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by: Geovanni Paucek MD


Geovanni Paucek MD
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geovanni Paucek MD on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAR 3503 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/206623/mar-3503-university-of-florida in Marketing at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
y v MAR 3503 L Spring 2008 39 Review questions Exam 3 m As with the other exams these questions should help you organize your thoughts and prepare for the third exam The questions on these pages are in general much broader than most of the questions you ll nd on the exam that means that the questions on the exam may include details not listed here But if you can give thorough specific and detailed answers to these questions w you ll be in good shape for the exam questions that come from the lectures If you get stuck while you 39re studying these questions I ll be happy to point you in the right 39 direction But rst try to answer the question yourself and then tell me what you think the right answer might be The exam will also cover ihe group presentations chapters 4 6 14 and the assigned part of chapter 1 7 pp600 end 39 1 Personality digtivatidn Gamer quot quoti a What is personality Why how are consistency and distinctness important for at personality variables Why might understanding personality be useful in marketing 39 b What does Freud s theory say about personality and its origins What are the components of the mind according to Freud and how are the con icts between those components supposedly resolv ed Why is the use of symhglsimportant from a Freudian perspective glow mi ghTr39 39a rkae is feEHVantage of Freud s ideas What 3 might some problems with this dip roachquot 55 i c What is a trait and what are the ve elemental traits Be sure you lgrlowJEhaLeach a meaniWh2it sortsdof things can the traits predict What are some subsidiary traits j Q what do they mean i d aWhy might wgwantto thinkbf personality eg i d39 v t d i a y e What is motivation Whht 39re th s39oufEES of motivation and how are biogenic and g h 2 Psychographics and geodemography psychogenic needs different ow are a want andnzTnEEdHiff f rit I M Ms R What Maslow s hierarghyZQWhat does it say about the importance of needsir Wm Q Es 3 motives and the order in which needsuare ful lled How miglifthis be relevant to M g A quotWow Ad hm 192ng 3 a t Distinguishrthe three types of motive con icts quot What areya1ues and how do terminal and instrumental values differ Mat39i39s a 4 ft 1 quot l h I I w rp ansend chaln analysis nd how might youconstruct one r M n z 1 What does the term psychbgraphics refer to Why is having psychographic a information more useful than only having personality or demographic information How are psychographic variables measured B How would you construct and use a lifestyle pro le c How Lnight you cons uit and use a prgdugt pcci c pro le My dquot How are hens15 and productspchth profilegdifferent from general lifestyles segmentat igisglilfe VAngquot What are some of the VALS subtypes and how do they differ from each otherEerms of orientation resource level and consumption behaviors 7 sew3m p2 e Whatis geodemography Give an example of a geodemographic software tool How might you use geodemography 3 Intranational Segmentation 39 quot a a What is segmentation On what dimensions can you segment within a country How can segmentation help ydu escape themaan failacy How can cannibalization and salescosts tradeoffs make segmentation39tB Tcostly 39 b quotWhat is ethnicity Currently which four ethniciti s are the largest in the US and cf 1 e 4 International Segmentation how is each ethnicity growing shrinking jiglie futu eWhat is de ethnicitization Why might a marketer want to try to segnentbyfreligign especially within the US Wh39y segment by age What characteristics of kids teens middleaged folks and the elderly make them currently important to marketers What are some differences betWEen these groups in terms of their wants needs and resources Why will the elderly become much more importantin the future and what are some changes that marketers will need to make in lighf of this demographic shift quot What is social class What factors determine your social class besides your income What does your social class predict miM x a I 5 BM 3 a fWh39zit i the difference between an etic and an eniic perspectivg What would each say b l fquot a about using a segmente39d 39oTag39gre39g39atEd39international strategy What is culture What does it include and what does it mean that it is neither xed rior innate How are ecology social structure and ideology important to culture What does it mean to39 think of culture as a lens Give examples of cultural in uences on values and prohibitions Give examples of crosscultural differences in spending39tastes and responsiveness to ad strategies What are myths and what function do they serve What are the four types of myths How are myths typically structured and how might they be uSed in marketing 1 What39are rituals and how do they differ from habits How can rituals be39pro table for marketers What are some examples of and sources of rituals and how does gi giving have ritual properties a rquot a 39 mammamaTa What 1832 sacred ob ect and how does contaminaugn make thlngs sacred or spo w tliingsGiV39 39a39n example of contamination occurring What sorts 5f obj ecfs39baome sacred What are the consequenceS39of sometlnng becoming sacred g How have some brands kept a global image while tailoring their products and ads to local cultures With whom are global strategies most successful What are some consequences of globalization What is c reolization 5 Research methods a What are different disciplines that contribute perspectives to the study of consumer behavior How do they differ What s a question that each might answer b Distinguish between basic and applied research questionsf What s an example of each c What is an example of using observation to answer a research question What are advantages and disadvantages to using observation How might a focus group improve things What are disadvantages of a focus group What are some advantages and disadvantages 6f surveys and interviews n in u


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