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Week 9 notes

by: Josh Verble

Week 9 notes Hist 1010-001

Josh Verble
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About this Document

Complete notes for week 9
World History I
Daren E Ray
Class Notes
HIST 1010




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josh Verble on Friday March 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 1010-001 at Auburn University taught by Daren E Ray in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see World History I in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 03/11/16
People: ● Mongols­they believe in one god and have ethics, but they believe all religions  are given by the same god. ● Kubilai Khan 1265­1294 head of yuan dynasty ○ new capital at beijing ○ styles himelf as emperor ○ appointed muslim advisors in china ● Batu­ 1240­1255 estabolished golden horde ruling over russia ● Il­Khanate ○ Hulagu Khan  ■ marries daughters of local rulers for hostages ■ persecutes those of other religions ● Marco polo 1253­1324 ○ traveled to the east and back ○ had an influence on european attitudes toward the east ○ pool game named after him ● William of rubruck 1253­1255 ○ mission to learn and convert  ● In africa, land is not scarce but people are so they will try to gather or take people with certain useful skills ● Aztecs­chronically committed to war ○ Warriors, priests, merchants ○ Rulers>Nobles>Eagle>Farmers ○ The only time they are allowed to work together to gain a captive  is their first time on the battlefield ○ No killing on battlefield because the captives are the currency of  the aztec people ● Ottoman empire ○ Turks convert to sunni islam(mongols to shi’a islam) ○ Ottomans(Osman>Uthman>Ottoman) ■ Warrior for seljuk ○ Rebuild after timur’s death and adapt new weapons,gunpowder ○ Janissary army­ ○ Division of law ■ Kanun­secular, imperial law ● Administration run by either muslims or christians ■ Shiria­islamic, personal law ● Sheik ul islam­head judge ■ Millett system ● Subjects judged by their own  minority leaders ● ● Timur the lame­rescues byzantium ○ Wants to be emperor Places: ● Karakorum and khanbaliq(beijing)­ mongol capitals ● Yuan Dynasty in China­  ○ Consequences  ■ Chinese trade and government returns to yellow  river ■ expansion of teutonic knights from germany ■ serfdom increases but slave trade decreases in  eastern europe ● kiev­ fell in 1240 ● Ghana­Dual capital, 1000 ce, conversion to islam after almoravids c onquered ● Mali­ military state controls niger river and trans saharan trade, 1300ce, mansa  musa’s pilgrimage attracts muslim scholars ● Songhay­1450ce, military state controls trans­saharan trade, islamic reforms  strengthen state ○ cavalry­effective long range military control ○ islam­establish commercial links across the sahara ● Ethiopia­  ○ cavalry ○ christianity­effective for assimilating conquered people ● Great lakes kingdoms­ ○ banana plantations ○ cattle distribution ● istanbul/constantinople­ Things: ● Black death­plague of western eurasia­ killed between 30 and 50% of population ○ small ice age, causes diseases ○ let to increase in land and end of peasantry ○ caused a large turn to religion, but also caused a lot of people to  turn away from the church because they weren’t healed. ● Khanates­clans with allegiance to the Great Khan ● Golden horde­mongols that covered modern day russia ● silk road­patrols and passports ● scapegoating­of jewish and muslim communities ● consensual politics­ divine kingship with a council.  ○ Swahili coast­ merchants organize towns and villages into clan  organizations ○ great zimbabwe­ cattle lords practiced maximal pastoralism (they  ate beef, not just milk) ● Territorialization ● Mounted armies ● Gun powder ● Millennarian­peasant movement


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