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Evolutionary Bio Test 3 Week 2

by: Adam Rodenberg

Evolutionary Bio Test 3 Week 2 12050 - BIOL 3350 - 001

Adam Rodenberg

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About this Document

This set of notes includes everything Dr. Sears covered in class plus all of the vocabulary and major notes from the textbook from this week.
Evolutionary Biology
Dr. Michael Sears
Class Notes
evolutionary, Biology, Clemson, Sears, 3, 2, study, guide, Genetics, population
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adam Rodenberg on Friday March 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 12050 - BIOL 3350 - 001 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Michael Sears in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 177 views. For similar materials see Evolutionary Biology in Biological Sciences at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 03/11/16
Evolutionary Bio Test 3 Week 2 This set of notes includes everything Dr. Sears covered in class plus all of the vocabulary and major notes from the textbook from this week. 3/8 Might get rid of a chapter for upcoming test Predicting evolutionary responses through time QTL mapping is the collective name for a suite of related techniques that employ marker loci to  scan chromosomes and identify regions containing genes that contribute to a quantitative trait 2 different flower morphologies­ a few traits that code for a lot of the varation Dif genes have dif associations Measuring heritability – phenotypic variance = genetic variance + environmental variance Genetic variation can be additive  Do not take the square root of the h^2 = its meaningless When referring to heritability, referring to narrow sense­  (Definitely know this) Know that the ratio that responds to the relationship reitability Selection acts on phenotypes, not necessarily genotypes 3/10 Selection differential­ difference of the base population mean and the mean of the selected  parents Heritability­ the pattern of phenotypic expression of a single genotype across a range of  environments Response to selection­ how much gain you make when mating the selected parents LOD­  a statistical estimate of whether two genes, or a gene and a disease gene, are likely to be  located near each other on a chromosome and are therefore likely to be inherited African Iris experiment with pollinators­ scientists colored parts of the targets flowers black, the  more they colored black, the less often it got visited­­­ adaptations  increase the fitness of their  possessor Oxpecker experiment­ birds like to sit on ungulates in Africa­ birds are the parasites­ causing  wounds, eating blood and earwax, previously thought to be mutualistically benefitting, birds eat  parasites on ungulate fur(wrong) How to ID adaptations­ experiments, observational studies, comparative method Jumping spider expt­  C. Elegans choosing temperatures­ different strains, slightly dif heat preferences, most worms  went to optimal temperature for reproductive success and growth rate Garter snake rock choice expt­  prefer medium and thicker rocks Phenotypic plasticity­ adaptive traits – tradeoffs and constraints­ organismal design reflects a  compromise among competing demands­  Strategies for asking interesting questions­ study natural history, conventiomal wisdom is often  untested, assumptions underlying a popular hypothesis or research technique, analogies that  transfer questions from field to field, ask why not Textbook Vocab Ch. 10 & 11 Ch. 10 Adaptation­ a trait that increases the fitness of its possessor Phylogenetically independent contrasts­ In the comparative method, these are contrasts that  represent separate contrasts between a pair of sister species  Reaction norms­ the pattern of phenotypic expression of a single genotype across a range of  environments Genotype­by­environment reaction­ genetic variation for phenotypic plasticity Monoecious­ separate male and female flowers on the same plant Ch. 11 Sexual dimorphism­ a difference between male and females of the species Sexual selection­ differential reproductive success due to variation among individuals in success  at getting mates Parental investment­ energy and time constructing and caring for the offspring Intrasexual selection­ the form of sexual selection where the event (example: fighting for rights  to mates) that determines selection involves an interaction between members of the same sex Intersexual selection­ form of sexual selection where the event (example: dancing to attract  mates) that determines reproductive success involves an interaction between members of the two sexes


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