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JUS 231

by: Tiarah Chapple
Tiarah Chapple
GPA 3.1033
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Race, Gender and Crime
Tracy Hart

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About this Document

This is basically the study guide, but it has my answers based off of my notes on it. I'm sorry if I missed a couple, I had missed a day.
Race, Gender and Crime
Tracy Hart
Class Notes
race, Gender, and Crime




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiarah Chapple on Friday March 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JUS 231 at Northern Kentucky University taught by Tracy Hart in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see Race, Gender and Crime in Criminal Justice at Northern Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 03/11/16
JUS 231Hart Exam 2 Study Guide Exam 2 will be given on Thursday March 17 It will consist of 40 multiple choice truefalse questions each worth 2 points and 4 short answer questions each worth 5 points for a total of 100 points You should be familiar with the following concepts from chapters 3456 from the textbook and class discussions Policing LawArrest continuum 20 reasonable suspicion traffic stops to get a warrant 51 probable cause to issue arrests warrants 95 beyond a reasonable doubt 100 absolute certainty Racial pro ling the targeting by police based on race or ethnicity Tennessee v Garner 1985 whether police has the right to shoot a eeing unarmed suspect or if it s unconstitutional Why the Fleeing Felony Rule was in effect All felonies were punished by death If a eeing felony that was going to be subjected to the death penalty it was considered cheaper Miranda v Arizona 1966 establishment of Miranda Rights self incrimination 5th amendment due process Miranda was charged with rape and murder Public attitudes towards police were effected by 3 things 1 Attitude by the quality of life of the neighborhood we live in ex If you feel safe in the neighborhood you might have a better relationship with the police 2 Your age the younger you are the less you like the police 3 It s not what the police does it s how they do it Fourth Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments War on Drugs and its effect on disparity 1001 ratio War on Drugs Drug Enforcement Administration Global Drug War Courts Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments Equal Protection Clause Powell v Alabama 1932 Black group charged with rape and all convicted with the death sentence They were convicted 2x even though one of the witnesses recanted Right to council was denied If defendant is indigent poor capital case and state you had a right to an attorney Argued it was racially biased considering it was an allwhite jury They were retried a third time First guy was convicted of rape w75 years in prison another guy sent to death one took a plea deal charges were dropped against 4 because 2 were innocent by testimony and last 2 were juvenile and sent out of state By 1950 they all regain freedom from a case that everyone thought was a hoax Johnson v Zerbst 1938 right to council in all federal cases Gideon v Wainwright 1963 Gideon was in and out ofjail all his life Someone broke into pool hall they found Gideon drunk and with 200 something in quarters Used prison libraries to write out his whole case Gave him the right to an attorney but he refused and acted on his behalf convinced court to give him a local attorney He was found innocent Stare Decisis let the decision stand Court as a hub called a hub because they have to make decisions as together Assembly line justice police courts corrections Spillover Effects effects other side of the system Peremptory Challenge excluding jurors without cause explanation and without judicial scrutiny Cultivation Theory television viewers get their political views based on what they see on tv Specialty Courts Chivalry Hypothesis prosecutor being chivalrous to women Jury of Peers people of the community so that there s a little of everyone in the jury Nolle Prosequi the ultimate power of deciding who gets to be prosecuted Voir Dire questioning of potential jurors Jury Nulli cation when the jury even though they know someone is guilty they acquit ls usually because of race somehow they feel that something is unfair and they say they re not guilty just to make it fair United States Supreme Court the highest court in the country


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