andor water stress S4347 Suggested reading PJ Kramer and IS Boyer 1995 Water Relations of plants and Soils Chpt 2 amp 4 Other pertinent reading Florida Irrigation Guide 1982 Soil Conservation Service Gainesville Florida Parson LR KT Morgan TA Wheaton 2000 Using soil water measurements to schedule irrigation Citrus Industry March 2000 Rauschkalb RS and aG Homsby 1990 Nitrogen Management in Irrigated Agriculture Oxford University Press New York NY Stewart BA and DR Nielsen eds 1990 Irrigation of agricultural Crops No 30 Agronomy Series American Society of Agronomy Inc Publishers Madison WI Teare ID and MM Peet 1983 Crop Water Relations John Wiley amp Sons New York NY Calculation problem do NOT need to turn this in A citrus grower in Lakeland FL asked you how often and how long to irrigate his citrus groove i You have identi ed the soil type and from the Soil Survey you established that the eld capacity is 8 and the permanent wilting point is 2 percent by volume ii Based on your eld measurements you know that the irrigation system covers 70 of the land area The output of the irrigation system is 5 mmhour 02 inchh iii Using soil core samples you have determined that the depth of the effective root zone is 06 m iv Maximum allowable soil water depletion for citrus is 50 JuneJan and 25 February May v Average daily evapotranspiration ET values mmday for mature citrus are Jan Feb Mrch April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 18 27 34 39 43 45 45 43 39 33 26 17 Note 1 ha10000 m2 and 10m3lmm A Calculate the effective soil water storage capacity of the irrigated zone in m3 B Calculate irrigation depth in mm irrigation duration hours and frequency in days in March C Fertilizer was applied on Monday followed by a light irrigation On Tuesday the soil water content was 6 when a 10 mm rainfall occurred How far is the N displaced and will it still bene t the crop


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