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by: Ms. Carol Kautzer


Ms. Carol Kautzer
GPA 3.7

Abdolkarim Asghari

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About this Document

Abdolkarim Asghari
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Carol Kautzer on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCB 2000 at University of Florida taught by Abdolkarim Asghari in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see /class/206656/mcb-2000-university-of-florida in Microbiology at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
MCB 2000 EXAM ONE 1Lagphase ZJDea hphase JjLagphase jexpmennalphase Jsuumaryphase v a mum r3 me 2mm woequ 27Rxbasame 37Cellmembnne mama gmxemmmbaummgmenes 4 Cells are made afmas y Pmums ZJCarbnhy 39aus 3mm joplds 5mm surfaces 1Rxbasame 2Capsule Jj age a mm 5 Wham m mmphnlagy Ufa cuwdbacum Thsbac39znum cwu dbe an mfecuaus agent um 1Cacc1Staphylacachw 25pxnllurntetmus JEa xllsyphhs JSpudlunChalen Sj acxlh mum 7 The ngd y and shape afbactenal c2 5 an m m JPepudagycan ZjTexchmc and 3L1papalysacchmde a Chum swhagpmnpm 2 thhaf39hefa awmgxstxue afanabnhm A w A mm dawn a Energny mmq ma andwaux xsusedta husk dawn samplex mgnmc malecules v Energy suq ma and cmnplex axgmc campamds are symheazed 1 Chem mumqu ZJPhatnhetuatxaphs a thaauzatxaphs a Chzmaaumlmphs x Chemnhetemuaphs m Wm athe unwanng mm a gemnl ulna afacuve umpam 1JCAnmave malecuhs agmnst a cancemxmm when 2 Requues a cmxex pmum 3Requres mm uf quot2gi mm quhe shave are hanctensucs af acuve kanspan n The terman electmn mpm mxespxrahanmaybe 5 mgquot b mm c NAD a maxgmcmalecule human 2qu mac Jahmaa a amid sub a andd 12 Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of which of the following 1 Substratelevel phosphorylation Krebs cycle 3 Glycolysis 4 Oxidative phosphorylation 5 Proton motive force 13 Which of the following is an incorrect pairing 1 Primary structureamino acid sequence Secondary structuredisulfide bridges 3 Tertiary structurefunctional molecule 4 Quaternary structuretwo or more polypeptides 5 Primary structuredenatured m ole cule 14 All of the following are associated with chemiosmosis EXCEPT 1 Generation of ATP via photophosphorylation Fermentation 3 Creation of a proton gradient 4 Oxidative phosphorylation 5 ATP synthase 15 All of the following are polysaccharides except 1 Starch 2 Cellulose 3 Peptidoglycan 4 Glycogen Glucose 16 This microbiologist was an avid advocate of Aseptic technique 1 Edward Jenner 2 Paul Ehlrich 3 Robert Koch Joseph Lister 5 Robert Hooke 17 Proteins are formed by amino acids connected by 1 alpha 14glycosidic bond 2 phosphodiester linkage peptide bonds 4 hydrogen bonds None of the above 9 18 This structure when present helps bacteria resist phagocytosis and cause diseases 1 Endospore 2 Fimbriae 3 Plasmids Capsule 5 Glycocalyx 19 Which of the following processes requires a carrier protein a Osmosis b Facilitated diffusion c Active transport d Passive diffusion 1 a and d b and c 3 a b and c 4 b c and d 5 All ofthe above 20 Ribosomes are found in 1 Prokaryotes only 2 Eukaryotes only Both prokaryotes and eukaryotes 4 Neither prokaryotes nor eukaryotes 21 A protein39s function depends upon its unique conformation the level of folding at which protein is functional Which level of protein folding achieves this 1 alpha helix 2 beta sheet 3 secondary structure 4 primary structure tertiary structure 22 Which of the following makes the most ATP 1 Krebs cycle 2 Glycolysis Oxidative phosphorylation 4 Substrate level phosphorylation 5 Anaerobic respiration 23 Aerobic respiration differs from anaerobic respiration in which of the following respects 1 Aerobic respiration produces the ATP via substrate level phosphorylation 2 Anaerobic respiration uses glycolysis 3 Aerobic respiration uses Krebs cycle The type of final electron acceptor 5 Aerobic respiration requires electron transport chain 24 An alpha helix is an example of protein structure reinforced b 1 Tertiary Hydrophobic interaction 2 Primary Disulfide bridges Secondary Hydrogen bond 4 Tertiary Disulfide bridges 5 Secondary Hydrophobic interaction 25 Which of the following type of organisms obtain energy from inorganic compounds 1 Autotrophs 2 Phototrophs C 4 O 5 F i 26 Identify the FALSE statement 1 Gram staining procedure is a type of differential staining procedure 2 Gram staining procedure is the most important staining procedure in microbiology 31n Gram staining procedure Gram cells are blue purple and Gram cells appear red pink 4 Gram staining procedures can differentiate cells with thick peptidoglycan from the cells with thin peptidoglycan layer Gram staining procedure shows if someone has tuberculosis 27 Which of the following chemicals is found only in the outer membrane of Gramnegative bacteria 1 Plasmid Endotoxin 3 Teichoic acid 4 Peptidoglycan 5 Flagella 28 What isare the important biological functions of polysaccharides a energy storage b structural support c enzymatic activity d information storage 1b and c 2 c and d 3 a and c 4 b and d a and b 29 Mannitol salt agar contains mannitol sugar a pH indicator and high concentration of salt 75 sodium chloride Sugar could be fermented by some organisms and high salt content is inhibitory to some bacteria This medium is an example ofa me ium 1 Enriched and Selective Both selective and differential 3 Differential 4 Selective 5 Enriched 30 A medium having a lower concentration of solutes than inside the cell is a n which causes the cell to 1 Hypertonic solution Swell 2 Hypotonic solution Shrivel Hypotonic solution Swell 4 lsotonic solution Swell 5 Hypertonic solution Shrivel 31 This metabolic process does not generate proton motive force therfore ATP must be produced by other means 1 Anaerobic respiration 2 Light dependant photosynthesis 3 Aerobic respiration Fermentation 5 All of the above generate proton motive force that can be used to make ATP 32 A bacterial cell is found to be motile and resistant to high temperature and phagocytosis What structure does this cell probably have 1 Flagella pili plasmid 2Endospore capsule ribosome 3 Endospore pili capsule Endospore agella capsule 5 Flagella pili capsule 33 Which of the following terms best describes an organism that cannot exist in the presence of oxygen 1 Microaerophile 2 Obligate aerobe 3 Facultative anaerobe 4 Facultative aerobe Obligate anaerobe 34 Which of the following compounds contains a high energy bond that can be coupled to the synthesis of ATP via substrate level phosphorylation 1 Glyceraldehide3 Phosphate 2 NADPH 3 Glucose6 Phosphate 4 Acetyl CoA Phosphoenolpyruvate 35 Gain of electron means 1 Being phosphoryalted 2 Being oxidized Being reduced 4 Being hydrated 5 None of the above 36 These structures are present in ALL bacteria a plasmid b ribosome c cell membrane d cell wall e agellum 1 a b and c 2 c and d b and c 4 b c and d 5 All ofthe above 37 You have isolated a cell with a peptidoglycan cell wall What other structure can you safely assume this cell has 1 a nucleus 2 a chloroplast 3 a mitochondrion a cell membrane 5 all of the above 38 If you are designing an experiment involving photoautotrophs which of the following would be most essential to maintaining growth of the photoautotrophs 1 a medium containing glucose a source of carbon dioxide 3 a medium containing chlorophyll 4 a continual supply of oxygen 5 none of the above measures are needed to grow this organism 39 Which of the following are prokaryotes A Archaea C Viruses B Eukarya D Bacteria 1 A C and D A and D 3 A only 4 D only 40 A chemical bond formed by two atoms when they share pairs of electrons to fill their outer shells is aan 1 Romantic bond 2 Hydrophilic interaction 3 lonic bond 4 Hydrogen bond Covalent bond 41 The pathway that yields pyruvate from glucose is called 1 CalvinBenson cycle 2 Krebs cycle 3 Oxidative phosphorylation Glycolysis 5 None of the above 42 During which stage of bacterial growth growth curve the bacteria cells are most sensitive to antibiotic penicillin Log phase 2 Death phase 3 Lag phase 4 Stationary phase 43 Regeneration of NAD via electron transport chain allows protons to be pumped out This process could result in 1 Production of highenergy compounds 2 Oxidative phosphorylation 3 formation of proton motive force All of the above can happen as a result of reoxidation of NADH 5 None of the above can happen as a result of reoxidation of NADH 44 Human pathogens are classified as 1 Hypertherm ophiles Mesophiles 3 Thermophiles 4 Psychrotolerants 5 Psychrophiles 45 What is an amphipathic molecule Give an example 1 A molecule that is hold together by hydrophobic interactions such as PROTEINS 2 A molecule that contains quaternary structure such as PROTEINS 3 A molecule that contains hydrophobic groups such as LIPTDS A molecule that contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups such as LTPIDS 5 A molecule that contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups such as POLYSACCHARIDES


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