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by: Maureen Ledner


Maureen Ledner
GPA 3.51

Katia Matcheva

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About this Document

Katia Matcheva
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maureen Ledner on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MET 1010 at University of Florida taught by Katia Matcheva in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/206628/met-1010-university-of-florida in Meteorology at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Weather Prediction 2 weather 0 oveber Surace weather mp ues ons Current Surface 39 H Ej nAnwnnLE momenw mm Ql mmnt jrsn 3L1 u rnui mq 1 39I39The Weather Enamel waa39therxam 113 New 2035 1351 GMT I39 1E Nov 2005 0551 AM EST 39 The weather on March 31 and Today Current Suriace 1 m 39 m mum wunm mm mm weatheran wanelam TO Valid MON m APn m I a APIZODG 15w cuto Apyzoos mm AM Em ForecasTing MeThods 1 0 PersisTenT forecasT shorT Term forecasT There are no reason for The weaTher condiTions To change 0 STeady sTaTe forecasT Trend meThod If we know The speed and The direcTion aT which The weaTher sysTem is moving we can predicT when iT will arrive aT a given ocaTion o Analogue forecasT paTTern recogniTion I have seen This aTmospheric condiTions before and based on whaT happened back Then I can predicT The weaTher Today or Tomorrow quot O STaTisTical forecasT The forecasT is made based on pasT compuTer simuIaTions ThaT are weighTed for The acTuaI humidiTy cloud cover wind direcTion ForecasTing MeThods 2 O Pr39obabiIiTy for39ecasT based on hisTor39icaI daTa WhaT is The chance To snow in Gainesville on Chr39isTmasquot O WeaTher39 Type If we know The speed and The dir39ecTion aT which The weaTher39 sysTem is moving we can pr39edicT when iT will arrive aT a given locaTion O CIimaToIogical for39ecasT Based on informaTion for39 The Typical weaTher39 condiTions aT a give locaTion for39 a given season Forecasting by Weather Typeexample were r 7 H a k 09 Upper ridge I Upper trough L V Stormy Dry Paci c high 1320quot H V 7 Polararctic warm outbreaks Santa Ana DI Y Type of ForecasTs 0 Very shorTrange forecasTs up To 6 h based on saTelliTe images and Doppler radar NoT likely To include numerical models 0 ShorTrange forecast 23 days varieTy of Techniques saTelliTe images Doppler radar wind and pressure maps of The surface and alofT also numerical models 0 Medium range forecasT 38 days Mosle based on compuTer generaTed weaTher predicTions O Longrange forecasT up To 16 days ouTook IT is noT very accuraTe Gives mosle The Trends of The weaTher and The global expecTaTions


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