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Art History II: Exam 3 Week 1

by: Elizabeth

Art History II: Exam 3 Week 1 ART 1023

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > History > ART 1023 > Art History II Exam 3 Week 1
GPA 3.04

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About this Document

This set of notes covers the first week of material for our third exam.
History of Art 2
Benjamin Harvey
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth on Friday March 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 1023 at Mississippi State University taught by Benjamin Harvey in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see History of Art 2 in History at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 03/11/16
03/07/16 Baroque: 17  century: Italy, France, Spain, and England in general (only some artists in  the period embody the baroque style) Rococo: 18  century – mid 19  century *All works in this section are oil on canvas Caravaggio’s style:  Tenebrism: more dramatic version of chiaroscuro  More realism  High drama  Eliminating foreground  Intense figuration  Dramatic foreshortening  Direct symbolism Caravaggio Calling of Saint Matthew Circa 1599­1600  Oil on canvas  Contarelli family  (Saint Matthew) – patrons   Contemporary costumes on the men counting money; Crist is in older/religious  drapery Caravaggisti: people working in Caravaggio’s style  Artemisia Gentileschi: makes self­portrait of the Allegory of Painting Artemisia Gentileschi Judith Slaying Holofernes Circa 1620­21 Oil on canvas  Compare to Caravaggio’s version of the same scene o Difference between a woman’s interpretation and a man’s  o Artemisia’s is more gory and dramatic; realism in the blood squirting out  and the struggle of pinning him down o Caravaggio’s is more staged and artificial looking; not as active and  dangerous looking 03/09/16 Bernini David 1623­24 Marble  Borghese Family commissioned the sculpture  7 months to complete  Around “life­sized”  Lyre and armor at his feet to represent that he is a musician and that he refused to  wear the armor Bernini Ecstasy of St. Theresa 1645­52 Marble  Cornaro: patron  One of the best examples of Baroque art 03/11/16 Poussin: French artist working in Rome  Sees himself as an intellectual as well as an artist  Shifting away from the Baroque styles  Later works are more Classical Poussin  Et in Arcadia Ego Circa 1637­38 Oil on canvas  “I, too, in Arcadia” (Arcadia: ideal place, utopia) Landscape genre: bracketing trees, winding path for the eyes, clearer in the foreground,  movement from foreground to mid­ground  Claude: one of the best landscape artists Early 17  century Spain Velázquez Las Meninas 1656 Oil on canvas  “The Maids of Honor”  Uses mystery to keep the viewer intellectually involved in the painting (important  Baroque technique) Rubensian: style of painting people with larger bodies than the “ideal” Rubens Allegory of the Outbreak of War 1638­39 Oil on canvas


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